Erotica: Mistress Sat in the Corner

silhouette girl portrait

Of the dimly lit room. The bright red glow of her cigarette was all I could make out. I would glance over between hard thrusts to try to make out any sign of her approval.

She got off on watching me fuck whoever She considered “an appropriate chew toy”. She would find young and beautiful girls and seduce them into a good night with Her handsome puppy boy.

As far as I knew this girl was a complete stranger to me just another cameo appearance in my sex life. A curvy but tight bodied blond with pixie like features. Mistress had a thing for blonds and the occasional dark haired Hispanic girls.

Every time She would just sit silently and watch. Watched as I would bind, whip spank, beat and fucked Her pray into loud orgasms. From time to time She would direct the scene but those times were few and far in between.

Mistress would sit smoking her cloves with a plug comfortably vibrating in Her ass while quietly pleasuring Herself with one of Her many toys.

The sultry sound of Her toy schlicking in and out of Her pussy and the muffled sound of Her vibrating plug filled my ears, made me thrust harder and faster. I would be fucking one of Her many girls but we both knew I was pleasuring Her.

This girl was passionate and energetic. I bent her over the bed, Mistresses favorite position, and took her, hard. I planted my feet and thrust harder than ever. Every thrust shoved her forward and she let out a loud squeal with every thrust.

“Oh fuck! It hurts so good!” She exclaimed as she grooved with my thrusts.

“Spank her” Mistress commanded. Without missing a beat a reeled back and brought my hand down on her soft white ass with an air shattering ‘SMACK!’ causing her to let out a loud moan. It made her even wetter, the sign of a true pain slut.

I could hear Mistress breath harder and louder in shallow breaths. She was at her limit I could make out the subtle sound of Her squirming in Her chair trying the get the most out of Her plug.

We were all now on the verge of a simultaneous climax. I pulled out, flipped her over and began to Fuck her yet again. She wrapped her legs around my neck as I continued to thrust myself into her. I dug my fingers into her ribs causing her to squirm in blissful pain, her brain doped up on endorphins.

The sounds of heavy breathing, moaning, squeals and body fluids that filled the air intoxicated me. I looked down and she was so high she had lost herself in ecstasy. I looked over to Mistress, still I saw nothing, Her cigarette long gone but the sound of Her toys let me know She was still there enjoying every moment of the show.

I could no longer contain myself. I thrust myself deeper and harder into my chew toy. My balls began to tense, my abdomen tightened still I continued holding back as long as I could.

I’m going to cum!” I let out through clenched teeth. I heard a sharp inhale from each, letting me know they were about to as well.

I thrust again and again ready to blow when I hear through labored breaths.

“On..her..tits!” To which I was more than happy to oblige. I gave it everything I had. She began to climax first, I pulled out just in time to shoot my hot load all over her chest causing Mistress let out another sharp inhale then silence as a wave of pleasure washed over Her.

The room fell silent, all three of us in a heap of exhaustion. Struggling to catch our breath. Mistress was the first to break the silence, She stood and let out a quiet moan as she pulled her plug out and tossed it on the bed. She walked out the door without a word, Her body silhouetted by the bright light. She closed the door behind Her leaving us alone.

Her pets needed their rest.

Vic Sharp is a switch living in San Diego. You can learn more about him here.


  1. this was so hot. i loved how it started

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