Erotica: Maid Jeanette

Photo by Vice Erotica

Photo by Vice Erotica

A Maid no more

I don’t think he could believe his eyes, the sorry fuck. He was staring at himself in the mirror like he was from another planet, and I suppose he was, in a sense. I suppose I saw some kind of hope in those frightened eyes of his. He really must have felt that I had some intention of letting things go back to the way they were just a few days ago. In that moment of his misunderstanding I almost felt sorry for him but for the fact that this was the key to all of my dreams…I mean, it was only…

…a few days ago…

“Jeanette, where are my slippers?”
His voice wasn’t as irritating as usual for some reason. I couldn’t put my finger on it, exactly, but when he was calling me to get his comfortable slippers to change into, there was something to his tone that was… different.
“One second, sir. I will bring them directly. Please have a seat and I will be right there.”
Always professional, as I had always been. I have been a professional housekeeper and maid for the last 5 years or so, right out of high school, as it was something my Mom was good at, and her Mom before her. Family calling, if you will. I started working for the Williams’ a couple of years ago and although they were more formal than most initially things had become a little more… casual lately. Aside from the obligatory black and white maid’s uniform I had to wear (complete with bonnet and apron), there were only a few ‘Old school’ traditions I had to adhere to with the Williams’.
The slippers were in their usual place, so with a muffled sigh I picked them up and brought them to the foyer.
“Here you are, sir. They were in your study, sir.” I did a half-curtsey as I had grown lazy over the last year or so. Although I knew all the formalities, I was lax in my technique. If only I had an idea how much I could have slacked off I could have had a cushy past 2 years.
“Oh, thank you so much, Jeanette. I am so sorry I forgot them there…” His voice trailed off. The apology was very sweet and sincere. It made me smile.
“Not a problem, sir. After all, it is why you pay me!” My smile warmed him up, as it always seemed to.
“Oh, why, thank you, Jeanette. I suppose it is…” There it was again. His voice, trailing off in a sweet tone. Something to it that was distracting me.
“Anything else, sir?”
“No, Jeanette, I… that is, not at all. Please, enjoy a break.”
“Certainly, sir. With permission, I will head outside for a few before Mrs. Williams’ gets home.”
“Of course, Jeanette. Thank you.”
Why the hell was he thanking me? Whatever. Spinning on my shiny black mary janes I headed to grab my cigarettes and lighter, and head to the back patio as I would a few times a day.
Lighting up and taking a deep drag, I let a little snap inhale out as I thought on my day. Mr. Williams was acting strangely for the last week or so, but I didn’t care as he was always harmless and in any case, we were about the same height. I suppose if it came down to it I could get away with a swift kick to the groin? Harsh, but maybe I was getting a little fed up with things in general.
And then it hit me.
I was getting a little upset because over the past few weeks Mr. Williams wasn’t exactly coming across as the Head of the Household to me. Not that Mrs. Williams was any more assertive, either.
Just then I heard Mr. Williams raising his voice from just inside the back door. He was on the phone, and likely to his office from the sound of things. I picked up the last few sentences…
“…I don’t give a fuck if you have to work until midnight! You dropped the ball since DAY ONE of this project and I am DONE having to hold your fucking HAND! Is that clear? I swear, if I have to…”
I got so excited hearing Mr. Williams all worked up and angry. I have no idea why, but for some reason I couldn’t help but want him. I could feel myself warming up at the thought…although Mrs. Williams was a lovely woman, the fact is I could tell they were drifting apart as a married couple. It didn’t matter to me as long as the checks cleared, so this new…development I was having left me without any shred of guilt if anything DID happen. As if I usually felt much guilt, anyway.
I hurried inside and saw Mr. Williams getting something from the refrigerator. I decided to make my move.
“Oh! Shit, Jeanette you startled me!”
“Yes, well, sorry for that Mr. Williams. I couldn’t help but overhear a little of your phone call and I wanted to check on you…”
I moved closer, holding the door to the refrigerator open as I leaned towards him.
Suprisingly, he leaned back, almost scared.
“Oh, that, well, I, that is… well, work has been a little stressful. Aside from you, Jeanette, it can be VERY hard to find good help!”
His little joke was followed by laughter. Nervous laughter.
Too nervous for me to ignore.
“Would you like me to fix you a drink, sir?” My smile shone, and was relentless now. I had no point on letting my eyes leave his, and I saw him practically shrink away from me.
“Yes, that… er… that would be lovely, Jeanette.”
“Certainly, Mr. Williams. I will be right back. Please have a seat in the living room, sir.” I stood there, forcing him to move past me to get back to the living room. Carefully, I leaned back to accentuate my cleavage while seemingly allowing him room to pass.
