No Bed Required – A Tiny Taste of Peeper Indomitable

She dropped her skin dress to the floor, stepping over to Moray and his thick, dark layer of fur. She ran her fingers over his chest, watching the hair disappear under her hand. It was soft, like nothing she’d felt before. Thinking back over it, almost none of the men she’d been with had much body hair. She liked how it felt against her breasts when he pulled her closer.

“How about we just take turns with you,” he suggested, a hand sliding down to grip her buttock. “Until you’re ready for a double ride.”

“That sounds like a terrific idea,” she smiled. “Working in tandem means I get more for longer.”

Moray grinned, lifting her by the back of her head and his grip on her ass to turn around and stand her on the bed. She was eye to eye with him but feeling herself small in the hugeness of his arms and chest. She felt like that skinny waif all over again, when everyone seemed so much larger than she.

“I like it when—”

He made a sharp SHH noise, stopping her. “I don’t take direction.”

Words that made her heart skip a beat. He lowered to his knees on the floor, taking her down to the bed. He put her on her back with her bottom at the edge of the bed platform and bent over her there. Arms braced on both sides of her, he had the right angle but didn’t crush her with his bulk. Her own size was nothing to him. He pulled her toward him, eventually flipped her over, and generally threw her around the bed like a ragdoll. If he wanted her in a place, she was in that place for as long as he wanted her there.

She gave herself up to him as she did Preece and Parin, needing the release of it. Moments like these were the only time her guard wasn’t up, were the only time she could let go all her worries. She lost track of time through her string of orgasms. He flipped her over onto her belly again and she screamed a burst of shock and distress as his cock head thrust fully into her anus without warning or preparation.

“You don’t have to put your face in the skins,” he said a few minutes later when she was trying to stifle her noise for the neighbors. “I like for the village to hear you scream and think I’m doing horrible things to you. Truth is you love every second of it, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do,” she huffed through a breath.

“So you go on and make all the noises. Just don’t ever tell me how to fuck you,” he said, and lifted her hips to bring her up higher.

The change of angle was like starting all over again, bringing that full volume moan that was so totally out of her control. Her arms went weak. She needed to lay her head down and rest her upper body, surrendering to his physical power. Another few minutes and he grunted his orgasm and pulled out to spurt his hot liquid over her back.

Without wiping her off first, Kaimen took his place at the side of the bed and took his sweet time riding her slow and deep. He took so long that Moray was ready again. Kaimen pulled out and lifted her while Moray moved in to lie on his back across the bed.

“Did you wash?” she asked Moray.


A truth, she could see clearly enough, and allowed herself to be lowered onto his cock. Kaimen lifted her feet onto the bed, putting her into a modified frog position. She was filled as full as when Dohan and Preece did this to her. But Moray held her tighter by the hair to pin her down onto his chest, and spoke all manner of things Dohan never did.

“Greedy cunt takes it well,” he said, and immediately felt what it did to her. 

She flooded wet and slick.

“Wet pussies get fucked harder,” he said, Kaimen taking that cue to do just that.

“I should get three more men,” Moray teased her. “Make sure you’re good and ruined.”

Kaimen suddenly pulled out and she was given a second coat of hot semen over her back.

“Hold her up off me,” Moray said.

Kaimen lifted her and Moray took cock in hand to squirt upward. His velocity was enough to shoot onto her tits.

“Let’s go to the stream to wash off,” Moray said.

A stream that was only about fifty feet to the north east from his hut. The late hour and dark made for its own privacy. Rinsed off and enjoying the knee high cool water, Reah sank to her knees for a moment. Soon as she stood up, Moray had her around the waist against himself with two fingers going up into her puss. He fucked her fast until she was groaning her pleasure and her cum was splashing around his fingers and onto his hand.

With a nod and a gesture, Moray indicated Kaimen should turn around. On a knee and slightly bent over, his back became the surface for her to be placed on. Moray lifted her legs with his forearms under her knees and had her again. Her arms flailed a bit. Kaimen caught them with his own, hooking her at the elbows. Feeling more secure, she stopped trying to find a way to brace herself. Warm skin at her back, solid and strong, calmed her. They may have lived in a primitive society, but they were certainly inventive when it came to the fucking.

When Moray had finished with another set of jets over her belly, he let her down and took Kaimen’s place.

She’d almost forgotten what it was like to be used over and over again, receiving a third round as soon as they returned to the hut. When one spent, the other was recovered. When that one spent, the first was recovered again. Between the two of them, she was fucked ten times before they finally let her sleep.

Her gut was so sore the next day, from coming so much and so hard, that she was slightly bent over whenever she tried to walk. Her hips didn’t want to work right. Her arms had no strength.

“If you can walk, then I can still fuck you some more,” Moray said rather than tell her for the twentieth time to lie still.

The result was the same. She remained on her side in his bed, resting, most assuredly not prepared to take another four or more rounds.


TylerRose. is known as Dame Tyler in the NYC public SM/Fetish scene. She is an award-winning author who has written two “lifestyle”, four cartoon, and twentysomething fiction books.

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