Erotica: His Prey

Tunnel Light

I smelled something. It was overpowering.It was blood and the sweat of sex. It permeated the house. He had been here again. I saw traces of his hoof prints and the etchings of his claws on my wood floor. My heart jumped, breath hitched and I keened myself to try to hear the least sound that would indicate he was still here. I swore I could hear low breathing, a purring sound, catlike.

The wolf prowled the neighbourhood at night. Somehow he had gained access to my house. I could never figure out how as my doors and windows were solidly locked yet, the proof was there in the ambiance he left and his prints and clawmarks. I could never see him but knew he was there behind a tree or my back door. He terrified me so but his scent called to me. I almost felt comforted by it, protected by it.

The strangest things would happen to me at night when I went to bed. I would fall asleep and then wake up later, sweat covered, his scent all over me and so wet and stretched in my pussy. I would ache and feel as if I’d run a marathon. Then I would see the rope marks and burns and the marks on my face from something wrapped round my mouth. It was highly disconcerting but so erotic. Tonight, though I was awake and I felt him here, so close.

I wondered if he would reveal himself to me. My urges piqued and my panties became soaked with anticipation. I trembled in fear yet craved him like a drug. He was inescapable, in my every thought. He owned my mind and body. He was even beginning to own my heart. So mysterios and mad this all was. I kind of loved being the sole subject of his attentions. I felt exclusive, precious and cared for.

There! I’ve heard it again! That breathing! Except this time it was more like growling but still softly, sensually as if he were wooing me with his sultry voice.

“I’m here Master Wolf. Do not be afraid. Come out and show yourself.”

“I am not afraid, my prey. I will reveal myself to you in time. Be patient and follow my commands.”

He spoke to me! He actually spoke to me! I was giddy with him. I was enchanted and so taken with him.

“Yes, Master Wolf. I will be patient.”

Then there was silence once more. He had left. But, oh the revelry I lived within now! I knew he would be back again.

Days passed and I hadn’t seen his prints nor heard him. I began to wallow in melancholy when suddenly tonight, yes! It is he! He came back! I decided to present myself to him. I slowly stripped off my clothes until I was totally naked, my nipples standing to attention from the chill of the room and my nervousness. I kneeled down, lowered my head reverently and clasped my arms behind my back. Here I would stay until he chose to come before me.

I’m not sure how much time passed. I didn’t dare look at the clock or up at all. As each moment passed, I had disappointment swirling around with anitcipation, fear and excitment. It was almost dizzying all these emotions at once. I heard hoof steps clipping along on the hard wood floor. It had to be him. Then, I saw him! From the body down, fur and four paws in front of me. He sniffed around me and then began to lick me everywhere. He nipped at my neck and took each of my nipples into his mouth sucking and lightly biting them. I closed my eyes.

Soon, I felt myself being lifted but I was being picked up by two arms. They were two human arms! I smelled his scent and it was still the wolf’s yet here I was cradled in a man’s arms. He was tall, about 7 feet tall. He had long white hair with black streaks and the most clear pale ice blue eyes piercing through to my soul. His build was enormous. Muscles rippled taught and strong. He held me like I was a feather. His smile was disarming to say the least with white teeth, blindlingly white teeth and very sharp fangs on both upper and lower eye teeth.

He was also naked and his cock was full, very long and extremely hard. It was the biggest ccok I had ever seen. He laid me down on my bed coming over me straddling me. He then kissed my body from my head to my tos and back again. His tongue darted around my upper thighs and he softly bit them. I writhed in total pleasure. He opened my legs then and began kissing my clit and pussy.

Then he spread my labia lips open and dove in sucking and tongueing my clit. His fingers slid up inside my pussy probing, finding my g-spot and rubbing it. I arched my back and moved my hips so I was even closer to his face as he went deeper pulling on my clit with his mouth closed tightly around it as if sucking out my juices. I was so close to orgasm. “Please Master Wolf! Please! May I cum for you?”

“Not yet, my little one. Soon.”

He took my breasts into his hands while he was still licking, biting and sucking on my clit and squeezed my nipples, punching them hard, twisting them as I winced and tears fell out of my eyes from the pain but, it only ignited my pussy even more and it took all I had not to cum right then and there all over his gorgeous face. I felt the roughness of his stubble creating friction along my labia. It felt divine.

He puled away from me and grasped my legs putting them up on his shoulders. He rubbed his huge cock against my slit getting it very slickly wet with my creamy juices. Then, he sli just the tip into my pussy. It was very wide and it took some doing to get it in past my muscular line of defense. But, he perservered and slid in a dn then gradually slid in deeper until he was almost balls deep inside me filling me, stretching me more than I had ever been before. The angony of pain was far outweighed by the euphoric pleasure.

He began thrusting very slowly at first, careful not to rip me apart. He incresed his efforts and soon was in a mid level cadence. He rocked me back and forth along his shaft as he pushed in and pulled out. My pussy closed in on him tightly. My body arched and spasmed as I was on the edge of reason. I wanted to cum for him more than I have ever wanted anyting in my life. I wanted him to get all wet from my explosive squirting orgasm. I wanted him to fill me with his massive seed, his primal juices.

“Do you wish to cum for your Master now babygirl?”

“Yessssssssssssss….Please! I need to cum now, Master!!!”

“Then cum, my girl. Cum.”

We both exploded at the same time as his body began to jerk violently and he threw his head back howling into the night. I threw mine back and screamed out as well. We were a symphony of sexuality. He ran his fingers through my hair pulling at it and I clawed his back like I was a wolf, too. The orgasms went on for almost an hour, one after the other until we both collapsed in each others’ arms. His still hard cock was left inside me as he closed his eyes and I closed mine. We slept like that until the sun rose.

I opened my eyes. I reached over and cuddled him. I didn’t feel skin. I felt fur. He was back into wolf form. I snuggled into the crook of his neck and he softly licked at my forehead. I felt so safe and loved. My body ached so much but it was the ache of pleasure had.

We both closed our eyes again and when I woke once more, he was gone. I knew I would see him again soon, maybe tonight. Tonight when he was in himan form, I wanted him to spank and whip me. I could almost see his arm swinging the whip, so powerful and sexy. The lashes would hurt so but, I wanted him to mark me in every way. I wanted him to claim me, possess me, every part of me. I wanted to feel his claws on my back, my breasts and bottom. I even wanted to bleed a little just for him and for him to lick it up, to taste me an to always have my scent with him.

My life was so vanilla before him. But, now I had my wolfman. There, I heard him growl. He’s back. Must go get ready for him. For I am his prey.

Scarlet-Moon is married and living in the UK. She is an avid painter of abstracts, sculptor, paper maker and has a strong interest in interior. She loves writing, literature, travel, dance, film, stage, tv, music and of course BDSM with a penchant for being spanked and roleplay.


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