My Night With Hades. (Yes, THAT Hades.)

Now and then I’m asked what my fantasies are. I usually say that I go out and live the things I want to do. I write fantasies for other people to dream about.

But there is this…

“Not a sound this time. You will suffer in silence for me,” Hades said, reaching for four clothespins.

Angling them in on either side of my nipples, behind the areola, he forced the sensitive nubs out. Lying between my soft thighs, his lips slid over a nipple in a warm caress. He chuckled with my writhing, shivering gasp and did the same to the other one. Back and forth half a dozen times, then the tip of his tongue flicked the nubs until I couldn’t stand my own need. He slid down to lick the profuse wetness he’d brought out. Only for a few seconds, though, for him to taste and not to give me a climax.

Up for a kiss and his hardness slid into me. Thickness like no other, that gave me that sharp pain of virginity lost, though I’d not been a virgin for decades.

“You need two lovers to keep you full,” he said, holding himself up over me so he wouldn’t crush the clothespins.

He watched my breasts slide up and down in place, knew the pain they were causing me and how it thrilled me deep in my belly, deeper down to my very chi. I tried to buck my hips and make him pound into me, into my cervix. He countered with a cessation of motion and slight pulling back.

“No you don’t. You get no orgasms this time. I want you desperate for me relieve you. I’m going to leave you in such a state that you beg me to use you. You and I know damn well this is not going to be the last time we’re together.”

I groaned in frustration and he chuckled at me.
“I said not a sound.”

He reached for another clothespin and gently closed it over my right nipple. My reaction was instant, back arching high with the intense pain in so concentrated and presented an area. He flicked the other nipple with a stinger finger to punish me further for my naughty sound.

“My sweet little painslut. I will always give you want you need. Just not always when you want it. Do you want the other clothespin?”

“Yes, please,” I whispered, eyes shut tight as I let myself drown in all the sensations I craved.

“I was your first and you submit to me now. I will always be Master Hades to you. Proper address and you will have the pain you want. You and I know I am now and always will be the one who owns you.”

“Please, Master Hades.”

Three more hard stingers as he said “Good girl.” Then the clothespin gripped my nipple, the searing pain of the clamp launching me into a hard orgasm he knew I couldn’t stop. He pulled out.

“On your knees.”

I moved slowly and he repositioned himself behind me and lifted my chin high with a hand shaped under my jaw. His other hand reached down to find my slickness. It came back up to tug and twist the center clothespins while he spoke, very much enjoying my struggle to not make vocalizations while he tortured me.

“I am not going to take it easy on you anymore today. I will show your other lover exactly what my painslut likes and how she likes it so he’ll know how to reward you when you please him and how to discipline you when you do not.”

The clothespins came off one at a time and both sets of fingers grazed fast and firm over the over-sensitive, hard little nubs until I came another good one. He took me to bend over the end of the bed, tied my arms behind my back. Knowing I didn’t like the spreader bar, he put it between my ankles anyway. Sex with him was rarely about what I liked or wanted, which was what made it precisely what I needed.

“I want to fulfill your deep, dark desire; but we both know your consent to have it done negates the entire concept of taking you against your will. Should I instead be the most tender?”

“Do you want me to answer that?” I asked.

“Tenderness heightens the pleasures of pain. To that end, it’s fine. As the whole meal? I have little interest in tenderness, and neither do you. Anyone can be strong and forceful. You want someone you can be your brutal self with. You want someone you can take by force, without asking. Someone who will revel in every second and want more. Here I am, ready and able to take everything you can dish out. I need it that way with a craving I cannot describe.”

He got the pointer from his dresser and bent over to kiss my cheek. “This is not punishment. This is to deepen your endorphin high and give you something to sit on for a few days.”

He swung for a good half an hour while I screeched and shrieked into the bed. When he was done, he untied my arms and removed the spreader bar. He took his place on the pillows at the head of the bed. He beckoned me to climb up and rest with him for several minutes while I sank deep into the high.

“Ready for me to pound your ass again?” he asked.
“No. Maybe in the morning,” I yawned. “If I stay all night.”

He turned me onto my belly to be comfortable, dropped a kiss between my shoulder blades, and was on top of me thrusting into my ass. I reared up and he shoved me down to the mattress, held me there with a hand around the back of my neck. The force of his taking thumped the bed into the wall.

“Is this how you want it, my cunt? With consent removed entirely and you having given refusal? Is it not real enough to be consensual non-consent? You need an actual assault?”

“Yes, Master Hades” I grunted.

“You broke the first rule. You told me no.” He gave the outside of my thigh a shockingly hard smack. “You will never again tell me no.”

His knees shoved mine wider before I could answer and he resumed with better leverage for long, full slams into my pliant flesh.

“Will you.”
Not a question. A statement.

“Please, Master,” I gasped, mind emptying in that way he was learning to recognize.

“Please what?”
“Please don’t throw me into the briar patch, Master. Anything but that.”

He laughed a genuine sound and growled vicious things he would do to me the next time he chose to rape me. He would never ask me if I wanted to have sex. He would simply do it. I could fight if I wanted but I would not win. He would flog me. He would whip me. He would do anything he wanted to me and I would not refuse him anything he wanted.

“That’s what it means to be slave to Hades. Do you remember giving your body and soul to Lucifer when you were so angry at your god? You are mine. You have been regardless how far away from me you were.”

He came harder than I did and we both needed a long moment to catch our breath. He held me close and I gave him the sweetest kiss to his cheek just before falling asleep. My breathy “thank you” burned itself into his memory.

He left me asleep in that foggy place where nothing could reach me, left me to some peace and a good, hard sleep I so rarely could find.

About the Author

TylerRose. is a real world dominant sadomasochist. She lives in NYC and regularly attends SM parties, sex parties, and munches. Among her hobbies are crochet, cross stitch, and going to movies.

She is forever writing one book or another, and will likely die with a thesaurus open on her thigh.

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This piece was put together from two parts of the same sequence in her book Too Long a Soldier.


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