Erotica: Mr. Dark and Penetrating, Part 2

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I was both shocked and turned on as this hunk of a man held me tightly in his arms! I should have been disturbed but being that we were entirely in public, albeit drunken end of the night public, I wasn’t overly concerned.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked as confidently as I could. By now I was feeling exceptionally self-conscious wondering if his arms were going to give out. I’m not exactly a huge woman but I was never the type that guys just “tossed around” like he seemed to be doing so effortlessly.

“It would appear that I’m helping you out.”

We made our way over to one of the unoccupied couches on the side of the room. He gently placed me onto the couch and I quickly arranged myself, scooting my tight dress back down where it had ridden up while simultaneously kicking off my heels. He sank down next to me, his eyes locked with mine.

“Thank you, I guess?”

“My pleasure.” He replied. “I’ve been watching you tonight. I hope that’s alright.”

He said it with such open honesty that it came across as neither creepy or weird.

“Well that’s flattering,” I said with a slight laugh, not quite meeting his eyes.

“I had a feeling about you. You seem like a naughty little girl inside of a big girl dress and make up.”

I was in shock. No one had ever said anything like that to me before.

“I don’t know what kind of girl I am anymore, to be honest. I’m a girl that is a slave to her job.”

“Have you ever considered being a slave to something else? Someone else?”

My stomach did about three flips all at once and I had a quick memory of a fleeting romance early on in my life. Me on all fours, crawling…but that was a long time ago. I was a lot younger and silly back then wasn’t I? His words made me tingle, heat rising to my cheeks.

“I suppose I could imagine it,” I said slowly.

His reaction gave nothing away, “I’d very much like the pleasure of getting to know you in such a way. I think we could both benefit immensely from that type of intimacy. I also know for a fact that you’re the type of girl to need a break from the constant attention of this job you mentioned. I could give you that break, that release.”

I had to control the trembling that had come upon me suddenly. I realized as he’d been speaking to me, his hand was rubbing ever so slightly along the top of my shoulder, along my collarbone. I felt ridiculous. I barely knew this man yet he was tapping into things I’d never confessed to anyone, a part of me I kept hidden away in shame.

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll take good care of you. I’ll be very safe with you until we get to know one another.”

I wasn’t entirely sure about the whole talk of safety but I knew I wanted this man very badly.

“What do you have in mind?”

“A great many things,” he replied, “but how about we start with a good old fashioned spanking?”

“Right here?!” I practically yelped. He laughed at me with that sexy smile, “Ha, no, how about you come out to my truck?”

Before I knew what I was doing, my shoes were back on my feet and I’d stood up, making my way over to Melissa where she still had that poor bastard in her snare. I tapped her on the shoulder, “I’m going with this guy,” I said pointing over my shoulder. “What’s you’re name?”


“I’m going with Daren. I’ll text you when I’m home so you know I’m safe.” Without a word I spun around and hooked my arm in Daren’s leaving a shocked Melissa with her mouth gaping open after me.

Daren lead me to a silver pick up truck parked off to the side of the lot. By now, most of the cars were clearing out. He took me around to the passenger side and opened the door for me. After he got in on his side, he put the keys in the ignition and turned on the radio. He slowly reached over and caressed me by the back of the neck.

“Are you ready little girl?” he said quietly.

“I-I think so,” I stuttered.

“I’m going to put you over my lap where you belong, lift up your slutty little dress, and give you the spanking you need. If at any time it becomes too intense, just say ‘red’ and I will stop. Tell me if you understand.”

“I understand,” I said automatically.

To be continued…

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