Erotica: Hot Remodel


My wife and I have a fun, adventurous sex life. We’ve both been with other partners and had a lot of fun in various groupings, but sometimes the best and hottest sex is just between the two of us.

Last summer we took on a big project—remodeling our new house. She had always wanted a place out in the suburbs and the opportunity to pick up such a house at a reasonable price finally came along. The house was in pretty good shape but the interior left much to be desired. It had been built in 1978 and had all the avocado shag carpeting, fake carriage-house lamps, and other gaudy interior elements to prove it. We started in June and had a goal of being done by September before my busy season began at work.

Sometimes couples working together can generate a lot of friction but that wasn’t the case with the two of us. For the most part, we got along really well while we were working. The demolition phase went really well throughout the month of June. A buddy of mine came over to help me with some of the carpentry work on the master bathroom and that went well. Painting and new lighting also went smoothly. Eventually we had the majority of the work done and it was the first week of August. We were hot and tired and had been working for two months straight getting everything organized. By that point we had brought our bed from the apartment and a new mattress had been delivered for it.

“Honey, I’m really looking forward to sleeping here in the new house tonight. This has been a huge chore getting everything ready to move in.”

“Yeah, babe; I know what you mean. I’m beat just thinking about it.”

We were standing there admiring the pristine new mattress on the bed and she was starting to inch closer to me. Without thinking, my animal instinct took over and I pulled her in for a kiss. It was a hot, throbbing, sensual kiss. We could tell instantly that two months of working in the hot summer sun and all the tension and fatigue was about to come busting out of us with some hot lovemaking.

I pulled her in closer and started kissing her even harder. She went a little weak in the knees and clung to me, clutching my back desperately. Soon our tongues were snaking in and out of each others’ mouths. I started rubbing my hands all up and down her back. She started grinding her leg into my crotch. She could feel my dick getting instantly hard. Our embrace became more fierce and primal. I let go of her and my hands jumped up to her tits where I began massaging her nipples.

“Oh… oh… oh… don’t stop. That feels… amazing!”

“I don’t intend to stop until I’m balls-deep in your sweet, sweet pussy. Pull your pants off and get on all fours on the carpet and I’m going to fuck you silly.”

“Oh God yes! I want your cock in me now! Fuck me!”

As soon as I let go of her tits she slipped out of her cut-offs and red panties and dropped to the floor on her knees. I slipped out of my cargo jeans and dropped my underwear and got down behind her. My dick was so hard it was trembling. I slipped a finger into her wet snatch to make sure she was good and wet for me, which she was. I guided my cock into her sweet pussy with a free hand and then started slowly fucking her. The feeling was indescribable. It’s like we were suddenly horny teenagers all over again and sneaking a quickie in before her dad got home.

“Oh God, that feels amazing! Keep fucking me. I want that cock in me, please!!”

I started to speed up and, as I did, I started slapping her ass. She loves that. With my other hand I grabbed some of her long, curly hair and really started fucking her hard.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! That’s fucking amazing! Keep going! Ride me! Fuck me! Make me cum!”

“Hell yeah, babe, I’m gonna fuck you until I split you in two!”

At that point I was super close so I quit pulling her hair and slapping her ass and just grabbed onto both of her hips and fucked as hard and as fast as possible until I started cumming. It felt like gallons of semen spilled out of me and into my wife’s pussy.

I was done, but she wasn’t yet.

“Ooooh, baby! That was so hot! I love feeling you cum inside me. I need some more attention, though. You know what to do.”

She gave me that eager, sly smile that told me everything I needed to know. She laid down on the carpet and I laid down in front of her and starting sucking on one of her tits while I played with her clit with a free hand. Just a few minutes of that and she was coming herself with a hard shriek. She laid her head back in exhaustion and ecstasy with a satisfied smile.

After a few minutes of laying there on our bedroom floor, I started to get up and get dressed. She pulled at me to try and keep me on the floor with her longer.

“I know, dear; it would be awesome to take a nap with you after that encounter, but those bathrooms aren’t going to paint themselves. We need to get back to work.”

Somewhat reluctantly she got up off the floor and I helped her to get dressed.

“Don’t worry. Just let today be the thing that gives us incentive to finish this job. Soon we’ll have the bed all ready and we’ll be able to have our first proper lovemaking in the new house.”

By: fightinggamehen


  1. This is so sexy! It made me want to redo our house!

  2. The photo posted is so steamy!

  3. lovelingerie says:

    I want to be this couple!

  4. mr.wonderful says:

    I would love to read more of your erotica! Quite intriguing 🙂

  5. theoneforyou says:

    So sexy!

  6. I love how this is written! Keep up the great work!

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