Naughty Slaves In Master’s Bed

Mobi carried the breakfast tray up, opening the door without knocking and catching Arlyn with her fingers between her legs.

“You should never have to do that yourself,” he teased, shutting the door. “But don’t stop on my account.”

He placed the tray on the side table rather than on the bed this time.

“What is that?” she asked of the cage around his cock.

“It’s what Master puts on me when he doesn’t want me to fuck anyone that day.”

“Were you naughty?”

“You could say that,” he grinned. “I expressed my desire to have my cock inside you. He put this on me so I can’t do that today while he’s gone.”

She chuckled. “What a meanie. I just might have let you, too. Master fucked me this morning but didn’t let me have an orgasm. I need a good pussy pounding.”

“Well…there’s a flaw in the design he doesn’t know about and I’ve never told him exists,” Mobi said, and lifted his balls.

With careful maneuvering, he slipped one through the leather circle and then the other. The cage slid off easily.

“The circle around the top of my scrotum is too big,” he grinned.

She laughed loud as she pleased, knowing Harmen wasn’t around to hear it. He lifted her foot by the ankle, bending over at the same time to kiss that ankle. He kissed up her calf to the back of her knee, trailing his tongue along the divot between tendon and center. His hand led the way up her thigh, finding her pubic bush and the slickness left behind by fucking without satisfaction. 

She didn’t stop him as he parted her labia to suck her swollen clitoris down to her pelvic bone, his smooth inner lips sliding over her smooth flesh in a sensation that sent her into an instant, jerking, orgasm. She grunted a gasp and gave herself over to the succession of climaxes he gave her. 

His thumbs went into her vagina to pry it open, tongue following to slide in as far as his mouth would go over her, then out for the very tip to tease over her clitoris.

He looked up at her, lifted himself over her to kiss her lips.

“You? Are delicious. Would you please stroke my cock a moment? I’m dying to feel your hand on me.”

She reached between them, small hand down his belly and into his own mass of pubic hair. Her fingers parted to either side of his shaft, then turned to rest the palm atop it. Down to the base first, then slowly his entire length until she pulled his foreskin up over the tip, and back down again. He had a shaft just larger than her grip around him. That meant he was bigger around than her own wrist.

He groaned a deep and long sound, head dipping slightly. “You do that very well.”

“I better, for as much as men were bidding on me. Did your Master tell you how much he paid to fuck me?”

“He did. He said it was the best money he ever paid, even if you were limited due to pregnancy,” Mobi said honestly.

“You get to have me for free and I’m not limited by pregnancy anymore,” she smiled. “So you can fuck me nice and hard.”

“Not the first time,” he said, leaning his hips in for the head of his cock to find that prepared channel.

A slow but deep penetration as she shivered under him and her nipples popped out hard against his chest. They rode each other in a moderate but steady pace for a long time, he holding off his climax so that she could have as many as possible. He kissed her chest when she arched her back high and her fingernails dug into him hard.

“He really left you in a state,” he said after she’d had her fifteenth orgasm around his cock.

“He does that so he can have me even harder later,” she panted, and came again from the fullness of him.

“Do you like a cock up your ass?”

“Very much.”

“In this position or turned over?” he asked, pausing his motion. “How would you like it best right now?”



“How many rules do you want to break right now?” she asked.

He grinned big. “All of them!”

“Get off me.”

He turned to land on his side next to her and she left the bed. She reached a hand into her own traveling pouch. She took out a quirt much like his own Master owned and returned to the bed to hold it out.

“I like to have my ass high up and my chest over a pillow while being fucked and whipped really hard.”

“Who’d you learn that from?” he asked, looking at the quirt. “This is Tridorian, isn’t it?”

“Yes. On the voyage over here, Zhurek gave me to the ship’s Captain for the duration of the trip. He liked to whip with that. He gave it to me during our last night together,” she said.

“But this will definitely leave marks,” he said.

“So what. We’re breaking all the rules, aren’t we?” she asked, reaching for the cup of cider to drink it empty.

“You and I are young,” he said. “Our Masters are old. It’s nice to be with someone closer to my own age.”

She chuckled. “He’s not that old. Only thirty-two.”

“But you are what? Eighteen? Nineteen? And I’m twenty. If ever you need a replacement for him, I will happily travel with you.”

“You don’t even know me,” she denied.

