Girl Across The Bar

I lean into our kiss, pushing her gently against the wall of the room. Hands gliding slowly over her body. She’s already moaning into my mouth. She puts her hands through my hair, grazes them over my breasts, my nipples hardening under her gentle touch.

My mind flips to earlier when I watched her from across the hotel bar. Watched her closely as she took the glass and lifted it to her lips. Pink liquid kissing them before she swallowed it down. Putting a  hand through her brown hair, she twisted the ends in her fingers, smiled and laughed as the bartender spoke to her. Pausing for a moment before our eyes met. I wasn’t subtle about taking her in. It was clear that my gaze was entirely on her. A smile flashed briefly across her face..

I pull back from her, staring into her blue eyes and nod towards the bed. I watch as she walks towards it, hips swaying slightly. I like the way she moves. She looks back at me over her shoulder with that smile again. She sits on the edge of the bed as I lean down to kiss her. And from there- My God from there, there is no longer space between us. Pinning her hands above her, I command her not to move. I just want to taste her. My hunger is as great as her need.

I bite her neck hard and as my hands start to search and explore her curves, I delight in her gasps and moans. Stripping her bare, her clothes tossed to the floor, I take one of her nipples softly in between my teeth, and flick it with my tongue. My fingertips dance along her skin leaving trails of goosebumps behind them. From her breasts, across her stomach, then finding her magic, little button. I settle there and start to play.  Softly, gently teasing her clit with my fingers as I move down her body.

My mind flips back to earlier. Watching this beautiful girl. Observing her smile as the bartender brings her the drink I ordered and sent to her. Again, she catches my gaze as he motions in my direction. A little nod to acknowledge me before she takes another sip. I hear my phone buzzing in my  purse, and take a moment to read the message sent.

“Hi, okay if I sit here?”

I look up and meet the warm smile of the girl across the bar who is now beside me pointing at the seat next to her.

“Of course,” I text. I turn to face her as she sits, and starts to  trace the tip of her glass with her finger. I listen intently as she talks about what brought her here tonight. The stress of her job. Needing a break just for herself. I can relate. Eventually our conversation quiets into longing stares. She pauses to retrieve something from her purse and discreetly hands me a slick plastic card, which I realize is the key to a room at the hotel.

“See you soon?” she inquires. She smiles as she stands to leave. She doesn’t wait for my response.

I kneel at the end of the bed between her thighs and at last spread her wide. She is so exposed to me now, a heavenly feast for the wicked. I make her wait. Her hips rock up urging me forward. I grasp her thighs, plant little kisses along them, but skip over her sweet honey pot, the very place she wants my mouth the most. I know the ache she feels. I know exactly what she longs for, but I ask her anyway; I want to hear her say it. “Tell me what you want,” I order as my voice fills the room.

A quiet “please” is uttered. It’s the only word that escapes her mouth.

“Please what? Tell me what you want, ” I again command.  I lick her dripping slit quickly. “You want my face there? My tongue buried in you?” I coyly ask.  I wait for her response as she catches her breath.

“Yesss please,” she begs with a raspy tone.

“I’m not so sure you want it… Tell me again. I want to hear you say it,” I tease.

“Pleasse, lick me, taste me, I want you there, play with my pussy, fuck me, make me cum.” Her desperate words make me drip.

“Mmmm, Good girl.”  I look into her glacial eyes as my fingers slide inside. She yelps loudly before my mouth gets to work. She pinches and plays with her nipples as I start licking her slowly and tenderly, feeling the build within her. I lift her sopping wet pussy to my mouth, supporting her ass with my hand. I suck and lick. My fingers work in a steady rhythm, fucking her until the moment she screams my name and starts to gush- soaking me and the bed beneath her. I lick my lips savouring her taste and rest my head on her thigh, feeling the slight tremor it still holds. Her eyes remain closed as she breathes in deeply.  I rise to my feet and smile proudly to myself as I walk to my overnight bag, removing the magic wand from it.

She sighs and declares, “I love date night.”  

I walk back towards our bed and state, “My beautiful girl, the night has just started”

About the Author

GlassMenagerie has a love and fascination with the written word, and the way it has the power to elicit different feelings in the reader, especially desire.

The last year has been one of self-discovery as she stumbled upon the world of kink, and found the very things she had been craving down in her core, at last, began to make sense.

Writing most often about her journey as a submissive (identifying as a Babygirl and Little), she enjoys sharing her erotic fiction and poetry on Fetlife. Her work is sometimes a reflection of her past experiences or just her kinky mind running wild.


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