A New Years Perspective

The room was gorgeous, decorated in dark woods and plush carpeting. The lighting came from recessed fixtures that cast a warm glow across the hotel suite, throwing shadows at the foot of the king-sized bed which dominated the bedroom.

The entrance area had a small kitchenette, and there was a bottle of champagne chilling in the ice bucket that sat on the counter. The couch was full-sized, with large, soft cushions that one could easily sink into. And there was a large soaking jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, easily large enough for two or more people to sit in and enjoy together. Or to enjoy each other in.

But she wasn’t focused on any of the luxurious accommodations of this penthouse suite on the twenty-seventh floor of this hotel other than the windows. The floor-to-ceiling windows which were a beautiful place from which to view the New Year’s Eve celebrations going on in the streets below. The floor-to-ceiling windows which made this suite highly sought after by those who wished to view fireworks on the 4th of July. The floor-to-ceiling windows that currently had the curtains drawn back, and which allowed plenty of illumination to signal out to the dark night that this suite was occupied.

She turned back to look at her Sir. Over the past few months, he had challenged her repeatedly, pushing her limits to see what she was capable of, which hang-ups she could shed. She had learned to love her body, to enjoy the feel of lingerie, to luxuriate in the gaze of men and women staring at her with hunger in their eyes. She had learned what felt good to her, learned how she could elicit moans of pleasure and desire from her partners using her body, and how their pleasure could feed into her own. Most of all, she had learned to love surrendering control to him.

He never forced her to do something that she said no to. But she had learned to leave one item on her “I could never…” list after another behind as he encouraged her to try new things. She had never thought she would enjoy the touch of another woman, or the feel of another woman under her fingers and tongue. She had no idea that another woman’s moans could send tingles of pleasure through her – until he had brought another woman into their bed. She had dreamed about, but never thought she would experience, the thrill of being penetrated by two men at once. He had given her that opportunity, and pushed beyond it, culminating in one weekend where she was the focus of five other men while Sir watched.

“I could never let just anyone see me naked,” she had told him before. “It’s fine for you to see me undressed or in lingerie. And I guess if you wanted to invite someone else in…” This had been before the first time he shared her, but after they had discussed it. “… I guess that would be ok. But in public? No. Hard limit.”

Hard limit she had said. And she meant it. But that had been before the nightclubs where she wore a short skirt and no panties. That had been before he had fingered her to a shuddering orgasm in a stairwell in the middle of a crowded convention hall. That had been before he pulled her panties down while there were eating at a restaurant, and found her pussy soaking wet from the excitement.

She walked to the window. The people below looked so small. There was so little chance that anyone would look up at their suite. Even if they did, they couldn’t possibly make out details, could they? But then, there were people on the street with binoculars, all the better to watch the fireworks the city would set off to ring in the new year. There was the chance that someone could look up and see… see everything.

As she looked at him, his eyes were focused back on her. He knew that he was absorbing every detail of her, and what she wore. She had dressed to please him. They had gone to dinner before, and she wore a slinky black dress, sleeveless, with a single shoulder strap over her left shoulder, that clung to her curves, and showed plenty of her alabaster-white skin. Her full breasts were contained under the dress, but pushed up to show plenty of cleavage by the corset she wore underneath. A large slit up the side exposed plenty of a stocking covered leg, held in place by the garter belt she wore. He had given her permission to wear panties tonight, but they were crotchless and she could feel the dampening between her legs. The high-heeled boots she had worn earlier had been abandoned before they returned to the room, to the relief of her aching feet. And her shoulder-length auburn hair had been piled into an elegant but messy updo that paired neatly with her cat’s-eye glasses, which framed her deep brown eyes.

“Do you really want me to do this?” She asked, before adding on a deeply needed “Sir?”

“I want you to embrace your sensuality. You are without a doubt the sexiest woman I have ever known. The look on your face when you give yourself up makes everyone who sees you want you. I know how much the idea of this scares you… but it scares you because it excites you.

She nodded, submissively.

“Then I will do it,” she said.

“As I knew you would,” he said while he reached for the remote control, starting the music.

The rich notes of Marvin Gaye filled the suite as she turned away from Sir to face the window.

“Dance like you would if you were seducing me. But know that you aren’t seducing me. Look out at the city. Look out at the world. You’re seducing all of them. Everyone who could possibly look up at the window and see you. Seduce them.

She let the music wash over her, feeling the beat deep within her bones, and then began to sway her hips in time with the song. Slowly she paced towards the window, raising her hands above her head, briefly tangling her fingers in her hair, and then placing her palms against the glass. Sinuously, she pressed herself against the glass, slowly peeling herself away.

Her hand came up, slipping the strap of the dress over her shoulder, the sudden looseness in the dress exposing more of her cleavage, the top of the corset just visible at the edge of the neckline. Her hands reached behind her, the deep red lacquer on her nails clicking as she took the zipper between two fingers and unzipping the dress down to her waist.