He didn’t know how much of a tease I could be.
As he approached and his nervousness was clear, I waited until he was near me, and leaned into him, my voice little more than a harsh whisper directly into his face. My tone was thick and teasing.
“Scotch and soda as usual, sir?”
He shuddered.
“Yuh… yes please, Jeanette.”
I smiled and waited. He spoke nervously.
“Uhm… excuse me?”
I let him pass. His reaction was a little surprising to me, considering the smoke on my breath (the Williams’ were non-smokers) and the fact I practically pinned him against the wall.
“Thank you, Jeanette.”
Lovely. He was starting to melt.
I hurredly fixed the drink, anxious to capitalize on my success in flustering Mr. Williams. The smile I had could not be contained and was fueled by the tease, the infidelity of it, and the fact that my ‘Boss’ of two years was in the palm of my hand!
I strutted into the living room, drink in hand, and stopping in front of him in his huge comfy chair, I bowed low to hand his drink on a silver platter, my cleavage practically punching him in the face. His eyes were fixed, agonizingly, into my own but I could see an immense struggle to avoid looking directly into my bodice and the deep cleavage I offered him.
“Thu… I… thank you, Jeanette.”
“Of course, sir. The least I could do.”
“Yes, that is… I appreciate it.”
I wanted to see how far I could go here. After all, what was the worst he would do with everything he has shown me so far today?
“Yes, of course you do.”
He looked shocked.
“What? That is, what do you mean?”
“Oh, nothing, sir…” I spun again on my heels and shuffled out of the room, careful to sway my hips and skirt to and fro.
I waited. I knew he wouldn’t wait long.
“Jeanette? I would like another, please?” His tone was appropriately respectful. And that was when it hit me. That was the new thing I was noticing about him lately. He was more respectful with me and, to a lesser extent, Mrs. Williams.
In other words, he was weaker.
It occurred to me that he must’ve slugged his first drink down like a shot. I decided to weaken his resolve and made the next one stronger.
“Well, here you are, sir.” My tone was a little less than respectful and I merely lowered the tray and drink to within his reach. No deep cleavage for him this time.
“Uh.. thank you, Jeanette.” He was disappointed. Looks like he expected the curtsey from me, after all!
“Yes, of course.” No ‘sir’. Let’s see how that worked for a while.
I turned and left, practically counting the minutes to see how long before he would call me back.
I didn’t wait as long this time.
“Uh, Jeanette? Are you there? Could I have another?” His tone was a lot more… what was the word? Anxious? Nervous? Hungry, perhaps?
This drink would be the strongest yet and I expected to be done serving drinks to his empty gut after this. He would be ‘Good to go’.
“Here you are. Enjoy!” I barely reached forward at all and made him stretch to get to the drink. The look on his face was priceless… a perfect image of ‘need’.
“Thank you, Jeanette. I really appreciate you doing this.”
“What, you mean my job?” I was barely being polite at this point.
I wanted to know how far I could push this.
“Well, I suppose, Jeanette. It’s just that…”
“What? You are having the tough time at work? I guess…”
“I don’t understand, Jeanette? What do you mean? We pay you well?” He was genuinely concerned. And genuinely hooked.
“Whatever. I get to wear this outfit and clean up after you, Bob. How happy should I be, Mr. Big Shot Executive?”
“I, excuse me, Jeanette, but please call me ‘Mr. Williams or, that is…” I saw he was trying to push back a little.
I knew how to handle that.
“Bob, I asked you a question.”
This would be it. Moment of truth. I laid my cards on the table, put myself in front of him looking like I do in my too-tight maid’s outfit, cleavage bursting, and standing as if I was Queen of the World.
His move.
“I see your point, Jeanette. I can see that you aren’t exactly happy.” The crushed look on his face was adorable.
“An understatement.” I deliberately put my well-manicured hands on the curves of my hips. My stance was confident, and the look on my face was stern.
“Yes, Jeanette, I am sorry about that. Is this about a raise?”
“No, but now that you mention it, I need one. No, this is about something else, Bob.”
“I see, well, I am sure we can work out a raise…”
“I wasn’t finished, Bob.” I cut him off again. Something I have been trained NEVER to do. Well, so much for THAT.
I paused. He clearly was getting the message and quietly waited for me to speak. His breathing was labored, and I could see him start to sweat. He was getting hot, but then, so was I.
“As I was saying Bob…” Emphasizing that I would not be using either ‘sir’ or ‘Mr. Williams’ in this conversation, if I ever did again.
“I am seeing a pattern here lately. Do you know what that is?” My tone was condecending.
