The Red Chair ~ A Cuckold’s Story – Part 3

Ron sat in the Red Chair his hand cuffed to the left arm following Alexa’s instructions implicitly. The attention to detail being one of his strong characteristic traits. By 11:45 he was settled into position. He sat uncomfortably erect even though the chair itself was comfortable, he found it the best position to hold.  Now, nearly 12:30, he was in a state of anxiety over where Alexa might be, what she was doing and with whom. As he sat in the dimly lit secret room, Ron stared into the one-way glass of the bedroom suite. The room lit only by a small glowing night lite next to the bed. It was enough light that he could see everything.

Even though the circular driveway approached the main house and he couldn’t see an arriving car, Ron knew he would hear the familiar sound of Alexa’s tires on the gravel leading to the garage.  He sat, transfixed on that spot, waiting for the sound of one singular car, Alexa’s, to come into range.

As he sat waiting, memories of the old house and the original Red Chair started to flood his mind.

He was 13, back in his old bedroom. It was late and he heard noises coming from the living room. He realized his mother must have come home from work. He quietly slipped out of bed and cautiously walked down the hall. As he remembered rounding the corner Ron started sweating seeing clearly the burly man who had his mother, naked leaning against the couch, his pants dropped to his ankles and taking her from behind. He seemed like a beast to Ron and turned when he heard Ron’s foot creak on a loose board on the old wooden floor.

“What the fuck you staring at boy!” He yelled with fire and the look of murder in his eyes. “You want to see so bad…” 

The beast tossed his mother to the side, stepped out of his pants and darted toward Ron. Before he knew it Ron was grabbed and thrown into the nearby Red Chair.  His body seemingly paralyzed with fear. He sat there unable to move as he watched the beast rush back to his mother that was weeping on the couch. The rest he blocked out as if he left his body. The only memory that lingered was the cocktail of emotions that ran through his young core flipping on feelings and sensations that he subconsciously chased ever since. 

No matter how hard he tried, from then on as he heard men visiting his mother at night, in the small old house with paper thin walls, he couldn’t help but quietly listen as he masturbated his utilitarian cock and pretended he was watching. He loved her and wondered what they were doing to make her sound the way she did. As the growth spurts came and Ron started to tower over other boys he became a strong athlete, a good one and excelled at his studies. But he knew that smoldering beneath the studious exterior was his desire to watch when it came to pleasing a woman. As he matured he took on the dominant role with his prey and the relationships all ended with him loaning out his women to his friends. No one knew what truly drove his desires until he met Alexa.

Ron jerked hearing a noise and realized he must have dozed off. He was awakened by the sound of tires on gravel and excitedly anticipated Alexa’s coming to kiss and free him from the now irritating manacle. He heard the car door slam and thought he heard steps toward the studio, but then they stopped. He was keenly aware that she had stopped coming to him. Suddenly Ron heard the sound of another set of tires slowly rolling up the gravel driveway. He instantly felt a tinge of jealousy. Who was this? Then the car stopped, a door shut and he could hear low voices, whispers, and laughter. His anxiety grew, as his cock began to stir.

Alexa and Tyler leaned against the BMW kissing. Tyler’s lips were soft and melted into hers. Alexa loved the feel of his tight body as he pressed himself against her.  She could feel his cock hardening against her belly as he stood nearly half a foot taller than her 5’6” frame. She could have stayed just like that and not make any decisions but knowing that Ron was waiting brought her back to the reality before her. Tyler was there, ready and every hormone inside her screamed to take him…now!

She pulled back. “Ok, now listen carefully,” she said, standing a few inches from him. “We must be very quiet and not wake Ron, sleeping in the house. I built this studio back by the pool, for…some quiet and private time …you know, to recharge and get inspired. I’ll take you there.”  She gave him a playful smile, took his hand and led him across the grass to the patio, then down to the front door of the studio. Upon entering she had Tyler sit on the couch in the cozy living room.

“Give me a few moments love as I see to making sure all things are ready for you to…” her voiced trailed off as she ran her hand along his warm cheek, “… to relax and enjoy the evening. You are my guest and the rule of this household is to make sure all the needs of our guests are attended to…in detail.”

Tyler grabbed her hand, “Shall I make a list of my needs for you?” He asked enjoying the drawn-out game she seemed to be playing.

Alexa brought his hand up to her mouth and draped it over her nose to smell the scent of his pheromones. Intoxicating… She thought.