She shrugged, lifting one shoulder, then the other, the alternating tension shimmying the dress down to her waist. As the music continued, she rolled her hips, the dress sliding over them, and then falling down her legs, gravity assisting her with her disrobing.

Legs moved, kicking the dress aside. She was still covered, just barely, but she knew that what she wore didn’t really conceal anything. Moisture made her thighs shine as her arousal dripped down onto the bare flesh above the tops of her stockings. The open gusset in her panties displayed her sex, lips spreading as they longed to be parted and filled, auburn pubic hair peaking through the opening. The corset was just tight enough that her breasts threatened to overflow the top, the barest hint of areola visible.

The glass was cold against her skin as she pressed against it, goosebumps rising on the flesh of her boobs. She spread her legs wide, smelling the scent of her arousal as she did so. Sir’s eyes dug into her ass, barely concealed by the skimpy panties that disappeared into the crevice between her buttocks.

“Keep going Pet,” he said as the music changed. Beyonce’s voice dripped sex and honey as her cover of “Fever” began. Her hands to her breasts, caressing them as they dipped lower, undoing the closures which kept the corset closed tight.

Tortuously slow her fingers moved, undoing one clasp after another until the only thing which kept the corset closed was the grip she kept it on it. He could see her tremble before her hands let go, and the corset fell to the floor. The smooth expanse of pale skin which made up her back faced him, as she leaned forward, bringing the sensitive flesh of her tits in contact with the icy cold glass. Her nipples stiffening and hardening as she did so. Her face moved forward and her lips parted as her tongue gently traced a line on the window, the heat from within her lungs steaming it up, and letting the trail her tongue left be starkly contrasted with the stain of her breath.

“Anyone could see you,” she suddenly heard in her ear. He had moved up behind her, silently. His hands were on her hips, fingers digging in just above the lace of her panties. “They can see you the way I see you. So in touch with your sensuality. Filled with sexual desire. Anyone looking up right now would want you.”

One hand left her hip, moving down between her legs, spreading them wider. She hadn’t heard him unzip his pants, but she felt the hard flesh of his cock, just touching her lower lips.

“They would want you, but tonight, only I can have you.”

The head spread her open, just slightly within her, teasing her.

“I am going to fuck you. Now. Right in this window. When you come, your face will be visible to anyone, the pleasure of your orgasm plain to see.”

He pressed into her, his cock filling her in all the ways that felt best. She was no virgin when she first came to him, and since being with him, he had given her more cocks than she had experienced in all her years before meeting her Sir, but no one felt more right within her than he did.

Hips moved as he pressed into her, his pubic bone pressed against the flesh of her ass. The hand that had been used to guide him within her came up to cup her breast, fingers closing around her hard nipple. His lips came down to touch her neck, and her head rolled back to lean against him.

“Fuck me, Sir. Fuck me in full view of everyone.”

He did, moving into her steadily and slowly, not hammering into her, but taking the time for her body to feel every sensation – and giving a better show to anyone who could be looking up. Slowly his tempo increased, driving her crazy with the feeling. The music ended, and as it did so, the television in the other room clicked on.

Vaguely she heard the announcer say that the ball drop would happen after they returned from commercial. She paid no attention to the stupid advertisement, focusing instead on how it felt as Sir fucked her. He was putting more force into it now, and her hands were pressed against the glass, the cold smooth surface pressed against her chest, her thighs, her face.

Sir fucked her harder and she heard the countdown begin. “10… 9…” His thrusts were coming rapid-fire now, and she could tell that he wasn’t far from orgasm. Neither was she. “8… 7…” She moaned as a particularly deep thrust sent a micro-orgasm through her. Sir’s hand left her hip to dip between her legs, finding the sensitive nub of her clit. His fingers moved in time, and she felt herself begin to tighten around his shaft.

“Six… Five… I’m going to fill you up… Two…”

“ONE!” she cried out as she felt her orgasm crest, pleasure washing over her. She would have collapsed if she hadn’t been pinned to the glass by Sir. His cock pulsed within her, and she felt spurt after spurt of his cum shooting within her.

In front of her, she saw fireworks. Not metaphorical ones from her pleasure, but literal sparks of red, green, blue and white in the sky. She looked down to see a city whose gaze was focused upwards. And while she knew that most of them were looking at the display in the sky, she knew that some of them might just be looking at her, exposed, claimed by her lover. The thought alone sent waves of pleasure through her, mixing with the aftershock of her climax.

“Happy New Year, Pet,” he said as she turned to face him.

“Happy New Year, Sir,” she said, kissing him, feeling his tongue invade her, claiming her the way he had claimed her body. She couldn’t imagine what new perspectives he would teach her over the coming year, but she knew that she couldn’t wait to find out.

About the Author

Broken Unicorn has been a writer since he was a child, starting off writing decidedly non-erotic stories about superheroes. As he got older, he started writing erotica about superheroes, before eventually discovering his kinky side and writing about people who could live in the real world. He lives in the midwest, and is happy to live in a very full house that includes four humans and two dogs. He can be found under the profile Broken_Unicorn https://fetlife.com/users/8765084


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