“No, that is, I don’t know what you mean?”
“You probably don’t. Well, I think it’s pretty clear that you have been the big boss man at work lately, is that a fair assessment?”
“Yes, Jeanette, it is…”
‘Jeanette’ wasn’t going to work anymore, but best to wait to spring THAT change on him.
“Of course it is. And lately around the house you have been, well, let’s say LESS so, is that correct?”
“I, that is, I suppose so…” He didn’t know what was happening but he sat there, sweating and hot, as I chided him.
“Suppose has nothing to do with it, Bob. I have noticed that you have demonstrated less of a spine around me lately. Why do you think that is?”
“I wouldn’t say…”
“I wasn’t looking for some EXCUSE. I asked you a QUESTION!” I shouted down at him. His eyes were pleading and weak and the rush of power was intoxicating.
“Sorry, Jeanette, I don’t know why that is.”
“Well, you can tell that I have been in charge of the household operations, correct?”
“Yes, Jeanette, you have.”
“Top to bottom, right?”
“You have been in charge of nothing. You have simply been running around in your comfy slippers while I make dinner, drinks, clean, etc.”
“Well, I don’t think I should be doing that any longer, do you?”
“I, why??” He knew he made a mistake but he couldn’t understand it. He tried to pull back or retract his statement.
“Uh, Jeanette, what I mean is…” He was scared.
Of me.
I had to be careful here, but I already knew where to go with lovely little Bob here.
I dropped the empty silver tray at his feet, leaned forward, and slapped him hard in his face.
“Shut the fuck up!”
SLAP! I hit him again.
“I am so sorry Jeanette, I didn’t mean anything by it…”
He apologized to me.
I slapped him. Twice. And he apologized to me.
Too easy.
“Fucking pathetic, you know that? You are a real piece of work.”
“What? That is, what did I do Jeanette? How can I make it up?”
“HA! Listen to you! Apologizing to the maid after she slapped you like a bitch! What an asshole. I knew you were sprung on me, but really? REALLY?”
My derision was thick, bordering on open hatred.
“I, what can I do?”
I mocked him.
“‘Oh…what can I do??’ God, you disgust me. No spine. Treat your other subordinates like shit over the phone but here you are kissing the maid’s ass.”
“I am not, Jeanette, it’s just that…”
“You aren’t? You mean to tell me that if I told you to kiss my ass you wouldn’t?”
“Why, that is.. no, I wouldn’t…”
“Wanna bet?” My smile was wide and hateful.
“I….” He was stunned.
“Kiss my fucking ass, Bob.”
“What? I can’t…”
SLAP! SLAP! Hard on his face again.
“You can and you WILL, bitch. Kiss my fucking ass.”
He stared at me longingly. His eyes were sad and pleading. As if I wasn’t going to go through with it…
I simply waited for the inevitable.
He leaned forward and puckered his lips a little.
“HA! Oh my god! Look at you! Fucking pervert! You really want to kiss my ass!”
“No, I… that is… please don’t…”
“Don’t what? Well, Bob? Don’t WHAT?!?” I shouted in his face, the smell of smoke on my breath from earlier was carried farther by the spit I unleashed in my anger.
“Sorry, Jeanette, what I mean is…”
“Okay, enough of that shit right now. Jeanette is too informal for you, bitch. You will address me as ‘Ma’am’ or ‘Madam’ from now on, is that clear?”
“Yes, Madam, thank you.”
“HA! Spineless. The ‘thank you’ was a nice touch… looks like you can be trained.”
“I, well…”
“Shut up. Get out of that chair…”
He started to stand up. Big mistake.
SLAP! I reached my hand back after slapping him and pointed to the floor at my shiny shoes.
“I wasn’t finished! I didn’t say you can stand?!?! Now get down on your knees right here!”
He looked down where I pointed and dropped to his knees just like that.
“Wow. I didn’t expect that. You really are a pussy whipped little bitch for me, aren’t you?”
“I… yes, Madam.”
I laughed down at him.
“Good girl. Now then, what to do about you…”
He looked at me longingly, sadly.
“Aw how sweet… Bob here is just a sad little bitch for Jeanette, aren’t you?”
“I…yes, Ma’am.”
I reached my lovely red nail to underneath his chin, digging in a little and moving upwards until his throat was practically exposed to me. His eyes looked up desperately, hungrily. I suppose I should have paced myself in pushing him but this was all so…easy.
“Now, as I said earlier, you will kiss my ass with those lips that you kiss your lovely wife with.”
He seemed frozen, his mind racing, locked by my single finger under his chin.
