The Red Chair ~ A Cuckold’s Story – Conclusion

Alexa had never been so completely consumed. Tyler pulled her mouth to his kissing her softly while his hands squeezed her lavish breasts and tugged at her hardened nipples. In a few strokes, she began to swell in wetness and find her rhythm.  Tyler swiftly wrapped his arms around her, turning her in a moment to her back.  Her body cried out to him, yearned for him and easily responded to his touch as his cock slowly slipped out and his hands mauled her body.  She forgot about Ron and the secret room as she released all her being into this young man who intrigued her with his presence. She didn’t care about anything but the moment and the shifting of their bodies as they moved together finding pleasure in every touch, kiss, and caress. His fingers found every sensitive spot in her cunt. His mouth and tongue intuitively knew the heightened sensitivity of her clit as he grazed it expertly across its nub. In no time her thighs clenched his head in place as her orgasm built and rushed over her, his tongue and lips finally resting against her soaked slit. Her fingers unconsciously tangled in his thick, black, curly hair. “Fuck…” The word slowly leaving her mouth as she drank in every bit of the chemicals of bliss washing over her.

Tyler pleased, looked up and smiled. Through her hazy eyes, he looked edible.

“Damn it, come here!” Alexa barked, grabbing his head and pulling him back up to her mouth tasting her juices spread across his face. “My turn,” she said, kissing him deeply, then moving her body down to his erect neglected cock. Her tongue circled its weeping head. Her lips moved down his glorious chocolate shaft, tongue continuing to swirl until her nose was buried in his curly, dense pubic hair that smelled like lavender.  She gloried in his texture and found the taste of his flesh and the drippings of his precum heaven as she continuously took his girth fully in her mouth, enjoying how he moved and responded to her pleasuring.

“Enough,” Tyler deeply growled, turning and pressing her to her stomach, entering her from behind; his hands firmly on her hips as he pumped what he’d been holding back all night. He wanted to fill and mark every fold inside her tight cunt. He thought he’d almost break through to her womb if he pounded any harder. He did his best to pace himself until she moved ‘just so’ that made them both let out a guttural cry as they came and collapsed together. Tyler lying on top of Alexa, each one exhausted.

Ron sat rigidly and uncomfortably in the Red Chair. His emotions were an entanglement of humiliation, fear, jealousy, excitement, love, and lust. His mood soared from the depth of despair to the euphoria and exhilaration of ecstasy.  His fantasy had been to watch the woman he loved being fucked by a younger man. Yet, he was finding now it was not that simple. When he had first suggested that it would excite him if Alexa was more flirtatious she had balked and told him that she would only feel comfortable to a small degree of flirtation. That was several months ago. Now their “play” had evolved to this: her bringing a gorgeous young stud to the studio and being fully fucked right in front of his lusting eyes.  He was now ready for the carousel to stop. It was time to get off the ride. “Alexa” he whispered. “Alex!” he said louder, but all he could hear through the small speakers above the room were the sounds of the couple on the bed before him.

Minutes passed. Tyler and Alexa continued to kiss, touch; their hands intimately roaming over the other’s body. Alexa found herself again with her fingers around his beautiful cock. She loved the contrast of his dark golden skin against her pale flesh. She entwined her warm body around him thinking of chocolate swirls in vanilla ice cream.

“What are you smiling about? Who said you could smile?” Tyler laughed.

She licked his forearm, “I was thinking we’d make a great vanilla-fudge sundae.” She continued to lick him until he wrestled her to her back. There was a closeness and ease that neither had expected to find. With their hands interlaced they drifted off to sleep.

Ron now sat as far back in the chair as he could. His cock had strained, grown and ached for release. But strangely it wouldn’t cum. He felt a wave of exhaling releasing from his body and realized tears were streaming down his face. He ached to be with Alex, just steps away from him, yet a world away, with her new young lover on this makeshift stage supposedly for his enjoyment. He felt pangs of regret and remorse over sharing his deep lifelong need with Alex. He saw that her lust and passion had spilled over into emotion and that she kissed the boy with such feeling that he might never get her back. They now laid asleep. Might she not just wake the boy, send him on his way so that she would come to me, release the cuffs and take me in her arms?

Alexa had dozed off for only a few minutes. She felt Tyler’s kisses on her neck and her right hand massaging his thigh then finding his cock again. To her shock, he was fully erect. While her fingers fondled his shaft she suddenly remembered the secret room.

“OMG!” she panicked. “I’ve been so lost in the moment that I completely forgot about Ron”…..she thought.  She squeezed Tyler’s cock and whispered in his ear. “Babe, give me just a few minutes, please? I must visit the bathroom. I’ll be right back, ok?” Tyler kissed her and closed his eyes again. Alexa rolled herself off the bed and reached for a thin red robe behind the door.  She walked through the small studio, passed the bath and out the small side door.

