Filthy Fun: Part 2

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Your cock is nearly twitching now. The color is deepening. You’ve reached your hands down to grab my hair. With a “Fuck, I’m too close,” you pull me off. Part of me hopes that as you rip my mouth off of you my last suck will cause an eruption; maybe I can catch a feel of your pearlous beads on my pretty, freckled face. But, the other part of me needs to feel that hot load poured into a different hole.

I’m wiping the drool off of my chin when you’re suddenly on your knees in front of me.

“That was beautiful,” you say, reaching down and giving yourself a single stroke.

Fuck. YOU are beautiful Stranger Danger. Please don’t stop touching yourself.

I’m mesmerized. Your cock is hypnotizing.

You don’t want to be selfish, and after just a few more flicks of your wrist, you drop your hand to your side, look me up and down, and then command me to turn around and get down on all fours.

The authority in your voice startles me, but my body obeys. I’ve never been given orders like this. I feel slightly embarrassed as I remember my surroundings. However, before I can overthink anything, your hands are on my hips, and you’re pulling me back towards you. You bend over me, reach around to my front, and begin unzipping my shorts. You command me to raise my right leg, and then my left. You toss my shorts to the side to rest in a heap near my shirt.

You’ve left my panties on, and I’m not sure why. “Mmmm,” you moan, bending over and whispering your groans into my ear. Your cock is rubbing me through my soaking wet, black, laced undies. It’s a tease. A literal cock tease. You haven’t touched me there yet and I am aching for it. The anticipation is growing as I buck back into you, my fingers and toes curling at the craving. I can’t take it anymore.

“God, just fuck me,” I beg.

Please. Just rip my underwear off and fucking slam into me. Please!

Because you know just how bad I want it, you draw it out just a few moments longer. Before you stop your playful teasing, you lower your mouth to the top of my spine, bite between my shoulders, and peel off the only thing left between us and ecstasy.   

My ass is in the air and I can’t hold still; I wiggle back and forth inviting you. I’m so ready for you to fill me that my pussy seems to be blossoming like a flower- its scent filling the room like roses in springtime.

Just as I’m about to beg again or maybe even offer up my soul, you’re there.

Your hands are firmly on my ass cheeks, holding tight, and in one swift movement you plunge deep inside of me.


Your cock , feels, so, good.

That spot that has been aching inside of me for so long is finally being soothed. Your length is perfect. Your width is perfect. You fit perfect.

People were meant to do this. This is what it is to be human.

I throw my head back with pleasure. You see this as an opportunity and you take it. One of your hands lifts from my ass, leaving a red mark from where you were gripping my padded flesh, and comes around to the front of my throat. You knows how badly I like to be held in a gentle choke hold.. How badly I want to be claimed. The feel of you having complete control over me, yet doing everything to please me, is causing me to gush all over the disgusting floor we’re fornicating on. I’ve never been so dirty in all my life.

The sounds coming from my throat can only be described as animalistic. Every time you slam into me from behind, your balls slap up against my cunt, and the sound of our rhythm has me alternating between biting my lip and gasping for air.

Still cradling my throat in your strong callused hand, you lean just a little bit closer to my ear and utter, “You’re being such a good girl.”

I can’t handle much more. Those words are all I needed to hear.

You release my throat, take your other hand off my ass, and lean down again so you can reach around to my front to grope my neglected breasts. You knead and squeeze them, pull down the bra cups, and free them. My nipples are rolling between your pinching fingers. This sends incredible waves of pleasure directly down to my clit, which is swollen and throbbing with desire.

I’m a good girl. I’m a very fucking good girl.

You’re pounding into me faster. You’re thrusting harder. Your greedy hands move from my breasts back to my hips, and I can sense that we’re nearing the end. So, I give it everything. I meet every foreword movement of your hips with a rough push backwards, slamming you so deep inside of me that I feel I might break.

Please, break me.

Your sounds become louder; your grip on my skin becomes tighter.

You’re about to come.

There’s a tingling in my lips and it’s slowly traveling down my entire body. I’m so close. God, I’m so close. Don’t you dare stop.

Then you shift your weight forward, gently sink your teeth into my neck as your cock starts to convulse, and you unload the last several months of our built up sexual tension inside of me.

Oh. My. God.

The feeling of your mouth holding me in place as you find your release is so primal, so sexy, that I join you in finding mine.

My entire body begins to shake, my eyes roll back into my head, and with your teeth still grazing my skin, I arch my back into you one last time before collapsing onto the hard, cold ground; at this point, I’m nothing but a heap of sweaty, shaking mass.

My brain has stopped working; I am completely numb. Yet, I feel so much. I feel you throughout my entire body. I feel high. I am high. I’m fuck high.

Sounds start coming back- the sound of our combined panting, the bustle from beyond our sex cave walls, and the toilet from the next door bathroom flushing.

Shit. That’s right. We’re in a bathroom.

You’re standing up now, pulling your pants back on; I’m not sure I have the strength to move. You’re smiling. Not saying anything, just, smiling. As I glance at you from over my bare shoulder, it causes me to smile. We both begin to laugh.

You kick my panties to me, but they’re too soaked to put back on. I shake my head no and ask, “Souvenir?” A short pause stifles the mood, and then we’re laughing again.

I quickly dress, splash some water on my face, take a deep breath, hold my head high, and turn and open the door. Thank God there isn’t anybody outside waiting. Did anybody hear us? Does anybody know? I half expected to see a line around the corner. I thought maybe I’d be doing a walk of shame. But this will be more like a walk of win.

You’re washing your hands now with that grin still on your face. I wonder if you were grinning like that the whole time.

Without another word, I smile, bite my lip, and leave.

About the Author

Paige is a 34 year old dreadlock mama, currently living in Virginia, exploring her deepest desires to be primally dominated. She has spent the last 12 years as a housewife, but has quietly fantasized long enough, and is now beginning her kinky journey to self realization and true pleasure. Paige writes erotica based off of a combination of personal fantasy and experience.

Fetlife: TangerineSpeedo


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    So hot! I want to read more!

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    I adore your writing!

  3. This is great. I really like it.

  4. Great writing!! I was right there with them…. I’d like to read more of your stories…do you have more?

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