“Please, don’t make me, Madam…” The plea in his voice told me all I needed to know about his limits with me.
So far there were none.
“Make you? I am going to do one better than that, you disgusting piece of filth.”
He was aroused, the tent in his dress slacks looked like it was capped with a damp spot. So not only was he aroused by my abuse but he was leaking, too.
“No, Ma’am, please no…”
“Beg me.” My smile was wicked.
“Please may I kiss your ass, Madam?”
My cruel gaze froze him, my nail was carving into his chin which was turning white, and the look in his eyes was one of pure fear and adoration.
His fear would get stronger, and I enjoy letting it grow inside him.
I didn’t give a shit about the second one.
“HA! Listen to you… you really want it?”
“…yes, please, Madam. Please may I kiss your ass?”
“Well…since you begged so spinelessly, go ahead…knock yourself out.”
With that, I spun around and offered my round ass to his loving lips. I could feel them, soft, and caring, as they touched my ass with a tender caress. The boy really knew how to kiss ass…I turned to look at him over my shoulder.
“You really are a sad sight, you know that? But that’s okay… Madam Jeanette here has a plan for her little girl. From now on you will do exactly as I say without question, or you will be very sorry. You are to follow me, crawling, at my heels. If you are more than three feet behind me, you will be very sorry. If you get closer than two feet to my shoes, you will be very sorry.
“Basically, anything that results in me being disappointed in the SLIGHTEST, will make you very sorry. You will regret having been born, you spineless fuck. Is that crystal clear to you, bitch?”
“Yes, Madam.”
The defeat in his voice was delightful.

I left him there, kneeling, and I could feel him teeter forward as I took my ass from his lips and started to walk away. He dropped forward and I could hear him crawling behind me.
This was a test, of course. How well could Bob here follow his new orders? And more importantly, how much punishment would I be able to deliver once he failed? It wasn’t as though he was used to crawling around on all fours, after all.
I started for my room on the ground floor (the Master bedroom and Bath were on the second floor, the Maid’s chambers, washroom, etc. were all here on the ground floor) and moved quickly enough to make him work to follow me like the eager dog he was becoming.
The very thought that with each step he was more my pet made me hot and wet.
“Very good, Bob. You can follow orders! And you ‘heel’ so well!” My tone was matched only by the hateful things I was saying to him.
“Look at you crawling on all fours for the maid. I bet your employees would love to see you now, huh?”
I could feel his ego bruising with my words. So much so that he couldn’t answer me.
I gave him exactly two seconds and he failed.
I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to face him.
Leaning down to meet his pleading eyes, I reached my hand back slowly.
“I asked you a fucking question, bitch!”
“I am so sorry Jean…Ma’am.”
“Make that mistake again and I will truly hurt you. Now ANSWER ME, whore!”
“I am sure my employees would find it funny, Ma’am.”
“Funny? Find what funny, bitch?”
He almost was tearing up.
“Crawling. Crawling on all fours for the maid, Ma’am. They would find that funny, Ma’am.”
Satisfied in so many ways, I turned and kept walking back to the maid’s chambers… my room.
I stopped at the door. Opening it, I gestured mockingly.
“Ladies’ first, whore….”
He bowed his head slightly and crawled into my room. I followed behind, closing and locking my door.
“Now then. You are probably wondering why we are here.”
“Yes, I…”
“It wasn’t a question, worm. I don’t care what you have to say for yourself. Interrupt me again at your own fucking risk.”
“Yes, Ma’am… I am so sorry.” Yes, he really was. As I gazed down at him, almost shivering with fear, I felt a hot rush come over me. Here he was, my ‘Boss’ on all fours and afraid of me. All the while his little dick was stiff and dripping.
“Well, I am sure you are wondering why I led you here. Well, here are the facts.
“You, Bob, are a little prick. It looks like you HAVE a little prick, too, but first things first.” I paused to let the insult to his ‘manhood’ sink in. After all, I couldn’t have my new slave deluding himself with dreams of actual sex with me.
No, that would never happen. His weakness and his dick were tools that allowed me to subjugate him. I decided to illustrate the lessons.
“You are my bitch. That is a statement of fact. Take off your clothes while I continue.”
Stunned, he sheepishly started to remove his shoes, then shirt, then unbuckled his pants, and slowly slid them down, all the while glancing up at me in the hopes I would stop this and somehow preserve his poor ego from further damage.
As IF.
“As I was saying…. you are my bitch. As my bitch, you no longer deserve clothes. Well, male clothes, anyway. No, as a spineless little whore for me, you will be dressed appropriately even if that is not dressed at all.