Ron was sitting in the chair half dozing when he heard the door open behind him. Alexa quietly came to him and kissed his forehead. He could smell the fragrance of sex and wanted to devour her. “Alex! Thank god. Is he gone?” he asked almost pleading.

“No darling,” motioning to the bed on the other side of the glass. Alexa smiled and kissed him again.

“Did you love it?” she asked.

“Yes, yes. It was so hot.” Ron admitted but failing to tell her of the pain and agony he was feeling at seeing her emotional passion for the boy. “But you still love me. Right? Alex…can you undo these now”? he begged.

Alexa half turned to the glass facing the bed. Tyler laid appearing to be asleep, yet his fingers slowly stroking his hungry cock.  She turned back to Ron. “Honey, I know you would like a little more, yes? I’m sorry, but I must have him in me, one more time. You do understand. I know you do.”

Ron felt an instant drop in his heart. “Oh my god please Alex, this is torturing me. I need us to be together… now.” he pleaded.

She could see tears forming in his eyes. She glanced back at the window. “I’ll be fast…” She kissed Ron again on his forehead and without finishing her sentence was gone again.

With his heart broken but not able to look away, Ron watched from behind the glass as his wife took full advantage of the young lover she had captured for the night. She delighted in the full service of his cock and Ron’s heart sunk lower as he witnessed the ease in which she offered herself up to him in the manner familiar to lovers.

Ron’s cock was entirely engorged but not fulfilled. He almost cursed its reaction. The ache in his heart, along with his sadness and loneliness had long quashed his passion. He knew he would never be the same.  She owned him now, in every way.

It was early morning. Ron could see the predawn light through the studio windows looking out across the pool. The candles in the bedroom had burned completely out and the couple on the bed stirred.  At least now he would leave and Alexa would come for him.

Tyler woke, got up and picked up his jeans as if to put them on, then dropped them and walked toward the bathroom. A few minutes later he was back in the bedroom slowly picking up his clothes while looking at Alexa sleeping, curled up on the bed. Before dressing he went to her and kissed her softly. Half asleep she kissed him back. She playfully reached to touch his semi-hard cock and in doing so triggered him again. He dropped his clothes and crawled back into the bed.  Much to Ron’s dread.

An hour passed and Alexa woke to full morning sunlight shining into the beautiful bedroom. Tyler was gone but a note was by the bed on the nightstand. “Loved it Alex, can’t wait to do it again. Soon! Kisses, Tyler.” She smiled, and could still smell his glorious aroma.  She rose and pulled on the robe from beside the bed. She walked to the mirror and smiled, hoping that Ron was awake.

The door to the secret room opened and she found him there, his cock now soft and smaller than it had once appeared. She woke him with a kiss.

“Good morning love. I hope you enjoyed yourself last night.”

To Ron’s amazement, Alexa reached into a small pocket on the left side of the Red Chair. She withdrew a key. The key to the bondage cuffs. It had been there all along. He could have unlocked himself at any time! Releasing him, she took his hand and he stood up stiff from a night of sitting in the chair. She reached down and pulled on his flaccid cock. “Come with me, darling,” she said, “we’re going to our own room. We’ll cuddle, talk and I’ll answer any questions … after I get a good nap.”

Ron said nothing. Happy that the night was over and the new day brought them back together again. He loved her. She was the one woman who could take him to this place of pain, pleasure and eventual satisfaction. She’d brought him full circle from his past to the present. The one person he could depend on to give him everything he needed to survive.  She owned him. He was her slave, servant and submissive. And she, his home in an emotionally chaotic world.

Ron knew that this seminal moment, with this young man in her bed, was only the beginning. That her own cravings would lead to an ever-increasing spiral of encounters and events. He would be helpless to stop the storms that were on the horizon. Would they destroy each other or would their tumult be the most exciting adventure of their lives? 

Ron pondered these things as he followed Alexa to the emotional safety of their own bed.

By: VICTORIA VISTA is an erotic writer who lives in the sunshine state, Florida. A sensuous female primal dominant who adores men, the beauty of their submission and spinning erotic tales on her blog ‘Sexual Destinies’ at She started writing erotica with a dominant female lead after being dissatisfied by what she read online.

Writing about strong and confident men willingly becoming vulnerable to desires is woven into the fabric of her writings and fantasies. Warriors in spirit, gladiators unafraid of battles and struggles yet willing to lay it all down at the feet of a woman who will bring him release, rest and comfort. Vista can be found at FetLife under the profile VicVista

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