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bw_03Mistress Devore shot by Danny Stygion

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, and we are in no way advocates of any kind of abuse, non-consensual behavior, crossing any hard limits, putting anyone in harm’s way (physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually), or violating one’s boundaries/what was prenegotiated.

With this being said, enjoy the story!

   The room was dark except for one small light. It cast a small, dim shadow over where I lay on my bed. It was an old rickety bed. My favorite blanket lay on it, which was blue with silken ends. This was one worldly possession I wasn’t willing to part with when I joined the convent. I lay on that blanket as I writhed in sinful pleasure.

    My habit and veil were still on. However, I had a cucumber that I took from the garden jammed in my pussy. I moved it in and out. My fingers on my other hand rubbed my clit. Sometimes, I rubbed a knuckle against it.

     I fantasized about these two very attractive men that were in the congregation today. One had black hair, blue eyes, was five foot four, stocky, but fit. The other had light brown hair, brown eyes that looked black, was six feet tall, and had the body of a Greek God. I imagined the shorter man of the two sucking on my tits while the taller man fucked me hard. I began to suck in air and my legs tensed up. Then, I came hard. I placed my hand over my mouth to try and keep quiet. I didn’t want to get caught.

     I was panting by the time I was done. My habit, which was the long black robe nuns were known to wear, was a bit wet where my pussy had rested on it. I slipped my underwear back on and righted my bra. Then, I sat up on the bed.

    Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I quickly hid the cucumber in the drawer of my nightstand. “Come in,” I said softly.

    Sister Lucina walked in. “Am I interrupting?” She was a novice nun like me. She had black hair beneath her veil and glacial blue eyes. She was much taller than I. She was five foot eight against my four foot eleven.

    “No, I was about to pray.”

     I had gotten to the door before I heard a “That’s  not a bad idea.”

     I turned and looked at her. “Of course, that’s part of our life here,” I said dryly before I turned once more.

    I heard her giggle. “No, it’s not a bad idea since you just sinned.”

    I closed the door to my cell and turned back to her. “What do you mean?”

    “Ugh, ugh, ugh…oh yeah…oh, God,” she mocked while she grabbed herself lewdly.

  “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said casually- though I felt panic begin to rise within me.

     She had the smile of a cat that just ate a canary. She walked to the nightstand and pulled out the cucumber. My juices were still on it. “Explain this then.”

     “Um…” I struggled. “I grew it in my cell. I am going to give that to the poor.”

     “With your cunt juices on it?” she asked coldly.

     “It’s not cum. It’s water.”

     My mouth dropped as she put the cucumber in her mouth. She deep throated the damn thing. No…not deep throat. Nearly swallowed it.

     “It’s not water,” she said as she walked by me briskly. “I’m going to love telling Mother Hanner your dirty sin.” She turned from me, about to go out the door.

    “No, wait!” I protested. “Please don’t. I’ll do anything. Just don’t tell her.”

     She turned around with the biggest grin on her face. “Anything?” she inquired.

    “Almost anything,” I corrected.

      She snickered. “Okay, this could be fun. In order to keep my silence against your dirty sin, meet me in the catacombs beneath the cathedral after dinner. Tell no one you’re coming there and come alone. Got it?”

     “Got it”

     “Come then,” she purred. “We have to go to prayer.” I joined her.

     We didn’t speak to each other during prayer. Well, we can’t any way. At dinner, we didn’t sit next to each other. We sat on opposite corners of the table. I would occasionally steal a glance her way to see if she was looking at me. She wasn’t. She completely ignored me.

     I had clean up duty after dinner. When I was done clearing the table, I headed to the catacombs. Sister Lucina was waiting for me outside the entrance.

  “Come,” she commanded.

     I took her hand and she lead me down into the dark, dank, massive catacombs. She had a flashlight and guided me through this unknown territory. It felt like we walked forever. We finally got to a little room that she led me into. She dipped the candle into a small crevice, and the room suddenly looked as though it had been lit with thousand of candles. She closed and locked the door from the inside. Then, she turned around and looked at me….hungrily. Suddenly, I was very nervous.

     “Disrobe,” she ordered. I shook my head. “I said fucking disrobe!” she shouted. I suddenly froze. I was too afraid to move. After a few moments, her harsh expression loosened; she tossed a saccharine smile my way as she learned in closer to me. “You either do what I say or we can forget this and I tell Mother Hanner.”

    “Sorry,” I mumbled as I started to take off the habit. I’m left in my white panties and bra.

     She again smirks at me. “Good girl,” she said as she took off her habit too. She was wearing black panties and bra. Her belly button was pierced. Her stomach was flat. Her breasts were small with nipples that looked like gumdrops.

    She slyly walked over to me and cupped the back of my head. Then, she started to kiss me passionately. I tried to pull away. Her kisses were punishing. Her lips bruised mine. She sucked on my lips hard until they were swollen and began to crack slightly. Her tongue went deep into my mouth and I gagged on it. I could swear she was trying to choke me with her tongue. She pushed me backwards onto the slab-like alter. She pulled my underwear down. I came up to try to stop her.. She pushed me down. Then, she pulled out rope and tied my hands together. She raised my bounded hands above my head and tied it to the altar. A few second later, she again kissed me and her naughty hand trailed down to start putting a finger in me. I moaned into her mouth.