“That means no more male clothes for you, if any clothes at all. Your naked little shame should be on display for me to laugh at, punish, or ridicule. Actually, probably all three.”
My smile was as wide as could be and I could barely contain my joy at these events.
“See how your little cock is stiff and dripping as I abuse you and put you in your place? That is all I need to know. You will suffer, and as long as that disgusting thing of yours keeps begging for more I assure you that your life will be miserable.”
I walked to my closet, and although it was full of surprises for my new piece of property, I was only interested in one particular toy. I had to establish the order of things, and quickly.
Turning back to face him, smiling my lovely smile, dressed in my too-tight formal maid’s uniform, my well-manicured nails catching the light, I held up the toy in plain view for my naked, kneeling, former boss.
The dildo was thick and black, too large for me most times, but that wasn’t important for tonight. After all, this was about power and pain. I slipped the harness up one leg slowly, revealing my lacey black panties and my sheer stockings, and fastened the dildo to it firmly. Letting it hang there, staring at him, I grabbed the base firmly with my left hand and slowly pointed to the floor in front of me.
“Crawl to mommy, you faggot.”
He stared, wide eyed, from his place on the floor. I waited for a moment and watched as his still stiff cock kept glistening with pre cum slime.
Bob wanted to make Madam Jeanette happy no matter what the cost.
I wanted him to know he was no longer in charge and I knew this would hammer the point home, pun intended.
“You realize that I am not going to tell you what you have to do, don’t you?”
“I do, Ma’am.”
“I want something from you, well, more than that lovely ass, anyway.”
“Yes, Ma’am.” So adoringly compliant.
“Well?” My smile was warm and his eyes drank it in. He was all mine.
“May I please….” He hesitated. I would allow him this as I wanted him to truly feel this moment.
“Go on?” I met his eyes and watched him stare longingly at me. Was it mercy he wanted?
“May I please suck your cock, Madam?”
“Aw, so sweet of you to ask.” His face flushed with shame.
“Come closer.”
I thought of all the things I wanted to do with him as he crawled ever closer to me and my strap on dildo dangling crudely between my legs. I smiled down at him as I thought of his lips wrapped around my fake tool and the idea of how hard I was going to make this ordeal something he would never forget. Which is why I leaned over and pulled my camera into full view.
He stared blankly and slack jawed up at the camera. I didn’t hesitate.
FLASH! The camera’s image of his gaping wide mouth was perfect, showing just the very tip of my artificial cock challenging him to swallow it. I moved the cock a little closer and, my eyes freezing his in a locked stare, another FLASH! as my camera caught another embarassing image of the soon-to-be-cocksucker.
“I….” As he started to stammer something I moved my cock to touch his lips.
“Shhhhh…. there, there, whore… get your mouth to work on my cock. Show me what a little faggot you are while I take these pictures…”
He hesitated. I let him have that, also. The look of confusion and disgust on his face while this monstrous cock bobbed near his open mouth made for some amazing photos regardless of whether or not he was actually sucking me yet. And besides, I knew it was going to happen and the longer it dragged on the more painful it seemed to be for him. I was flushing hot. This was all working so well.
I stood there, imperiously, owning the moment even as I owned my former boss, and gently took my hand to the back of his head.
“Now, enough hesitating, bitch. Let’s take some pictures of you showing what a dirty little homo you really are, shall we?”
“Please….don’t…” Ignoring his plea, I continued.
“I asked you a question” I gazed harshly down at him. He was clearly losing his grip on his masculinity, tenuous though it may have been recently. He moved closer to the cock, closing his eyes and wincing. I hesitated a moment and took a careful, almost understanding, tone as I whispered into his ear.
“No, no… not like that…” He turned to look at me, terrified, and I moved the camera while he moved his lips onto my cock. FLASH! I pulled the cock away again, just a little.
“You have something to do first.”
He was confused. I was growing to love that look. Even so, I changed from a hot whisper to a violent hiss into his pathetic face.
“Beg me, FAGGOT!”
“Please, Miss Jeanette, may I suck your cock.”
“Good. Well, a start anyway. Try again.” FLASH! My camera got his fear and his humiliation as his lips wrapped around the cock violating his barely-willing mouth.
“Please may I suck your lovely cock, Miss? May I please lick it and suck it, Miss?” His sincerity was almost moving. FLASH! Almost.
“Sure. Go nuts, whore.” My smile was wide as I glared down at him.
“Disgusting. You really seem to know how to please a cock… you have a great technique… are you sure you haven’t done this before? Like, a LOT of times before?” He tried to mumble something but I just shoved his head further down on my thick dick.
