Erotica: Taming Her Beast, Part Two

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He had continued his quest long into the evening. The morning light that had shown through the trees as gold had become a fireside yellow as the sun began to fall beneath the horizon. He abandoned the creek’s path when something inside his heart told him to turn and walk towards some mountains in the distance. It was not wise to walk away from a fresh water source, but he did so anyway. He knew it was the right choice.

He had thought nothing else other than the spirit known to him as Helori. His mind continued its attempt to grasp what kind of mystery he had happened upon. Her cave lion form was massive and impressive, but her human form was beautiful and perfect. He wondered if either form was true. If she had a secret form not known to him yet. “No”, he thought against that. She seemed too pure to be something wicked.

While the beast made his soul shake and body tense, the woman warmed his heart like no other had before. She was so perfect. Every quality of hers mystified him for hours: her impossible fire red hair, those ocean green eyes, that smile. The touch of her skin against his was so strong that he almost walked off a rock cliff two times thinking of her.

The pathless route he chose took him higher and higher up the mountains. They were not yet so steep that he had to climb them, but they were taking the breath out of him. He was lucky that the trees had continued their reach. Their mossy, damp limbs gave him good leverage and allowed him to keep up his speed. Sometimes he thought the limbs were actually pulling him towards. With what he had just experienced, he would not have doubted it.

Finally, as he lifted himself over another rock cliff, he saw an opening in the distance. The clearing was too far off for him to discern anything, but any clearing this high had to mean something. With a hand pulling out his axe and the other scratching a very satisfied cock, he smirked and walked forth to his destiny.

As the trees thinned out, they allowed him to see their ancient treasure more and more. Long stones cut into squares with carved images on top. The closer he arrived, the more he realized that he had found a graveyard. His hopes rose slightly, until he remembered the stories that Dagda’s grave was alone and touching the skies. This was a gravesite for many.

He entered the clearing and counted the headstones. Seven. Seven total were buried here. He tried to read their names, but they were written in a language long dead to the world. On top their carvings were of different creatures: a falcon, a fish, a wolf, a snake, a bull, a horse, and…a lion. The last one made him freeze. He knew whose grave this was. There was no question in his mind. This was her. Helori. This was where her body was laid to rest and where she became a spirit. It was an unsettling realization that the woman he was with was indeed a dead woman. Now, she walked with the gods.

Suddenly, the sound of many soldiers standing attention took him by surprise. Of course he did not swing around wide-eyed and screaming. That would have made him a weak man. Instead, he slowly turned around and saw before him six warriors. Six magnificent warriors great in strength and honor. Unlike himself, they wore armor. They also had a tattoo of one of the mortuary creatures on their foreheads. Some held swords, others axes. All were silent. Evyn took out his axe and stood proudly, “Make my story a great one.”

Immediately the six attacked him. They came in waves of two, and Evyn had to move very quickly. With his very first swing he upercut the wolf warrior’s chin and drew blood. A mortal wound for sure. He used the spin of the blow to throw him out of harm’s way when the fish warrior tried to strike with a sword.

Soon behind those two came the snake and falcon warriors, who were attacking from both sides. Evyn had to think quickly and in a desperate move leaned back his axe and lunged forward, letting his axe lose in the air until it plunged into the falcon warrior’s chest. The snake warrior looked back to his comrade, and Evyn took a desperate chance. He grabbed the exposed hilt of the sword and swung his fist with all his might against the part of the snake warrior’s torso not covered in armor. He could feel the warrior’s bones break, and as his opponent bent over in pain, he used his stolen sword to behead the snake warrior.

However, the blow had exposed him, and the fish warrior charged in with his sword. Evyn barely spun away in time to keep his belly to be impaled, but not fast enough to avoid a deep cut along his back. It was a flesh wound, and he found he could still move. The fish warrior’s gamble made his sword get caught in the crevice of one of the head stones. The sword broke and the fish warrior tripped and fell. His body filled with rage rushing through his veins, Evyn turned around and in one swift kick crushed the fish warrior’s head against the stone, splattering dark blood everywhere.

Then he looked around for the other two warriors; the bull and the horse. They were nowhere in sight. It was an uneasy silence. Cautiously he went to pull his axe out of the wolf warrior, always keeping an eye out for the remaining two. Not a sound. Not a whisper. Not even a scent. He walked around the stones footstep after footstep. Then, the horse warrior appeared from nowhere and landed a punch right in the middle of Evyn’s face. He was knocked off his feet and dropped the extra sword he had been carrying around with him. After his head cracked against the ground, the pain and red warmth that flowed from his nose hinted that it was broken.

The horse warrior stood in front of the fallen Evyn, and the bull warrior towered above his head. They looked at Evyn and then at each other in a long silence, as if they spoke without words. Then the horse warrior nodded, looked down at Evyn, and rose his axe above his head. Evyn could feel death scratching at the hairs on the back of his neck. But no, he would not die like this. Not by the hands of a dead warrior after the true battle had been over. No, he would not die so disgraced.

Quickly Evyn reached upwards to the bull warrior’s belt and pulled with all his might. The surprise attack threw the bull warrior of balance, and down he went as the horse warrior’s axe crashed down. The blow was true. The axe was now lodged in the bull warrior’s helmet. Evyn had rolled away and jumped up on his feet as the horse warrior stared in disbelief. This time, Evyn did cry out. With his axe in hand, he charged at the horse warrior with all his might. The last warrior panicked and tried to dislodge his axe from his comrade with no success.
Evyn landed his axe against the warrior’s jaw; slicing most of the upper head off and leaving some lower mouth left on the bleeding neck. Evyn’s axe had lodged itself in the stone, and it stained the headstone with errant blood. Evyn breathed deeply, letting the red rage calm down enough to think clearly. In the middle of controlling his breaths, the corpses of the six warriors suddenly disappeared. They were nowhere. Not even their blood remained. They were simply gone.

