Party Time

On the bed were her matching lace bra and panty set and the green velvet dress. Its scoop neck accentuated her cleavage, and it was snug enough that her left thigh was exposed by the split. She toweled herself off, careful of the belly chain and locket that encircled her waist. Karen liked their little secret. Cal had presented it to her a few weeks after they had started playing as Dominate and submissive. The change in their relationship might go unnoticed to the outside world. The kids might have noticed that dad did more with them, bedtime was strictly observed and that there was now a monthly two-night sleepover at Nana’s or Aunt Jessie’s house.  She rolled her damp auburn hair into a topknot and secured it with silver hair clips, letting a few untameable curls fall around her neck.

“You almost ready, don’t you need to be early?” Cal was talking as he came into their room. She was adjusting her breasts in the cup as he stood in front of her.

“You could stay home and serve dinner in that,” he smiled. This newfound confidence to state his desire for her still took Karen by surprise and brought out schoolgirl blushes. She positioned her feet shoulder length apart, laced her fingers together at the nape of her neck, and bowed her head, ready for inspection.

“Good girl, very nice.”

“Thank you, Sir. This is the dress you requested? Did you have a preference between shoes or boots?”

He observed her perfectly manicured toes. His finger and palm wrapped around her calf and caressed their way up to her ass. Her arms still at her neck, forcing her breast forward and into his face as he moved in close. She adjusted her feet to hold the position. He lifted her luscious breasts to his mouth, grazed his teeth over the lace, feeling the nipple respond. “That will do very nicely. You can get dressed, wear black suede boots, and I’ll go start the car.” 

She dropped her arms, grabbed the dress off the bed and pulled it on over her head. She zipped the side zipper cinching the dress was across her mid-section. “I don’t know if I will ever get used to this extended foreplay?” She thought as she adjusted her breasts in the dress and fondled her erect nipples.

As they drove, she reminded him that spouses were welcome at her work dinner and dance. He made some lame excuse and said he would collect her in a few hours. Karen wasn’t so much hurt as bothered that every year he chose to skip this holiday event. She was proud of her husband and wanted to show him off. They kissed good-bye, and she shot into the building against the blustery winter wind as it whipped her skirt up and her coat open. 

Inside the door, she smoothed her attire and ascended the steep staircase of the venue. Several of the social committee members were assembled at the top of the stairs. There was a small 3×3 wooden table with a cash box and no cloth. Someone coming up the stairs could see straight up a skirt. She smiled and greeted everyone, dropping her purse on the pervert’s table. As she peeled off her coat and made her way into the cloakroom, the musty smell made her nose itch. This reception hall was stuck in the 1960s’ the wood panel held years of smoke and drink. It was clean, but definitely of a bygone era. Standing in the back corner lost in the worn pattern of the orange and black carpet, she wondered how many dalliances had occurred in this room over the decades. Office affairs, horny brides, and bridal parties, even a few tipsy husbands and wives, all echoed their passion as she hung up her coat and adjusted her boots. Karen took the tickets and opened the cloakroom window. She and the other ladies discussed duties. She wandered around, got a glass of white from the bar, and took up her position with Linda at the coat check as the first guests arrived. 

The mood was light and festive; friends met with smiles and squeals of joy, the annual Christmas dinner and dance was always well attended. The MC could be heard calling everyone to their tables. She slid the doors closed and turned off the cloakroom lights.

As dessert was being served, her phone vibrated on the table. A text from Cal. “Cloakroom, now.” She tried not to react, rose, and left the table. Opening the door, light from the hall sliced into the room’s blackness. From the dark, a voice said, “close the door, we don’t need the light.” It sounded like Cal, sort of.

“What are you doing here? I’m glad you came, come on, we are just having dessert, you can have mine.”

He snapped his fingers; she pressed her lips together and dropped her eyes. “Good girl, on your knees, please, mouth open.” Karen fought the tears that filled her eyes. She was mortified. He stroked her hair from her forehead. She could smell his sex and feel the heat. She took him in her mouth without protest, but the fear of being discovered force tears to roll down her cheeks. He wiped them away. “your tears are not needed; you are mine, and I will have you as I like, and you will be proud of how beautiful you are and how much I love you.” She didn’t stop sucking and licking his cock as he spoke. A solid spanking had taught her that lesson a few weeks ago. “I have a present for you, stand up and bend over for me.”

Karen drew a ragged breath and wiped her eyes with the back of her hands. He passed her a handkerchief and waited. She slowly raised her skirt and bent forward, opening her legs. “Very nice, darling, you are doing so well.” Cal caressed her ass.  He moved her panties to the side, to running his fingers over her sex and pressing his thumb against her asshole. She felt his cheek on her hip. “So, you want your presents?” he kissed her bottom and his tongue moisten her ass making her clit twitch. Such a taboo yet straightforward act sent electricity from her nipples to her pussy, she could feel herself getting wet. It was like her cunt was salivating for him.

“Sure,” she said, the embarrassment had passed his touch and attention filled her. It was so dark it was useless to try and look at what he was doing. The music had gotten louder and infiltrated their bubble. “Spread your cheeks for me.” She did, he inserted something small and a little cold. She felt some pressure and a little weird but not painful. “Trust me. You want the second one. Open your legs.” His fingers were moist, as he began to finger her, the butt plug had made the fingering more pronounced. “nice and wet,” he slowly pushed something into her vagina, she gasped, it was vibrating. Cal slid her panties back in place and tapped her ass. “you can stand up now.”

As she rose and straightened her dress, she turned to face him in the dark room. It was still too dark to see anything, but he was in front of her with his hands on her hips. “Ready?”

“You have filled my holes, what else could you possibly do?” She asked with a sense of dread and a certain amount of amusement. Suddenly, her vagina was vibrating more intensely. “Surprise!” Cal said. He kissed her forehead, “I will be in the car doing a crossword, whenever you are ready to go, I will be waiting.”

He opened the door and left. Karen let her eyes adjust as the intensity of the vibration slowed. She leaned against the counter and took an inventory of what had just happened.  Should she be angry? She wasn’t; she was amused. He would wait. She returned to the table. Her dessert sat there with a cup of coffee, everything had been taken away, and the dance had begun. Linda came to her, “are you ok? You haven’t got that stomach bug Frank had, do you?” 

“What? No? I got a call from Cal. He wanted to talk about Christmas presents?”  With that, the intensity of the vibration became so intense she was sure Linda could hear it.

“Oh my god, you are so lucky, is he shopping while you are here doing social committee stuff?”

Karen smiled, “Yeah, something like that.” Linda had no clue. “Come on, let’s get a dance in with the girls before I go home and thank Cal for being so attentive.”



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