“Wow. You are taking almost the whole thing, aren’t you, fag? Damn. I can’t even get the tip in without hurting and here you are with your whole mouth on it. Slurping. Sucking. Just like a whore. A real pro. You are inspiring me. I bet you could suck just about ANYthing after this, huh? And I can tell you would make a fleshy cock REAL happy! I bet you could coax a hot load from even a fake cock like MINE!” I was laughing at him and I was drinking in the fact he was tearing slightly from the shame, humiliation, and pain of the violation. He was losing his masculinity and being turned into something else. Something obedient. He was breaking more with every moment.
I have to admit the next few hours were a bit of a frenzy for me. I forced myself on him as he sucked me off like a back-alley whore. I got tired of towering over him and sat at my Vanity while he ‘pleasured’ my strap on cock. It was all so surreal…

“You really are gulping my cock down, aren’t you? And you begged for it, too? Nasty slut.” FLASH! He moaned at the latest flash, clearly afraid and trembling now as he knelt before his former maid and sucked her thick strap on cock.
“Didn’t like that one? Didn’t it show off your… good side?” Chuckling, she started fucking his face hard, her hips hammering into his not-quite willing mouth as the cock slid in and out of his wet, dripping, lips. FLASH!
“How about that one?” FLASH! “Or that one?” FLASH! “Now look up at the camera, whore…” FLASH! “Yeah, that caught your fear really well…” FLASH! “And there’s no mistaking who it is deep throating my cock like a back alley prostitute.” FLASH! And so it went for what seemed like an hour to him.
“I am getting sick of this… show me you want it, whore.” She grasped his head roughly and forced him back and forth onto her cock as he struggled to maintain balance in the force of her hips and manhandling. FLASH! The camera caught his sweat, his desperation, and his struggle to desperately try to keep his sucking mouth on her thick cock as it forcefully penetrated his seemingly hungry mouth.
“Yeah.. just like that, keep sucking, faggot. Look at you, how proud your parents will be if they see these pictures… actually…WHEN they see them!” FLASH!
“Whuuuuu!” He mouthed a frightened mumble into Jeanette’s crotch and cock.
“Oh, you didn’t think I was taking these pictures just for your personal album, did you? Oh no, whore, I have plans for you. And them. Soon you’ll BEG me to ‘out’ you as a sissy cocksucker to your family… and your friends… and basically anyone I feel like…you are here to service me.”
Although clearly upset he continued to suck and slurp while his drool went around his lips, down the shaft of the now glistening cock, and added to the noise of his cocksucking.
“Nothing to say to that? Not even trying to say ‘Stop, please, don’t!'” Her mocking tone made his face flush an even deeper red of pure shame.
“Of course you aren’t, bitch. You know you’re place…” FLASH! “I have been taking dozens of pictures of your whore mouth wrapped around my cock and sucking for all its worth…” FLASH! “There is no way you can think that you are ANYthing except my bitch now, right?” She tugged hard on his hair and yanked him to one side, his mouth still affixed to her thick cock. FLASH! “I mean, look at you, desperate to keep sucking on my dick like your pathetic little life depended on it…”
He was practically crying now as it all kept sinking in.
“I bet it hurts you to think of it… the fact that your maid is your owner. No sympathy. No mercy. Just service at my hands.” FLASH!
“Mmmmmmm…” He was trying to agree, showing his obedience.
“And you are a drippy little whore while it’s happening, too…” She touched the tip of her shoe to his stiff dick as it strained for release. He practically fell apart from the twitching.
“So sensitive…” FLASH! Right at the image of her shoe touching his hard on. FLASH! “And I bet you’d like to cum? Desperate to make a mess after you’ve been so degraded and humiliated by me, huh?” He tried to nod his head while sucking her fake cock.
“Yeah, disgusting. Showing me just how horny and pathetic you are for my cock… for my abuse.” FLASH!
He tried to wince and hide, but she would not let that happen. Ever again.
“HA! Trying to avoid the truth, faggot? Trying to hide that you are just a horny little cumslut?” FLASH! She stroked his hard on gently, at first, but picked up the pace as he started to gyrate against her shoe and the friction she was causing.
“Yeah, like that, fag… show Mommy how horny you are…” FLASH! “Grind like a stripper on the pole for me…” FLASH! “I bet you wish you were anyplace else…” FLASH!
“Besides on your knees…
“Sucking my cock…
“Begging for abuse…
“And desperate to cum at how cruelly I’ve treated you…” FLASH!
“I am going to get the whole thing on camera. You cumming like a little slut while you fuck my shoe.” FLASH!
“Look at you… still sucking away and desperate to please me… such a whore…” FLASH!
