Ice Cream

He had been watching her.

As the boat floated across the ocean on this transatlantic voyage, he found himself noticing a girl.  He never saw her twice the same day, and never anywhere but up on the deck near the 24 hour ice cream machines.  One day he saw her after dinner, one day at ten in the morning.  It was so very random, and odd the way she constantly grabbed his attention.

It was the way she ate her ice cream, of course.  She had the knack of twisting the chcolate and vanilla swirl into a towering height above the cheap cardboard-like cone.  Once it was a glorious spiral she would take a seat in the corner, like a naughty girl being punished… well, perhaps that part was his imagination.

Her little pink tongue would flick out and always begin in the center, then swirl around the point where cream met cone to the opposite side.  She would begin again to the left, tongue swirling over the untouched ripple until it had smoothed over the entire bottom portion.

She would work her way up, that wet little tongue darting quickly and firmly, lapping at the cold confection until her mouth finally engulfed the tortured peak.

Oh god, just watching caused his cock to swell.  He had to adjust his pants and look away, trying not to imagine that mouth following that same pattern until he exploded down her throat.

At the thought of throats, his gaze dipped to hers and he noticed a chain running around it, its only adornment a simple circle.  Was she submissive?  That thought spiralled his fantasy out of control.

He got up and walked over to her, cock still hard.  The room was empty but for them.  Ice cream wasn’t particularly popular at two in the morning.  She gazed up at him from her seat with a small smile.

Without a word, he grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her knees.  Her small hands moved to the front of his pajama pants, finding the opening and pulling his cock free.  Her tongue began to trace its familiar pattern…

His fantasy was interupped by her sudden movement as she rose to her feet.  She paused at the entrance to the elevator bay and glanced back at him.



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