She said nothing more and went about turning on soft music, lighting candles in each room, and turning on the small gas fireplace in the lavish bedroom.  She pulled a bottle of fine brandy from the little bar in the living room and expertly poured two “snifters” halfway full and handed one to Tyler. The warmth from the brandy brushed away any doubts about Tyler being what she wanted.

“I’ll be just a sec,” said Alexa, and disappeared into the bedroom.

She walked directly to the floor to ceiling mirror and smiled into the glass, knowing it was true torture for the man on the other side. Smiling into the mirror she called out to the young man; “Tyler baby, can you come in and help me, please”?

As Tyler entered the candlelit bedroom he found a beautiful king bed arrayed with pillows of every kind and the comforter fully pulled back leaving the fresh 800 thread count Egyptian sheets laying bare awaiting their visitors.

Alexa turned her back to Tyler and faced the mirror again.  “Baby, can you please unzip the back of my dress?”

Tyler strolled up behind her admiring the floor to ceiling mirror and her reflection.  He placed both hands on her shoulders, moved her dark hair away from her neck and kissed along its curve, his hands sliding in front to cradle both of her full breasts.

“Look straight into the mirror for me darling, I want to see how badly you want me.” Alexa wanting to move Ron to his next level of discomfort; imagining him almost pressing his nose against the glass.

She stared into the mirror her eyes glassy from the liquor and the building of the moment. Tyler continued to massage her breasts with one hand as he unzipped her dress with the other. The dress fell to the floor revealing her standing naked before him and the man behind the mirror.

“Now you,” Alexa said turning and reaching up to start unbuttoning his tailored shirt. His hands continued to roam over her toned, naked frame as she methodically released each button. She then walked behind him and slowly removed the shirt from his shoulders and back. He stood as a dark golden warrior before the mirror, proud and accustomed to his magnificent presence.

Alexa paused, wanting Ron to take it all in, then reached around and unzipped his form-fitting jeans, peeling them down over his waist and hips revealing the un-briefed hefty cock springing forth for freedom.  It’s dark phallic image glisten in the candlelit room. A puddle of precum already starting to form at his feet. She slipped her right hand along the tip gathering his drippings and smoothed it down his erect shaft. Both Tyler and Alexa stared at their images in the mirror. Alexa barely able to contain herself as her hand clenched his shaft as hard as her cunt was aching for him.

Tyler pulled Alexa onto the bed and kissed her passionately and expertly. He held her face in his hands, softly kissed her lips, then her neck, all the while her hands sought to wrap her fingers around the generous gift being offered. He laid on his back with pillows supporting him into a half sitting position. His cock stood straight up; a giant thick rod protruding from his crotch.  Alexa climbed up and carefully positioned the head of the monster right at the opening of her now soaking slit. As the tip of his cock slid inside she gave a quick inhale and then exhale to enable her walls to expand to accommodate his length and girth.  She felt it slipping in deeper until she was fully stretched and the head was pressing at the opening of her cervix.

Ron’s nose and cock were against the glass as he strained to see the massive member now lost inside his wife. From the hidden microphones in the bedroom to the tiny speakers beside the Red Chair he could hear every movement, every breath, every word, every whisper, and every kiss.  His anxiety soared. His fear, jealousy, anger, and humiliation escalated. How could he ever live up to this? She would forever consider him ‘small’ compared to this strong, virile, handsome young man. He knew he couldn’t compete. The idea had been for her to bring someone home and quickly dispense with him. But now it appeared that she was lost in a trance with this well-endowed man who kissed her passionately and seemed to take her entire heart right in front of him.

Ron watched for any sign that he was crossing her mind at all.  Long moments passed and she no longer looked his way. She was lost in the lust and the passion of the moment with her new lover.

Ron’s cock strained and ached as he wondered if she’d ever touch him again.


VICTORIA VISTA is an erotic writer who lives in the sunshine state, Florida. A sensuous female primal dominant who adores men, the beauty of their submission and spinning erotic tales on her blog ‘Sexual Destinies’ at She started writing erotica with a dominant female lead after being dissatisfied by what she read online.

Writing about strong and confident men willingly becoming vulnerable to desires is woven into the fabric of her writings and fantasies. Warriors in spirit, gladiators unafraid of battles and struggles yet willing to lay it all down at the feet of a woman who will bring him release, rest and comfort. Vista can be found at FetLife under the profile VicVista

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