“You’re going to cum now, bitch. You are going to show me just what a pathetic, subhuman, piece of shit you really are. What kind of man cums when he’s rubbing on a shoe?” FLASH!
“A filthy animal would have more dignity, don’t you think?” FLASH!
She stopped moving and he stared up at her, his eyes wildly desperate.
“ANSWER ME, WHORE!” She slapped his face with the slick cock for emphasis. He knew what he had to do.
Degrade himself even more.
“An animal has more dignity, Miss. Please let me make my little whore mess on your shoe while you fuck my face, please?” FLASH!
“Disgusting.” She moved slowly again. His moaning started up like clockwork while he worked his hard on into a frenzy.
“Yeah, just like that…” FLASH! She was smiling again. Her clinging outfit showing her sheen of sweat from her efforts at fucking his face raw. Her lovely smile was bright, in contrast to the cruel and dark things she was inflicting on this mostly willing subject.
“You’re going to make a mess while you suck my cock, whore.” FLASH!
And he did. He started grinding without hesitation as his hard on started spilling his hot, white, seed. She was laughing at him, and abruptly stopped her gyrations on his dick without missing a beat of her hips and fucking his face like a seasoned pro. He continued to slurp and suck at her cock even as he was losing his mind to pleasure from the mixture of humiliation, degradation, and stimulation. The puddle was thick and wide and he continued to suck her cock desperately. He knew what she wanted.
“Look at you… waiting for permission to stop, I take it?” FLASH! His nodding and bobbing head signalled her that he was learning.
“Repulsive little faggot. I’m almost done with you…” FLASH! “In the future you know you won’t be making any sissy faggot messes without taking a few loads yourself, right?” Her smile was wicked. He nodded.
“Good… and you know that it won’t be easy. ANY of it. You will be degraded and worked harder than tonight, bitch. I have enough to build on now, though… you are one trapped little whore.” FLASH! “I mean, a picture of you sucking a fake cock while you look like… this…” She gestured dismissively with disgust in her voice. “Would be enough, but a picture like THIS?” FLASH! “With you sucking with a puddle of YOUR cum between your legs? That is completely disgusting…”
He was shamed. But she wasn’t done yet.
“But I want more.
“Clean up your mess.” He looked up at her, shocked.
“With your tongue.” FLASH!

That evening passed in a blur for him I think. I know it did for me and like a kid on Christmas I couldn’t wait to get up the next morning and really start to play with my new toy. Maybe he thought he would get away by running off to work but I had other plans and since I always woke before the rest of the house…

I heard the shower running a full 30 minutes earlier than usual and since Mrs. Williams was downstairs enjoying the breakfast I prepared for her (Something I wouldn’t be doing for much longer, THAT was certain…) I knew I could do what I wanted.
Which was, to be blunt, remind my little bitch boy who was in charge in the house.
I heard the Master Bathroom door open and could feel a rush of hot air from the shower. I was careful to be quiet in my strappy heels on the plush carpet (thinking of where the stains might be from last night) and moved inside the bedroom and closed the door silently. I stood, hands on hips (a pose I would strike all the time, I thought to myself.) and ready to start in on him again.
The picture of him still dripping wet from the hot shower and trying to clean the filth off of last night made me tingle in victory. Before long I would have dragged him through so much shit a firehose with bleach couldn’t get the filthy whore clean. My smile was from ear to ear at the thought and went wider as he walked into the bedroom, just a few feet from where I stood. He was, as I pictured, a little drippy from the shower, a towel draped to cover his formerly private bits, and moving with purpose to the closet on the far wall to get dressed quickly.
“Do you think I would let you leave without paying your respects you pathetic little fuck?” My voice was pure iron and was matched only by my steely gaze as I looked him up and down.
“Please, Jeanette… I don’t know what to do…”
“Of course you don’t. You are a disgusting little pervert who must be TOLD what to do. From now on you will need my permission to fucking blow your goddamn nose or didn’t I make that clear last night, faggot? Maybe you forgot who was in charge with my thick cock down your faggot throat?”
I paused, smiling slightly as I thought of the image of his sad eyes looking up as I plunged my cock down into his mouth.
“No, Miss, it isn’t that…”
“Oh NOW you remember how to properly address me? Trust me, I am trying to be patient with you but I think I am going to have to take more drastic steps with you. Maybe your wife should see the pictures from last night so you can avoid any confusion as to your PLACE in this house? I wonder if you would be so distracted without that slut running around here deluded into thinking that she is still married to a man instead of the sissy faggot cocksucker you really are?”
I could see him flush with humiliation and fear even as his dick made a tent out of his towel.
