Erotica: Wishful Thinking

Tunnel Light

“What could be so bad about it? Tell me,” Mike demanded in a stern voice. I saw the glint in his eye so I knew he wasn’t really that mad…yet.

“It’s embarrassing! It’s not normal that I think about it so much.” I just couldn’t bring myself to confess. We were lying in bed, the lights still on and my face was burning under his scrutiny. We’d been on this particular line of conversation for a few minutes and his patience was running short.

“That’s it,” he got up and stalked towards the dresser. I knew what was coming.

“Ok, ok I’ll tell you I promise! Please don’t get it out!” I practically screeched.

“If you keep talking to me in that tone then I will.”

I breathed a deep sigh of relief, also to calm my voice. I hate electrical play and knew he was going to grab the cattle prod. One of the few implements I actually loathe and is only brought out for punishment. It’s not a hard limit…yet.

He came back over to the bed and leaned down next me, “So?”

“I think about getting kidnapped. It’s crazy I know but it’s a huge turn on. Obviously I’d never want it to actually happen to me in real life, but the thought of someone pursuing me or capturing me is so hot.” I finished quickly, watching his reaction. We had done some crazy things together, but this was on fringes of weird, even for us-or at least I thought so.

“Cool.” Was all he said. He promptly pecked me a kiss on the mouth, turned the lights out, pulled me in for a goodnight cuddle and settled in for sleep. I knew better than to question his reaction, but I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping a wink that night.

It was only many months later that this topic of conversation would resurface. I had finished up at the office, another extra long, exhausting day. I had been pulling longer hours than usual, preparing for a new launch. I grabbed my keys and threw my overstuffed bag over my shoulder. Exiting the building, I turned the corner and proceeded to walk to my car. I pulled my phone out to text Mike when I was unexpectedly grabbed from behind. My first thought was that my coworker was playing a prank on me. My annoyance quickly blossomed into fear when something was placed entirely over my head. I was so surprised, I didn’t even have time to make a peep, no more than a quick intake of breath. My bag was abruptly torn off of my shoulder as I was lifted off of the ground dropping both my keys and phone. I struggled as hard as possible, the terror and hysteria rising up within me. My eyes were watering; I wouldn’t exactly call it crying, just reacting. A voice very close told me to stop struggling or I would be hurt very badly.

I stilled, trying to remember everything I had ever learned in those women’s self-defense classes. Wasn’t I supposed to comply until an opportunity arose for escape? Or maybe I should struggle more and make a lot of noise. But just as soon as my brain made a decision, I was practically thrown into something, my ass slamming hard onto the metal surface-I must be in some sort of a van or truck. I quickly started to crawl…somewhere but was immediately detained by a man who chuckled at my sad attempt to escape. My hands were tied together or rather wrapped in duct tape.

My stomach was in knots. I didn’t recognize the murmured voices through my hood. Could this be something Mike set up? I feel like he would have come along for this part, wouldn’t he?

“Hello?” I squeaked. Silence, just the sound of the vehicle moving over the road. I assumed we were on a freeway, we hadn’t made any turns recently.

“Where are you taking me? Does Mike know I’m here?”

I had no idea how long we’d been driving but the vehicle made a few turns and then it sounded as if we had pulled onto some sort of gravel surface. We came to a stop. I had slowly wriggled my way to the back of the van or truck-whatever it was. I felt someone approach and I shrank back out was abruptly hauled off my rear and thrown out the door. I braced myself for impact but was caught and then lowered to the ground. As soon as my feet made contact I ripped away from my captor and started running-where I don’t know. I obviously couldn’t see anything so it was no surprise when I tripped and went tumbling down onto my knees, scraping them through my pants. The sobs I had been able to contain all along quickly came to the surface. The hands reached around me, lifting me up and over his shoulder. All I could hear was laughter as I was carried away.

I could hardly breath through my tears as my stomach was compressed over my captor’s shoulder. Snot was starting to run down my face. A door opened, making an echoing noise as we entered a space. I was astonished that these idiots could haul me around so much. I wasn’t exactly a small person. I had long limbs and was on the curvy size of the spectrum. Who are these guys? Body builders?

Finally, I was laid to rest on a cold, metal table. The hood was ripped from my head as I was blinded by an overhead medical light. My heart dropped into my stomach. I could tell there were other people in the room but could not make out faces or features because of the light. I made to stand but was quickly stopped, “Where do you think you’re going little girl?”

“No where?” Little girl? What the fuck? My sobbing had diminished to short sniffles and tears, having been replaced by paralyzing fear.

“We’ve got big plans for you. Inspect the merchandise,” he nodded to his cohort.


A man approached and I could see he had a black cloth covering the lower part of his face. He grabbed my wrists and quickly slit the duct tape with a knife. He was wearing black medical gloves. I was so fucked.

My wrists were then buckled to the table and a strip of tape of slapped across my mouth.

“Don’t move!” he growled out.

He took the knife and began slitting my jeans from hem to hip, up both legs. Once they were in shreds, he ripped them from me. Goosebumps broke out as my skin made contact with the cold table and air, that and the profuse amount of sweat I was producing because I was so fucking scared. I was not convinced that this was Mike one single bit.

Next when my shirt and the skimpy bra I was wearing. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I mourned the loss of that favored piece of lingerie. Funny the things that cross your mind in a moment.

I was finally left in just my panties. There were three men surrounding me.

“Let’s take a look at the good stuff,” one of them leered. He quickly pinched my right nipple so hard my eyes watered. He started pawing and squeezing my entire breast while grabbing the nipple on the left one. There was a burning in my throat from the fear and bile rising from my stomach.

Another man grabbed my crotch through my panties. It was nice of them to leave my underwear on I suppose…but for how long? Should I lay here and take it? My ankles were still free. I slowly raised one ankle up, testing but it was immediately slammed back down. One of the men slapped my nipple, “You got somewhere to be, little slut?” He reached for my pussy and shoved one hand inside my panties. He looked up at me, a glint in his eye, “Well, well, well, what do we have here? The little slut is all wet.”

My face broke out in a dark, crimson blush. Embarrassment and humiliation washed through me. How could I possibly be excited at a moment like this?! I cursed my own body- it was such a traitor!

To be continued…

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