Erotica: Mr. Dark and Penetrating

What began as a shared look in passing at a crowded bar ended with a spanking in a parking lot car, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I didn’t particularly want to go out that night but I owed it to my friend Melissa. I’d pretty much turned her down the last three (or was it four?) times she asked to make plans with me out of sheer exhaustion from my new job. I really loved that job, don’t get me wrong, but the hours right now were killer. All I wanted to do on weekends was collapse into a ball in front of my TV. But here I was crammed into Melissa’s red “body con” dress, my boobs shoved to my chin and my feet screaming as we moved at a slow pace through the trendy nightclub/bar Melissa had dragged me to.

I was trying to keep a happy face on for her benefit. She was definitely on the prowl for…someone. To say Melissa has a “type” is an understatement. She has a radar for really unfortunate men and I could see a few of them glancing her way as we went along. All of a sudden my purse strap got caught on something or someone and I jostled to grab it before it flew off my arm, landing on the gross, wet bar floor. Yuck. I quickly stooped as gracefully as I could in the mass of people and groaned as I felt my purse peel off the sticky floor. I threw it back on my shoulder and looked up, my eyes catching another pair of deep brown eyes, penetrating me from across the room. My stomach did that thing it does when I get excited and nervous all at once. But I felt a tug and Melissa was yanking me by the forearm, “Hurry up! I think I see him over there.” Her “target” was in the opposite direction of deep, brown penetration so I “harumphed” and followed close behind.

The night was winding down, but I had been done for ages! Melissa had hit on about four guys but ditched most of them went they didn’t align with whatever misunderstood sense of standards she used to judge men. I was the dutiful wing girl, chatting to the friends of said guys to keep everyone occupied. They were all so dull and uninteresting. I prided myself at being a good conversationalist but it has to go both ways! I was feeling slightly tipsy which I was thankful for as it eased the ache in my semi-numb feet. I took my left foot out of my heel and stretched it a bit, flexing it a bit. Oh how I was tempted to take those heels off and just go barefoot! But the memory of the purse peeling off the floor stopped me from getting even that small relief. Melissa was engaged in a last effort to find Mr. Right Now when I felt a light touch on my shoulder. I turned and looked at the chest of and then up and into the eyes of brown and penetrating. He. Was. Stunning. His skin was dark and his hair cut short. He has a slight smile on is lips which only made me wonder what he could possibly thinking. I immediately became self-conscious being that it was the end of the night and my heavily done make up (Melissa’s doing) probably looked like a raccoon around my eyes, my lipstick long gone.

“It looks like you could use a hand.” He said it as a statement and before I could protest I was lifted up and he was carrying me away!

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