Erotica: It Starts with a Look

It starts with a look and an introduction. A nervous giggle a stoney expression in return. She fidgets this way and that, shuffling feet and flailing hands. He already knows what to do with her. How to hold her, restrain her, make her squirm in other ways besides nervousness.

The date is set. She prepares herself carefully. Her pussy is wet on arrival. She knows he knows. He can smell her. She is shaking. He holds her briefly before leading her to the back room, the playroom.

He produces a blindfold from his jacket pocket and slides it over her head. She is abruptly lifted with an intake of breath, uncertainty causes sweat to bead on her upper lip. She is laid out on a table, its actually quite comfortable. Cold metal grazes her body as her dress is seemingly cut off of her. She only bemoans the loss of it briefly. What’s a dress compared to this exhilarating feeling!?

His hands run up and down her legs, securing them by the ankles. Her wrists are next. She hears a strange buzzing noise and all at once a vibrator is thrust against her unsuspecting pussy. It’s pulled away and replaced with a hard whack of his hand. He repeats the pussy spanking over and over until she feels like she almost can’t take it anymore and then the vibrator is back, pushing her further and further to the brink. He whispers naughty words in her ears, calling her things she never imagined but that send her quivering over the edge. As she comes down from her high, she feels him straddling her upper body. She senses what is next and opens her mouth. He doesn’t go easy on her, slapping her cheeks with his hardened cock and then plunging it deep in her throat immediately making her gag. He lifts her head off of the table to gain a better angle for his use. He thrusts in and out over and over, the drool and spit pooling down her cheeks and her tears soaking into the blindfold. She relishes in the moment, the wetness of her pussy, the happiness she feels in pleasing him, as he explodes into her delicate little mouth.

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