“Well, I think we can both see just what you REALLY think?” I pointed down at his tent.
“That insignificant piece of shit between your legs seem to tell you what your insignificant piece of shit between your EARS forgets? That…” I walked up to him, confidently, powerfully.
“I…” Grabbing his little dick I emphasized my point. Painfully.
“am in charge. Of THIS!” I squeezed and watched him nearly double over in pain and shame.
“Of YOU! I am in charge, and you serve me as my whore. Kneel.”
Without a word he dropped to his knees and cast his eyes down at my shiny shoes.
“Lick my shoes while I finish explaining a few things to you, bitch.” He did, of course. His tongue caressing my shoes like his wife’s body.
“You are a disgusting pile of filth. A worm in a ‘man’s’ body. You deserve to be kneeling before your superiors and reminded constantly of your place on the floor, serving anyone who knows what a repulsive bitch you are. I know the truth. And more people are going to know. How SOON they know is strictly up to you, faggot. Should you keep disobeying me, or trying to pretend you are human, I will be forced to remove the doubts you have.
“Doubts that I am in charge.” I moved my other shoe to one of his hands and stepped down.
“Doubts that you might not deserve to suffer.” I leaned down and I could tell by how he froze he could sense me moving closer, my smell hitting his senses. My perfume. My arousal.
“Doubts about being a faggot, or whore.” I pulled his head up by his air and hissed in his face as he quivered, blushing, and clearly aroused to the point of dripping.
“Doubts that you enjoy this.” I took my foot and caressed his little dick in the towel and watched him squirm.
“Beg me to rub your dick on my nice shoe.”
Without hesitation he breathlessly spoke in a tone that demonstrated how aroused he was.
Lost. Hopelessly gone.
“Please Madam may I rub my little dickie against your lovely shoe?”
“So pathetic. Desperate, aren’t you?” I smiled down at him cruelly. Too easy.
“Yes, Miss… I am. Please…” I rubbed a little and watched, triumphantly as he started to move on my shoe.
“Grinding my shiny leather shoe the way a stripper grinds a pole. Fucking whore.”
“Thank you, Madam…”
“HA! And you’re grateful… I wonder what your wife might say if she say you here. Fucking my shoe like some dog humping a leg?” I pulled tight on his hair to cock his head to one side.
“Uhnnn… please, no, Madam…”
I spat in his face. A thick wad of spit that still smelled of my morning cigarette.
“Thank you, Madam.” He was so ashamed. But continued to rub against my shoe.
“Doesn’t stop you, does it? You know the truth. You know your place. Fucking slut.” My disgust was obvious, and real.
“Yes, Madam, I am. Thank you…” He was moaning and clearly close to making his mess.
“I just wonder what Mrs. Williams would think if she saw you here, kneeling before the maid and begging to cum on her shoe? She’s going to know if she doesn’t already.” He shuddered.
“The truth hurts, doesn’t it, whore? Who knows I might have you tell her yourself, dressed in some pink dress or lingerie like a tranny hooker walking the street.” I drank in his fear and shame.
But he kept rubbing.
“Or maybe I will just have a chat with her and discuss how best to divorce you and split your life apart into pieces, leaving you with practically nothing. Least of all whatever shred of dignity you have left once I’m finished with you…”
“Uhnnn… please no, Madam…”
“I do not like to hear you mouth that word. Ever.” I kicked him. Hard. He reeled and grabbed his junk with one hand as he bent over. I lifted my shoe and touched it gently to the back of his neck.
“You made a little mess with your pre-cum, slut.”
“Please no, Madam. I have to kiss my wife…”
I pressed his face down, but not all the way. I needed him to do it.
“Beg me, whore. Beg me to lick up your slime before you kiss your wife goodbye with those same cocksucking lips.”
“Please… please may I lick up my slime for you, Madam.”
“For me? Oh, I don’t think so. No, it’s something you should do so that when wifey comes back in here and sees the mess she doesn’t think about what you might be up to. No, try begging again.” I looked down at him and could see him trembling in fear.
“Please may I clean up my slime Madam with my faggot tongue?”
Perfect. He was learning.
“I suppose, since you asked so nicely, whore. Put that face down it. Really down into your slime, and get it nice and clean.”
And he did. Enthustiastically.
“And what do you say, whore?”
“Thank you, Madam.”
I turned and left. I would have all day to think about how much fun this was going to be.

CAservice is an experienced, service oriented edge player in Los Angeles. Active in the local community, he is honored to be an Elite boy for Club WICK and a founding member of SSGA. When he’s not busy writing down the naughty thoughts in his brain, he can be seen serving at the feet of an number of Dominas.


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