    “Like that?” she purred.

    “Yeah,” I sheepishly admitted.

   “If you don’t fight back, you will enjoy yourself more,” she said before bombarding me with another one of her kisses. She sprang my breasts from my bra and kneaded and rolled my breasts in her hands like subtle dough. She bent her head and began sucking on one of my nipples. She rolled my other nipple in her fingers before slightly pulling on my tit. I moaned as her three fingers moved in and out of my dripping pussy.

     After a while, she pulled away and stuck out her tongue. It was long. The tip went past her chin. My pussy clenched in anticipation rather than fear. She winked at me as she knelt between my legs. She licked my clit like a kitten lapping up milk. Finally, her mouth nestled over it and started sucking. She put my clit between her lips and flicked it back and forth with her aggressive tongue. My knees buckled as pleasure engulfed me like a wave.

   She continued to finger me with three fingers while she sucked and licked my clit. Then, she replaced her fingers with her long tongue and began to fuck me with it. I writhed beneath her ministrations as she began to increase the pace of her going in and out of me. I groaned in pleasure. As she fucked me, she rubbed her knuckle against my clit. I detonated beneath her, warm cum spilling out. She licked up each drop as I came down from Cloud Nine. She kissed me again, to give me a taste of myself. I tasted salty yet enjoyable.

    “My turn,” she said as she sat on my chest and positioned her pussy above my mouth. With a deep inhale, I began to lick her. I wasn’t quite sure where to lick though. I tried to mimic what she had done to me. Upon seeing that I was struggling, she positioned her bud above my mouth. “Lick me here,” she whispered. I did what she told me. Over and over.

   She started to moan. My tongue dipped into her pussy and began to move in and out of her tight hole. She threw her head back in ecstasy. “Yes,” she said softly. She began to rub her clit with her fingers. I hooked my tongue against her clit and began to go at it. She soon came all over my mouth and I tried my best to lick up every single drop.

When the moment had passed, she bent over and retrieved a special toy from her bag. I gasped when I saw a cucumber. Then, she pulled out a strap- on. The cock was nine inches long with a girth of four fingers.

   “Let’s start off with this,” she said, indicating the cucumber. She spit on the cucumber and started to rub the smaller end of it against the entrance of my pussy. Then, she slowly inserted it. I groaned as I felt it fill and expand me. When she couldn’t get it in any more, she began to thrust it in and out. She started off slow and then went very fast.

  As I began to moan once more, she got on top of me again and positioned herself above the other end of the cucumber, which was bigger in girth than the end in me. She eased herself onto it and began to hump it. She eventually worked herself down on the cucumber until our pussies met. She kissed me as we grinded and fucked the cucumber between us. She gave a growl as she pushed herself off the cucumber. I gasped since it hurt a bit. “Oh, shut up.”she snapped as her hand grasped my throat. “I’m getting bored. It’s time to fuck you myself.”

    She put the strap-on on. Then, she positioned the head of the fake cock at the entrance of my pussy. She was in me with one thrust. She began to fuck me without giving my body time to accommodate its size or girth. This was slightly bigger than the cucumber.

    My mouth hung open as she pounded the strap-on into me. After fucking me with it for a few minutes, she grab ahold of the cucumber. Fear struck me again.

   “Please don’t put that in my ass,” I begged.

    There was a sinister glint in her eyes. “That’s not my intention, my dear,” she said. She pulled out the strap-on. Next, I felt both the head of the fake cock and the end of the cucumber at the entrance of my pussy.

    “Please don-” Was as far as I got as she slammed both into my pussy at the same fucking time. I screamed. At first, it hurt like a bitch. Then, I began to enjoy it.

     I screamed in ecstasy as she fucked me. My legs tensed up and I began to breath in short gasps. An orgasm was riding me. Then, I came all over her toys. She pulled both the cucumber and strap- on out of me. I was drenched between my legs.Cum ran down my thighs and hit the floor.   

  Not even letting me enjoy my afterglow, she lifted my legs. She settled her pussy on top of mine, and began to rub herself against my clit.. First, it was slow. Then, she picked up the speed. I enjoyed the feeling of her wet, warm pussy. After a few more rubs, she came. I came shortly after that as well.

  She then collapsed beside me and held me. “You’re no one’s bitch except mine. Not even God’s,” she announced, her voice a bit gruff and hoarse.

About the Author

She is an avid swimmer and a stay at home mother by day. She is a published author that specializes in erotica and the supernatural by night. She is a kink submissive. However, don’t let her innocent look fool you. She has a naughty imagination and a defiant attitude. She writes erotica on Fetlife under Lynn82md and her novels under another name.
Fetlife: Lynn82md
Her novel on Amazon: Immortal Love



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