“I know you well enough,” he said, stretching out over her to have her ass as she was lying fully on her belly. “You may like it best with your ass high, but you’ll take it any way you can get it so long as the cock is big enough, hard enough, and forceful enough.”

That she could not deny. He certainly was big enough. Not just the cock but his entire physique. His cock was hard enough, unlike some of the old men that had fucked her in the bathhouse. And he was strong enough to be as forceful as she liked.

“I should thank your Master for teaching you to like a hard fucking. Mine taught me as well,” he said a few minutes later. 

He lifted onto his knees, an arm under her belly lifting her as well. Ass high, cheek to the bed, he gripped that little ass with one hand while sending the quirt down onto her shoulder blade with the other. She gave a shocked yelp with the deep bite of leather, and her hands swept her hair aside to give him a fully open field to mark up. He gripped her ass in both hands to ream her good a moment, then eased off his motion to lay on half a dozen stripes that popped up into red welts within seconds.

“Fuck that feels good,” she sighed when he sped up a little and laid on another stripe. 

He finally gave in to his orgasm, ejaculating in bursting spurts deep inside her anus.

“Keep fucking me this good and I just might let you travel with me,” she said as they lay beside each other to rest and catch their breath.

“Find a reason to have breakfast in your room and I’ll fuck you every day,” he smiled.

He left the bed to wash himself in the basin on the floor. When he returned, she was sitting up to eat. He lay behind her, a hand reaching around for her breast. She slid down to lie on her side and continue eating. He needed only a few minutes to grow hard again, and slid into her puss from behind.

“Eat your breakfast with a big cock in your puss,” he said, and set to kissing the various welts he’d put on her.

Small movements on his part kept him hard. She raised a foot, bending a knee, to give him wider access. She finished what she wanted of the very cold meal and rested her head on her arm and the pillow to enjoy the sensation of slow penetration.

“Your cock feels so nice,” she hummed.

“I would lie like this with you for hours,” he said. “Filling you slow the entire time until you wanted me to fuck you harder.”

“It feels good to be full, after so long not having sex at all.”

“I’m sure. How about I do this?”

He pushed his cock deep and stroked her clit as she had been doing when he’d arrived. She moved on him in time with his fingers, taking him deep into her puss when she was closest to that big passion-ending climax. 

At last she sank into it and froze in a whole-body clench that released and renewed several times before she smacked his hand away and lurched off his cock. In those seconds, as she lay breathless and limp, he rolled her onto her belly and had her ass one more time, for his own pleasure. Hard and sharp for the couple minutes he needed to be done himself.

In the quiet of breathing, she fell asleep on him, utterly exhausted by his endurance. He washed himself again, disposed of the water and cleaned the bowl. He put the quirt back into her pouch and searched for the diary she’d taken from Master. It was not there. He gave up that search, not wanting her to catch him looking, and put the cock cage back on. 

He took the tray down to the kitchen and asked for a midmeal for them both. When it was ready, he carried it up and put it on the small dining table. The sound of dishes being moved roused her. She sat up and stretched, saw what he was doing.

“I thought we should sit at the table this time. Give your pussy a rest.”

She left the bed and sat naked at the table. He sat naked opposite her, the cock cage still on.

“How long will they be gone?” she asked.

“Who knows. Master has a hunting lodge on the other end of the hunting grounds. He’ll have the midmeal there. Then they will hunt their way back here. Unless they caught both animals on the way out. If they did, they’ll be back sooner. If they did not, they’ll take longer. Closer to supper.”

“Fucking again could be dangerous,” she teased.

“Not if I fuck you standing at a rear window so we can see them coming into the yard,” he teased back.

That was exactly what they did. He had her from behind while she looked out over the land to the rear, and saw the dogs and horses coming up the road from the village. The Masters on horses were first, the dogs all around them with tongues hanging out and tails wagging for the good sport. Behind them, two men carried a deer on a long pole. Another pair carried a big boar.

Mobi felt her excitement surge on seeing her Master.

“Fuck me hardest! Right now!” she blurted.

Watching her Master coming up the road about to be caught if they didn’t hurry up, she had one more huge and hard climax as he exploded his into her. He pulled out as the Masters were dismounting. She pulled a simple dress over herself. He gave her one more kiss and a grasp of her puss.

“To be continued tomorrow,” he promised, and was out the door.

Excerpt from Arlyn: Adjutant & Apostle


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