“Spirits.” Evyn shook his head, then winced at the fresh cut on his back. It would heal in time, and more importantly it wouldn’t slow him down. It just stung. He twitched his nose, trying to figure out how badly broken it was. He then squeezed tightly in one hand. The pain was red hot, but his nose was not broken. Cracked probably, but not broken. He would survive.

And then he noticed her. Helori was sitting upon a tree’s roots at the edge of the burial ground. The twisted growth of the tree allowed her to lean back comfortably while she let her legs part wide open. She was nibbling on one of her fingers while the other hand carefully patted the small patch of red hair above her tight pussy. He had not been allowed such a good view of it before, and now it was mesmerizing in how beautiful it was. The lips were full but not loose, and her skinny body gave a lot of room between her legs and her pussy. He could just imagine himself stuck inside her. In fact, Helori pointed down at his manhood, which was already at full mast.

He slowly walked over to her. His body still surging with power was overwhelmed with a strong natural instinct to breed with this woman. He knew she was a spirit and not a real woman. Not a real woman anymore. He didn’t care. She felt real, and that’s all that mattered to him. “Come here, woman.”

She smiled coyly, then carefully stood up from the malformed tree. She walked up to him and stopped only inches from his body. Her perky breasts were brushing her hard nipples against his muscular chest as she reached up to play with a strand of his long, dark hair. She looked up to meet his gaze, and she bit down on her lower lip just slightly.

He couldn’t take it any longer. He ached for her. He physically needed her, and he would have her. He grabbed her by the arms and forcefully leaned in to kiss her. Not in his wildest dreams could he have imagined how soft her lips would have been. His own lean lips pushed up against hers, and it was as if they were a perfect fit. He continued to kiss her, to taste her. She was so sweet. She reminded him of wild flowers in the summer breeze.

Quickly he unhinged his belt straps, letting his axe and kilt drop to the ground. As they slid past his thighs, his hard cock immediately lunged forth and slapped Helori against her leg. She giggled a little, but he paid it no attention. He kept his leather boots and gauntlets on, not feeling a need to take the time to unbind them. As he continued to kiss her, he reached around her waist and lifted her into the air by squeezing her ass cheeks. They were full and surprisingly strong. Good. She would be able to take what he had to give her.
But to Evyn’s surprise, Helori was not a woman to allow a man to dominate her. She wrapped her pale thick legs around his waist and lifted herself upon his body. She lifted his chin as she rose over his head to keep their kiss connected. Her warm breasts were now pressed firmly against his collarbone. She eventually broke the kiss and looked down passionately at him. Slowly she offered her left breast for him to suckle on. He opened his mouth and with his tongue licked her nipple into his mouth. He had longed for her breasts since the moment he had seen them, and now her hardened dark nipples were finally in his mouth. She moaned out loud as she sucked hard on her tit, and she started to grow wet.

When he finally let go of her breast, she let go of her leg hold and slid down his body. His hard cock rubbing up against her pussy and stopping at her belly. With a force that Evyn had only known of men and monsters, Helori pushed him hard against her headstone and pinned him there. Surprised, he tugged at her hold a little, only to find that her grasp was like iron. She smiled and licked her upper lip. Then she pushed her body against his, held his cock on her hand, and rubbed his cockhead against her lips.

Her moisture was getting thick, and she rubbed it off onto his throbbing cock. Evyn groaned at the warm wetness covering his manhood, and he yearned to be inside her. With a small kiss on the lips and a lifting of her waist, she slowly slid down her pussy onto his cock. She let out a high moan as his thickness entered her.

Evyn had never known a woman to feel so perfect. Had he laid with a thousand women, and none of them fit him as she did. He could feel her every movement, her every twitch, against his shaft hidden deep within her body. Helpless against her grasp, Evyn stood there groaning deeply from the sensation of her wet pussy squeezing down hard on him. With Helori’s every motion up and down, she gave a soft little moan out of her slightly opened mouth. Up and down she went; her pussy lips pushed outward by Evyn’s thickness.

He held upon her soft, milky tits and gave them a squeeze. He had never held such perfect breasts before, and he tried to push the immeasurable pleasure so he could remember them forever. She quickened her pace, and the friction between the two was red hot. Evyn stiffened his body to brace her force upon his waist, and she held onto his shoulders for balance. Up and down she went, and her breasts jiggled with each wet slap of their sexes.

Evyn could feel his end was near. He looked down and furrowed his brown, forcing his body to obey his mind. Then Helori grabbed him by the jaw and forced him to stare into her beautiful green eyes. He could tell that she was nearing an end too, and she would not allow him to deny their climax together. Her moans became louder, and his grunts were more forceful. Her pussy worked hard against his shaft, and when the time came, Helori closed her eyes and crubmled forward upon Evyn’s chest. His cock spewed forth his hot seed once again, and their juices together mixed so sweetly.

With every pump, his cock made her pussy twitch, and they held each other in their tight embrace. When the pleasure subsided, Helori hazily looked upon Evyn’s face. She smiled, kissed him very slowly, and then she was gone. It was as if she was never there. Again. Evyn was left alone in the graveyard of elders; his kilt down to his knees and his cock dripping cum on the ground.


ManofDawnLight written an adult RPG tabletop game called “Succubus: An Adult Roleplaying Game” that received four out of five pitchforks on by Tera. He’s happy to hear any feedback about his work.

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