Erotica: The Encounter

Trigger warning: This story involves consensual non-consent

She arrives home, the same time as last night, the same time as every night. She is predictable, consistent, and easy to anticipate.

She has seen me watching her but has not wavered in her routine. She has allowed me to observe her for weeks now. She has told no one. She must be replaying our conversation in her head – remembering what she asked me to do, wondering when it will happen, if I will really go through with it.

Just like always, she goes right to the back sliding glass door and lets her cat out, leaving the door cracked so he can come back in, then heads to her treadmill. A quick glance in my direction lets me know she is ready and willing.

She changes into her workout clothes, dons her headphones and begins her hour of running again, pushing her lean body to the limits, seemingly not knowing she can be seen from this hidden place in her back yard. I wait patiently, watching the sweat build up on her body, soaking her spandex jogging bra and skin tight shorts. She is glowing, wet and beautiful. My excitement for what’s to come is building, She is strong, but I am stronger; tonight, she is mine.

When she is done she heads to the bathroom for her nightly shower. I make my move inside, slipping through the open slider, not a sound. I lay my bag of tools and toys on the floor and wait.

She washes her hair, shaves her legs and in between, but for whom? No one ever sees, no one except me. But I see… I see her. This is for me and me alone.

For weeks I have watched her, seen her patterns. She is lonely, closed off but she does not know it. She wants someone but is afraid to open the door; afraid to take the risk. She is a proud, sad and lonely creature who has never known what it means to belong to someone, not truly. Tonight she will learn. Tonight she belongs to me.

Finally she is done and she heads back to the bedroom. She passes me hiding behind the door. She is inches away, facing the bed now, and she drops her robe to the floor revealing her naked backside. I am rock hard with anticipation and excitement. I pull the panty hose down over my face and like a tiger I pounce and in a split second force her face first onto the bed; straddling her, my weight bearing down on her as I handcuff her hands behind her back before she even realizes what is happening.

She is strong for her size and tries to fight back but I am stronger and have the advantage of surprise. A few swift hard swats to her ass shock her into submission temporarily and before she can scream my hand covers her mouth. I grab her discarded panties from the bed and shove them into her mouth, then tie it closed with a black silk scarf. The sound of her muffled whimpers stirs my blood.

She realizes now what is happening and starts to struggle again but it’s already too late. I pin her head down with one foot, pull her bound hands back and lay into her ass again; striking her buttocks hard and fast until they are bright red and she is screaming and crying into her sheets.

Then suddenly the spanking stops and my fingers find her pussy, warm and wet from fear and excitement combined. Slowly her screams and cries turn to whimpers and moans. Inside I know she hates herself for enjoying this, and she hates me for making her. But I am relentless in my task and soon my hand is working in and out of her snatch furiously, soaking us both. Despite herself, she shudders with orgasm and goes limp on the bed. I stand and remove my t-shirt as her eyes grow wide; she begins to fear what is next.

I warn her not to move and take a length of rope from my bag. I drag it slowly over her naked flesh, letting her feel the bite of the hemp. I bind her legs, first one then the other, lashing her shins to her thighs. I bring her up to her knees and lash both legs to her bedposts tightly so she cannot move them. Then after another series of short hard swats on her ass, I remind her not to move and unlock her handcuffs. In similar fashion I lash her arms to the top bedposts so that her torso is suspended in air. I take my time as I have been taught, savoring the moments, delighting in the art of it all. She lets her head fall limp, afraid to look at me. She is realizing there is no hope for her now. She is accepting that for tonight at least, I am her Master.

She cannot move at all now. I remove the panty hose from my face and pull it down over her head then wrap her eyes in electrical tape.

I pull the blade from its sheath at my belt. It is cold and sharp against the skin of her throat. I cut a hole around her mouth and remove the gag. I tell her she is now my slave and that I will do as I wish with her and she can either fight it and be punished or enjoy it and be rewarded. She whispers quietly, “yes Sir.” She has given herself to me.

I remove the rest of my clothes and stand before her on the bed, my erection is rock hard and ready for her. I warn her again to behave herself, place the blades edge against her cheek, and instruct her to open her mouth. I place the tip of my sex on her lips gently and she whimpers, but then I grab her head and begin raping her mouth, sliding my cock all the way in. Back out and in again forcefully, holding her head in place. Soon she is gasping and choking on it and her own saliva. I pinch her nose closed and shove it deep into her throat until she gags and spit comes oozing out and down her throat and chest. I am like a machine, in and out of her mouth, faster and faster. She is powerless to stop me and I am without mercy.

When I am done with her mouth I once again gag her and move to her backside to begin the work on her ass. Soon it is turning red as my hand strikes again and again, first one side then the other; then the paddle, simple leather but very effective. Between the sounds of it slapping on her ass I can hear her whimpers and cries begging me to stop, but I am relentless.

When at last I’ve had my fill of punishing her I put my paddle away and prepare myself for the final act.

I spit on her ass and begin working my fingers around her tight little opening. The forbidden taboo, the place she’d never allow anyone to go. But she is my slave and I will do as I please. She has no choice but to submit to my will.

Slowly I begin, first one finger then two; gently forcing it to open wider. With my free hand I enter her pussy. It is soft, tight and dripping wet. My fingers slide easily in and out of her, faster and faster as she is quivering with ecstasy.

Then when she is ready I grab the plug and start to rub it around her beautiful pink anus. More spit and I am sliding it in oh so slowly as her cries of protest are interrupted by screams of passion muffled by the gag. She is close to the breaking point and so am I.

Then as another wave of orgasm takes her, her entire body stiffens and relaxes and the plug pops in to the hilt as she comes again. At last she is ready for the final stage.

Leaving the plug buried in her ass, I rise behind her, spread her holes before me, and then I am inside her, slamming my cock in and out of her pussy as fast and hard as I can. I have waited so long I can barely contain myself. Sadly I know this will be over all too soon.

Again and again I pound myself into her, using her hip bones to pull her onto me with no concern for her at all.

On and on it goes and I lose track of time… I am lost in the power, lost in her screams and cries of pain and pleasure that only we can hear. But at last it’s time to shift gears and give her the coup de gras. I pull out of her snatch and replace my cock with a dildo and turn it on full. Out comes the plug from her ass only to be replaced by my slick throbbing dick. She is moaning uncontrollably now as I move it in and out of her tight little space, slowly at first but faster and faster and as I build towards my own orgasm I can feel the vibrations coming through her flesh as if she were one giant pulsing sex toy.

When I am almost there I move the dildo inside of her to press against my cock through her flesh and then suddenly I am shooting my come into her, driving my cock as hard and deep as I can, pulling on a fist full of her hair as she is screaming against the gag and I am screaming into the night air…

I am spent and collapse against her, my sweat and semen mixing with her fluids and dripping slowly down her legs to soak the sheets beneath us. It is done and she is barely conscious as I cut her bonds and reapply the handcuffs. They are almost unnecessary, for she is nearly passed out.

After a few moments I dress and prepare to leave. I place the key to the handcuffs atop a one hundred dollar bill on the nightstand for the maid to find in the morning and I am gone, as if I’d never been.

Frederick M. is 24/7 MDHL; Male Dominant Heterosexual Leather and proudly mentored by a member of the Monarchs. He currently resides in Los Angeles practicing polyamory with his two lovely submissives.
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