Just In The Bedroom

Where to start? What to ask? Engulfed in the pillows, she pawed at her hair, it felt as tangle and tossed as her brain. 

The shower stopped running. “What the hell was that? What are you, and what have you done with my husband?”

The bathroom door slides open, and his head appears as the steamrolled into the bedroom. “What was that?” he smirked.

You heard me, “where the fuck did that come from; I’m not complaining, Jesus, I don’t think I can move. It was amazing, but seriously?

He filled the bathroom door as he toweled off. Semi erect, legs apart, the white towel contrasted against his summer tan, the scent of sandalwood and mint filled the room. “Swearing?”

“Alright, Cal, no swearing” she laughed and tugged the sheet a little higher, so it was taut across her chest, nipples erect. 

“There is nothing to explain, I wanted you, and you enjoyed it. I followed your rules, but instead of the swear jar, I got creative.” He moved to the bed, sat in front of her. His hand on her feet, naked, erect he sat facing her as though there was nothing more important in the world than her and what she was saying. “It’s simple. I decided our sex life deserved as much attention and any other part of our lives. I want to own my role as your husband. All I want in return is for you to listen and surrender to me, in the bedroom. Nothing changed in our day to day. But in the bedroom, I want to know you are mine alone. I want us to be free to explore and experience each other at a deeper level.”

She sits up and places her hand in the nape of her neck, “Hun, that sounds incredible, but what are we talking about here? In charge? What does that mean? Tonight, was fun. Actually, it was beyond amazing, but what do you mean to surrender?”

“Just that, you trust me to get the kids after school, I trust you to handle the budget. We say we trust each other. I want you to trust that your pleasure is my pleasure. I promise to keep you safe. If I want to try anything new, we will talk about it. You do not have to do anything you don’t want to. For example, swearing. I hate to hear you swear, I always have. If I catch you, you should be punished until you break the habit. I will keep a tally, and you will be spanked until you behave.” 

Karen drew breath to speak. He took her hand from his head. She had been running her fingers through his hair and scratching his head. “Listen, I want us to explore the underside of desire. I love the idea that you are mine and that I can bring you pleasure, but I want to intensify the experience. If you are mine, I get to enforce the rules. Was there anything about tonight you didn’t like?”

She eyed the wooden spoon on the nightstand and smiled. “The spoon and the spanking was amazing, where did that come from, why do I need to be punished? You never told me my swearing was an issue.”

“Did the spanking make it a more intense experience?”


“That is what I want, a more intense experience. Every time you swear you will get five smacks with my hand. If you get to 20, I am going to use the spoon or hairbrush. If you take your punishment well, I will reward you. I will still make love to you, and you will know how much I love you. You want me to be pleased, don’t you?” He was closer now. Her knees were tight to her chest. He rose in front of her and took her by the hair. Kissing her thoroughly on the mouth until a moan of lusty desire released from her throat and her body grew soft and open. Arms and legs fought to be freed from the sheets. He slowed the pace, waiting for her to settle into his groove. Every time she moved to wrap herself around him, he removed her hands. “trust me?” he exhaled into her ear. 

“Of course.”

“One more time before sleep.” He stood up, leaving her startled and confused on the bed. “Make the bed and put down the large bath towel in the center of the bed; no one likes the wet spot. Stand facing the bed, and I will be back.”

She grabbed her nightshirt from the back of the chair and did as he had asked. The house was so quiet. She became aware of her balance and that she was rocking slightly, she watched the red light of the clock, and her eyes grew heavy. “Face forward,” she saw her purple patterned scarf as he drew it up around her eyes. She tensed. His hands moved down her body, holding her firm, he removed her sleepwear. He tapped her buttocks, “I didn’t tell you to get dressed.”

“Oh, come on Cal, You’re just making shit up now.” 

He stopped. 

She felt exposed and vulnerable, covering her nakedness with her arms. She didn’t touch the blindfold. She stood still. He moved her arms to her sides, ” I want to see you, I want you to know you are exquisite to me. Do you want to stop?”

“No, but…”

“No buts, you know your safe word.” He stood behind her, kissed her shoulder and spoke softly, “five for swearing and another five for getting dressed without permission. Count for me.”

The flesh to flesh echoed as she counted. After the first five, his rubbed and comforted her, “good girl.”

“Crawl onto the middle of the bed arms at your side.” She obeyed.

She lid there aching to speak, but curious as to what Cal had in store. She could feel him close. He spread her leg and kissed her between the legs and ran his hand the length of her legs. He traced his fingers to the back of her legs. She giggled as he tickled her. He liked the lightness of her laughter. He traced and tickled her, insisting she stay still. The caress raised her nipples.

“Touch yourself for me.” She instantly slides her index finger between her legs. Her clit was slow to respond. Her nervousness had made her dry. She licked her fingers and started to masturbate. Cal continued to caress and use his mouth on her breast. As her breath became more ragged, his pressure and sucking intensified to match her pace. Her hips started to move. He spoke, “Don’t cum, only when I say.” He drew away, and she felt alone. “Don’t stop, faster.” The bed moved slightly. She was so close she moaned freely lost in the sensations of erect tender nipples craving his mouth, her clit was rock hard, and the breeziest of touches sent pleasure through her body. Her knees were raised, and she was open, he inserted his fingers so that his pinky pressed against her ass.

Three fingers filled her pussy as he watched her. Her hip rose to meet him and rocketed. “Don’t cum, take a deep breath, ride the pleasure, stay present, you are beautiful.” His pace was lightning fast compared to the measured tone and pace of his words. Her pleasure was audible. Her lips parted as she gasped to control the orgasm. His hand moved expertly allowing her to buck and build. She stopped moving and masturbating, “I need to cum,” her thighs were shaking. He removed his hand and moved his mouth to her clitoris. She tasted sweet. He used his tongue to bring a moan from her. He had planted on his head. His movement was graceful; their movements with each other were instinctual. He slides his fingers in, and her orgasm rose, “Cum for me” she bucked and rode his fingers rolling the orgasm out, he took such satisfaction in her pleasure as her hips returned to the bed he slid off the blindfold and his her. “Good girl.”

Kissing, she ran her fingers through his hair. Her legs encircled his hips. She looked into his eyes, “I’m yours.”

Back onto his knees, he drew her onto his lap, his cock between them. He helped her to raise and lower herself, her hands on his shoulders steadied her. She took him in slowly, rising again to he cupped her ass and drew her close. Wrapped around each other, their rhythm increased. Laying back on the bed, Karen brought her legs up to rest on Cal’s shoulders. He held himself over her watching her face flush and her mouth fall open. Her pussy contracted and held him. Her back arched as she pressed herself onto him. Cal’s response was the primal intense and complete he came as she climaxed.

About the Author

Lover of all things sensual, a weaver of words, knowledge is my kink. Snippets of experience wrapped in fantasy and dream are the kernels of my inspiration. “What if…” is often the start of crafting a new story. I love to teach, cook, travel, collect art, read, and write. Life has taught me to wring every drop from it, I hope you do as well.


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