Master Rigio’s Fist

“Look at me.”

Eyes open and locked onto his, no expression, awaiting orders or a scolding for some unknown transgression.

“I heard what you said to Lady Boldon about being happy with what I provide you. It pleases me that you are happy, Peeper. I am not going to ride you through every room of the apartment. Instead I will give you the promised clitoral climax in reward for your honesty and your good behavior today, and a good, long sodomy to go with it.”

She smiled and he lifted to lie on his left side, telling her to roll onto hers. He was in her ass in a minute with drive after drive until he was fully seated. He lifted her knee to brace her right leg on her foot and reached under her thigh to stroke her clit.

“I know you can’t have the big one with your legs spread, so you will keep yourself wide open until I say otherwise.”

“Yes, Master,” she breathed, undulating against him.

“Speak my name.”

“Rigio,” she whispered, breathless already.

His fingers started again, right on the very tip until she was shuddering and jerking beyond her own control on his cock, and squirted warm wetness. With her groan, he stopped and slipped his fingers through that wetness and into her puss.

“Such a good little slave. How about my fist inside you too?”

“Please, Rigio.”

“Hold your knee up for me.”

His fingers went back to the clit to make her jerk and squirt once more, keeping her going for a good minute before letting her rest. The top of her thighs were soaked, her cum dripping down onto the bed. His fist went to her opening again, sliding deeper and deeper into her until the barrier of her pelvic bone gave too much resistance. He pushed past it until his fist was in her and he could fuck her with it and she was giving those gruff full-throat cries he loved so dearly.

“You have been my favorite slave since the first time I was allowed to play with you, Peeper. So eager to learn how to please. So eager to offer yourself to Master’s pleasures. You never cared what was done to you so long as something was done to you,” he said, driving deep and pulled back just those two inches of room he had.

She was moving, humping his cock and grinding while the fist drove her on.

“Good girl. Ride me hard as you want to.”

For another minute or so, then he pulled his hand out and went back to the clit to make her cum and squirt some more. She gushed so hard she flooded her thighs and soaked the bed beneath them. Still he would not stop, making her do it again and a third time before thrusting his fist into her more forcefully.

“In your own words: No other man knows what to do with you,” he said. “Should I stop?”

“Please, no, Master. Please don’t stop. I beg you, please don’t stop now.”

He chuckled, liking the spontaneous begging. He gave her another good minute of his fist and teased the tip of her clit to make her gush another flood. She needed a good orgasm-fest.

“Property’s going to be very annoyed at us. I’m making you create a wet spot nearly as big as the bed.”

She giggled.

“Put your legs together.”

She obeyed and his fingers changed position to come down through the top of her labia to stroke in the manner that gave her the finishing clitoral orgasm. She humped his fingers and the cock in her backside incessantly, in the frenzy of her blind need. Her little whimpers, so desperate and distressed, were as adorable as he’d ever made her make in the woods and tents in Mida.

“Good girl. Fuck my hand and cock. Take your reward, greedy little cunt. Take it now!”

The orgasm seized her at once from head to toe in that way he knew, and he pushed his hips forward to stretch her out from behind. Her jerks backwards only drove him deeper into her and he bumped forward each time. She gripped hard with her hands, one on his arm and the other on the bed, and her hand tried to push his away at the pinnacle. He grabbed that naughty hand with his free arm and pinned them both over her head and kept going until she was nearly in tears with the overload of sensation. Then he stopped and gave her puss twenty good, hard spanks before releasing her entirely.

When she went into the convulsions of continued climax, as she so often did, he waited for the first to finish and turned her onto her side again. He plunged into her anus and fucked her harder through those reverberations everyone else let her ride out and fall asleep after. When the next came, he gave her clit tiny touches to keep her on that edge as long as possible. She relaxed, gasping for breath and he continued to ride her, giving her no break.

Over and over she was gripped with an aftershock climax nearly as intense as the clit popping orgasm itself, and he rode her ass constantly through every one. He counted eleven times before it seemed there were no more. He rolled her onto her belly to continue his harsh riding, mercilessly ramming into her now that she was silent and slack under him and her limbs lacked strength.

“Should I stop now?” he asked, not slowing his motion.

“No, Master. Never stop.”

“Lift to your elbows.”

She obeyed and he slid his hands palm up under her to grip her breasts and pinch her nipples and make her squeal.

“Pain for the sake of making you feel pain,” he said. “Because, now your passion is spent, it’s just pain and holds no pleasure for you. Is that right?”

“It is, Master,” she squirmed and squealed with the intense jolts of pain to her nipples.

“Now you are orifices for use because you get nothing more out of it. Maybe that is how I should keep you. Hmm? Maybe I should force that clitty-gasm before I fuck you so you get no more pleasure and you can remember what it was to be a slave not allowed to like the fucking. Should I do that?”

“Whatever pleases you, Master,” she said, and her gut clenched so hard that she was bucking uncontrollably under him in a new sort of orgasm and screaming into the pillow.

“That’s it. Cum harder, Thrall.”

She settled into guttural grunting with each new buck of her hips, which finally sent Rigio into his own set of jerking thrusts to pop off a load like he used to as as young man. He pulled out at once and she collapsed onto the bed, shaking visibly.

“Rest. I’ll be back in a moment.”

He needed to wash again, his Midan fastidiousness about anal secretions not allowing him to leave it long or go to sleep without being clean first. He returned to find she’d not moved, and the dark wet spot around her was indeed nearly as wide as the bed.

“Come on. To my bed.”

“I can’t. My legs won’t hold me up,” she said, dizzy and quiet in her dream space haze.

Her legs weighed a ton but he made her try anyway and found she did not lie. Not that she ever did. Her legs literally would not support her weight and she fell against him. He picked her up over his shoulder to carry and place on his bed. He brought her half a cup of wine, which she drank down quickly. Cup aside, he moved in behind her to hold her close while they slept. Some hours later, she woke with legs strong enough that she could walk to use the toilet and then find the pitcher of water and drink half of it in one thirsty gulp after another.

“Go to the napping room now,” he told her. “Spend the rest of the night there until I call for you.”


Excerpt from Peeper Gloriana


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