Erotica: Tight

She told him to lay down, face up on the table. He was nude and the room was a normal temperature yet he was shaking…she liked it. He stared at her intently and she told him to close his eyes and lay his head back.

She rubbed and scratched and stroked her way down his entire body and then back up again. Rubbing and caressing his smooth skin. Running her hands through the hair here and there. When she felt he was ready, she began.

She flicked the cord out so it unraveled. Grasping the length between one hand she used the other to begin her ministrations. She grasped his whole package in her hands, feeling the flesh beneath her fingers, squeezing, pushing, prodding. She lifted his partially aroused cock in order to better access his heavy balls. Her heart rate escalated in excitement for what was about to come.

All at once, she grasped him tightly, right above his balls and squeezed, pushing them out until they were tight within his sack. She began winding the cord around and over the top of his increasingly hard cock…around and around tighter and tighter. She pulled and molded the skin as the cord served its purpose, to restrict. She giggled a little out loud. He was moaning and groaning, sweat beading on his forehead and upper lip.

She had his package neatly wrapped, everything even and tidy. She tied off the whole lot with two knots for good measure. Now she had her prize, trussed up like a new kitten with a bow. He stretched and moved against the cord, his cock twitching intermittently. She knew he luxuriated in it. She liked that he luxuriated in it and that she did that to him.

She began to really stroke him this time, moving her hand up and down is erotically tortured length. He muffled his cries as best he could, she knew he tried. She laughed louder the more aroused he became. He was holding himself from coming, she knew that as well. Finally she’d had enough, “Come for me,” she simply, and he did-quickly he came all over himself, the pure white stream spurting on and on from him.

“It’s really tight,” he said. “Thank you, Mitress.”

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