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img_3658-smGarnet + Guard: Cuffs Ready  [Photography by AV + Domina Mara]

The doorbell rang, just as I was sitting down on the couch to finally read my book. I had been looking forward to it all morning. I had stayed up late the night before, balancing my phone between my breasts and my chin, using the bright screen as a book light. I read anxiously for hours about who killed who. I finally gave up on solving the mystery when I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I love reading seductive murder mysteries- If they’re smutty enough.

Coffee in one hand, book in the other, I sighed at the miserable thought of having to put the book back down. At 2:00 in the afternoon, with all of the kids in school, nobody should be knocking on that door. This is my one hour a day before pickup that I set aside for myself. Everyone is supposed to leave me alone.

I set my still steaming coffee mug down on the window ledge behind me, and scooted to the edge of the couch. I paused slightly, angry with whoever was outside, before rising to my feet. “This had better not be that weird guy selling steaks again,” I thought out loud. The no soliciting sign that I painted at craft night last year was apparently invisible to everyone other than me.

I reluctantly walked to the front door. I took a deep readying breath to face whoever was about to ruin my one hour of peace, and then I braved it and turned the knob.

To my relief, there was nobody standing there. This had been a false alarm. I didn’t actually have to interact with another human. Thank goodness.

A plain brown package lay before me on the porch. Definately addressed to me, but unmarked otherwise. I hadn’t been expecting anything that I could remember.

I picked up the package, and carried it to the kitchen. It felt kind of light and airy. I set it down on the counter, grabbed the scissors from the knife block, and opened it like a kid opening a birthday present- excited and greedy. I’ve always loved getting mail.

Part of me expected to see a forgotten order of vitamins, or maybe new windshield wiper blades for the van- the usual boring stuff. However, this was not that kind of package. I feasted my eyes on a thin layer of matte black tissue paper, suddenly transforming this box into a mysterious gift. Not ready to ruin the surprise just yet, I ran my hand back and forth over the soft paper, wondering what I might find on the other side.

Upon pulling back the first fold of tissue, I could see a hint of what looked like a red velvet pouch beneath. After pulling back the second fold, more velvet pouches of various sizes. Each of them placed neatly in a nest of black crinkled paper. This mystery box was most certainly going to be better than my book.

Standing over such a beautiful arrangement of textures and colors began to feel a bit intimate. The combination of red and black reminded me of being naughty, and the velvet pouches reminded me of fancy things like champagne and lipstick. I picked up the first pouch, released the drawstring, and reached inside.

“Oh my,” I whispered to myself. No wonder this box had given me a slight tingle between the legs. Resting in the palm of my hand now was a gorgeous set of silver nipple clamps. I had never actually held a pair of the real things- I had only used the clothespins from my laundry room. So, standing there doing so now, an hour before the kids were to be let out of school, felt a bit forbidden, which made me enjoy it that much more.

I explored the clamps with my fingertips first. Then, lifted one of them up to my lips, and ran it side to side across my smooth pout. Yes, I would like these very much.

I returned my new beautiful silver play things back to their delicate pouch, set the pouch down in the box, and then reached for another surprise. The anticipation of what was to come was causing me to bite my lip and bounce on my toes.

Picking up speed now, as the tension was beginning to build, I unveiled the next treasure from the chest. Reaching my hand into the bag, I felt a handful of what felt like thin leather strips. A big grin came over my face. Whoever sent this to me knew what made me wet. They had an understanding of my cravings, and wanted to see to it that I quenched my thirst.

A beautiful black flogger was now in my procession. This isn’t something that I would have ever wanted to use on someone else, but rather, something that I had been begging to be used on me. In that moment, I felt goosebumps rise on my skin, thinking about the tassels slapping down against my bare ass, and traveling up my back, to my neck, back down, and ending with another slap. And then another. And another.

I let out a gentle “mmmmm” sound as I brought the flogger up to my face and inhaled. This was lovely. This was going to be great fun.

I couldn’t imagine what could possibly be in the remaining 3 bags, but as my greediness picked up speed, so did the pulse in my clit. With the feel of the flogger still fresh on my mind, I continued.

The next bag was slightly larger than the last, and had more bulk. I wasted no time ripping the contents away from the velvet sack.

“…Oh yes, please,” I demanded. If only the giver of such treats were here to see my body’s reaction. I loosened the buckle of one of the black padded cuffs, slipped my hand through the opening, and then pulled it snuggly to my wrist. I closed my eyes, and let myself fantasize about being naked, locked up, and writhing with the need to be taken. I could almost smell the sex in the air, and feel the heat of someone’s breath on my neck as I fought against the restraint that prevented me from grabbing what I wanted, and bringing it to where I so desperately needed to be felt.

Blinking myself out of my lusty haze, with the cuff still on, I picked up another bag. Through the velvet, I could immediately feel what it was. Long, but not too long. Thick. Heavier than the last items. …please God, let this be a cock.

The idea of a hard, throbbing cock in front of me sprang to mind, and the words “be a good girl and kneel” rang through my ears. And then out of the red colored sachel came a gift that I knew would be put to extremely good use.

