Erotica: Wishful Thinking, Part Two

Tunnel Light

This is a continuation of a previously published story. Find part one here.

The man continued pawing me through my panties. Then, is one quick motion he ripped them from my body. I arched my back in pain, feeling as if he had cut my clit with the fabric. He slapped my pussy hard for that action, “Lay the fuck back down,” he growled.

His hand went back to my wet pussy, “Well, she’s certainly not a virgin.” All three men guffawed loudly at that remark.

“Do you think the general will still take her?” One of the other cronies asked.

“She doesn’t have much in the tit department, but she has a pretty face and responsive slit. I think she’ll do quite nicely on the block.”

I whimpered at that, my mind going a thousand miles an hour. Maybe this was some sort of underground sex trade – I was going to be sold to God knows who and probably shipped to some third world country. I was snapped out of my thoughts by a sharp slap to the face. “I asked you a question!” The tape was ripped from my mouth with a scream. “When was the last time you had intercourse?”

I stuttered, trying to clear the fog in my mind.

“An answer today would be nice, slut.”

“I, uh, th-this morning?”

“And did he fill you up with his cum, little girl?”

My face was on fire. “Yes.”

I could tell he was smiling behind the bandana over the bottom part of his mouth because his eyes began to crinkle at the corners, “Take her to decontamination.” Shit.

Duct tape was quickly slapped across my mouth and the hood replaced. I struggled against the man grabbing me, kicking and jerking from side to side. He grabbed my hair through the hood, “You better knock that shit off real quick and understand one thing, all of this is inevitable.”

I was carried somewhere having been thrown over his shoulder again. I could feel us make several turns. Fuck, even if I got away somehow, I don’t think I’d be able to find my way back out of this maze.

I was lowered to the ground, my wrists pulled above my head. Cold metal shackles or cuffs were placed on my wrists and I heard a locking sound as my arms were suspended above my head. No sooner had I settled than a blast of ice cold water hit me with such force I nearly fell if it weren’t for the restraints. It hurt so badly and the temperature! It reminded me of a time when I was a child and the neighbor dared me to walk on the frozen pool and I fell through. At least I was clothed then! I screamed behind the tape on my mouth, trying hard to dodge the blast but with my arms retrained and the hood on, there was little I could do. Hands grabbed my ankles and my thighs were wrenched apart. The blast sprayed me mercilessly on my pussy. The hands spread my lips apart so the water penetrated me a bit. Fingers slipped inside me, working the water in and out. Luckily I quickly became numb from both the pressure and temperature of the blast. I felt it would never end. For all the water being sprayed at me, I no longer had any capacity left to produce tears. It was agony.

The water stopped so suddenly, I didn’t think it was real. I continued bracing myself for more, but it never came. Hands grabbed my arms and unhooked me. I fell to the ground as someone said, “Crawl, slut.”

I still couldn’t see anything and if it weren’t for the tape over my mouth, my teeth would be chattering. My body was freezing! I followed the sound of the footsteps making a medium pace ahead of me. Suddenly I felt a swat on my ass. A slow sting spread over my left cheek. Ouch! It was quickly followed by another and another. I began to move faster in an attempt to somehow avoid the sting. Was that a whip? I didn’t hear a crack. I suppose it could be a riding crop or some sort of cane. Whatever it was or whoever was doing that was highly skilled and efficient at it!

By the time we reached wherever we were going, my body had warmed up considerably. Between the crawling and the swats on my behind, it was no wonder the icy shower I’d experienced was only a distant memory now. I surely didn’t want to see what these fuckers were up to next! I was pulled upright by my hair once more, my knees protesting from crawling on the hard cement floor.

“Is she ready?”

“See for yourself.”

Hands were all over my body, more than one person was touching me, invading every hole. A slap here, a pinch there. Fingers probed both my pussy and my anus. The hood was quickly removed, once again blinding me with awful florescent lighting. We were in a different room from where we started. This one was very institutional. Beige walls, that horrible lighting. One of the men removed the tape from my mouth and thrust his fingers inside, “Suck.”

I began running my tongue in and out of his fingers while they sat rigid in my mouth. I sucked them in and out, thrusting my head forward and back. My eyes were pinched shut and I was squeezing my legs tightly together. To my dismay there was a slight pressure building there.

“Enough.” He said, quickly removing his hand and shoving it into my pussy. He pulled it out, slick with my wetness. He wiped it on my chest.

“I think she’s finally ready.”

“Ready for what, I pleaded. Please, how long will this go on?” I pleaded.

A hard smack across my face was the answer. The hood was replaced once more. The shackles still on my wrists were connected and I was sharply pulled forward, walking in a brisk pace. I could hear a distant noise – not quite able to make out the sound. Voices? More than one. There was some sort of louder voice, an announcer perhaps? Dear God, what could be happening. As we got closer to…wherever we were going I could tell there were many more people than I initially thought. There was loud cheering and clapping. Someone was on a microphone talking. We stopped abruptly.

“Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Next we’ll continue with item number 2241, a fine specimen just acquired this evening. A used female slave. Height 5’9”, weight 148 pounds. This slave is skilled in pleasuring with its mouth, it has an active pussy, very responsive to touch and orgasm. It is not vocally trained in protocols but it has obedience training and loves domestic servitude.”

The hood was removed. The crowd murmured amongst themselves. I was mortified! I could hardly make out anything! The lights were blindingly bright and though I was naked, sweat began to form between my breasts and started to drip down my back and ass. What could this place be? Some sort of slave market obviously – but they just stole people off of the street?!

“We shall start the bidding at 400 credits.”

There was more murmuring and the bidding began. I felt as if I was actually going to die. If the floor were to open up beneath me, I would sigh in relief as it gobbled me up. I could not believe this was actually happening.

Every once in a while I caught a glimpse of a raised hand. I could tell there were many eyes on me but the lighting made it impossible to see. The next few moments were a blur. I began to feel slightly dizzy. A sudden swat to my ass brought me back to life. The crowd applauded as I was repeatedly swatted over and over-presumably with a cane of some sort as the bidding continued.

Without further ado, a large, long paddle was produced and the announcer took one long swing, landing the hard blow to my ass. If it weren’t for the crony holding onto me, I would have fallen over. I screamed in agony. Holy shit that was painful!

“Sold to the gentleman in the back.”

Regaining some of my composure, I looked into the crowd, trying to see my fate. I was unceremoniously led off of the stage and towards the back of the room. I kept my face down in embarrassment. So many people were observing my naked body as I walked by. We came to a stop. There were just a pair of boots in my eyesight. So this was so be my fate. I wonder if my family would try to look for me? Surely I would find a future opportunity to escape this new life? Would I even want to escape? It was all just a dream at this point.

A hand reached out and clasped me under the chin and almost as if time were moving in slow motion, my chin was raised to meet to the eyes of my new master. Our eyes locked and I immediately burst out into convulsive sobs.

“You seem relieved?” he asked.

“I wasn’t sure if this was real or not.”

“Oh, it was very real. There was a very real chance you could have been purchased by another, but I was confident in my abilities to win you.”

“Oh my god.”

“Yea, well you can really thank me when I get your ass home,” He winked and produced a robe, wrapping his arms around me we made out way back through the fortress of a building my punishment yet to come.

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