Holding the lifelike dick in my hand, I dropped to my knees. Remembering how good it was to lick the salty tang of a man who was ready for you. I brought the dildo up to my face, held it directly in front of me, and began running my closed lips up and down the shaft.

I loved to suck. I loved to tease with my tongue. I loved to take it all the way in, hold it, and release it only when I was desperate for breath. I loved gasping while saliva poured from my mouth. I loved looking up at him and seeing the look of pure pleasure on his face. I loved making him proud.

This wasn’t the real thing, but in my mind it could have been. This wasn’t like my other toys. This didn’t take batteries or vibrate. This was a solid piece of artificial flesh, covered in realistic veins. As I held it there in front of me on my kitchen floor, I felt the flower between my legs begin to bloom. I was wet, and wanting.

Without getting up off of the ground, I reached up into the box for the last bag. I wasn’t sure there was anything left to get- I was so seduced by the things already given.

…until I unwrapped a pair of black lace vibrating panties.

He knew me so well. He knew all of the things that I wanted. Both in bed, and in the box.

I took a deep breath in as I questioned what I should do next. How could I possibly say no to self pleasure with all of these beautiful tools layed out for my enjoyment?? I still had time before I had to leave the house. I had time to fulfill my aching needs and desires.

I stripped off my t-shirt first, and tossed it onto the ground. I slid my hands into the cups of my bra, and popped out each breast like an erection coming out of a pair of tight pants. I located my new nipple clamps, and without any hesitation, attached them to my willing pink nubs.

The feeling that came with the intense pressure nearly knocked me off of my knees. I moaned and crashed my hands and forearms up against the cabinet. My ass started to wiggle immediately, and all rational thoughts were replaced with animalistic instinct.

I needed a cock inside of me.

Moving my ass from side to side, like a puppy wagging her tail with excitement, I forced myself to focus. I reached down, and began to slide my way out of  my sweatpants and underwear. Trying to be graceful, but behaving more like a wild creature, I fumbled with the vibrating panties, until I had gotten both legs through, and pulled them up over my aching pussy and ass. The weight of the nipple clamps were pulling me into an ass up position, lowering my swollen breasts more and more. If only I had a man standing behind me with a fistful of my hair.

I quickly found the remote and flipped the switch. The waves of electricity combined with the constant tugging on my tits now had me gasping and thrusting. All I needed now was something to suck on.

I had never sucked on a fake cock, and I knew it wouldn’t be as pleasurable as the real thing, but in that moment, I would have sucked on nearly anything. So, there I was, bent over on my kitchen floor, attaching a dildo with a suction cup to the same cabinet that hid my cutting boards.

At first, I felt a little embarrassed- the idea of putting my mouth all over this silicone toy seemed ridiculous. But my shame was short lived as the rumbling between my legs could no longer be ignored. I opened my mouth, leaned forward, and licked.

With a mouthful of cock, I let myself release all of the noises that I had been holding back. Muffled moans, interrupted only by the thick barrier of flesh in my throat. My pussy grinded against my vibrating panties as I sucked, and I felt the waves of intense pleasure gradually building.

I started moving my hips faster, sucking harder, and groaning louder- imagining a man before me and a man behind. One man looking down at me, brushing his hand along the side of my face, whispering “atta girl,” as he thrust himself deeper and deeper into my mouth. One man kneeling around my backside, a hand on my ass and a hand at the base of my neck, grunting with every backwards buck that I made against him.

The idea of being with two men at once made me wild. The sucking sounds of my mouth on the cabinet cock turned me on even more. Oh, how I loved the sounds of pleasure. The slurps and slaps had always been so sexy. I wanted to hear a man enjoying my pussy. I wanted to hear his balls slapping against my cunt. I wanted to hear our vigorous efforts of pounding each other. I loved it all.

My thoughts shifted, and it was no longer a faceless man standing in front of me, petting the side of my face as I fucked him with my mouth. Now, it was the man who sent me this package.

Picturing his approving face and devilish grin sent an extra sharp push straight to my clit. With a few more moves of my hips, I was choking on the imaginary load in my mouth, and clawing at the floor beneath me. Screaming and trembling uncontrollably as I found my extended release.

With no breath left in my lungs and no thoughts left in my mind, I hovered there on the floor for several minutes, hips slowing their circles, mouth releasing its grip.

If only he could have seen what a good girl I had been. If only he knew how hard he had made me cum.

As my heart rate started to steady, and the squeezing between my legs came to an end, I pushed myself up off of the ground, body rejecting the movement, my wrists screaming in stiff pain from holding myself up so furiously.

Turns out this had been much better than an afternoon with my book. And oh, how I would have to find the perfect way to repay my Sir.

About the Author

Paige is a 34 year old dreadlock mama, currently living in Virginia, exploring her deepest desires to be primally dominated. She has spent the last 12 years as a housewife, but has quietly fantasized long enough, and is now beginning her kinky journey to self realization and true pleasure. Paige writes erotica based off of a combination of personal fantasy and experience.

Fetlife: TangerineSpeedo


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