Riding the Pole—Ties

“I think you need more of the attention I used to give you,” he said. “Far more of my hands before the satisfaction of my cock.”

“That could be—”

His hand strong over her mouth silenced her.

“That required no response from you.”

He felt her energy jolt and sizzle against his. A few words, a small action, and he had almost total control over her. His hands slid down her belly to her thighs, reach for her knees. Strong fingers tensed, arms bending to lift her compliant knees from the bed. He raised her feet as well, his own knees bending under hers. He raised her bodily, putting her down atop his lower belly.

He lowered her thighs to rest on top of his. Parting his legs opened hers as wide as he wanted her to be. Bringing his up higher angled her sex for easier reach, his cock below.

The smell of her, musky and heady, hit a certain spot in his brain that resulted in an instant erection. He stroked himself fully hard and pressed his cock against her wide open slit. She couldn’t move much, but tried to slid herself against his rod.

Knees down, moved to the outside of hers, he forced her thighs to close, capturing his cock in the space between her thighs and dripping wet puss. She had a pole to ride whenever he wanted her to.

His hands slid down her arms to capture her wrists and bring her hands behind his own back. He held them in his left hand, his arm against hers, fist in the small of his back. She had to relax into him in order to avoid straining her shoulders too much.

Right hand returned to slide a hard palm across both breasts, giving the nipples a long sandpaper-like rub that had her squirming against his cock.

“That’s what I want. Remember how Tight I used to wind you up? How desperate I could make you before fucking you?” 

“Mmmhmm,” she hummed, his finger and thumb gently rolling a nipple.

The hand opened, delivering a scorching smack that stiffened her from neck to knees. Her thighs squeezed tighter around his cock, ass pressing down into his pelvic triangle.

“You want some of that?” he asked.

“Please, Sifu.”

“Already with the please, Sifu.”

His hand struck the other breast, full on open palm that compelled a cough of a cry from her. She ground downward again.

“I love that sound,” he rumbled into her ear. “It means you’re ready to burst.”

Harder smack to the left and her groan was one of relief. The warm, wet flood accompanied the sound, providing slick lubrication for her riding.

“Ride me. Keep me hard.”

She obeyed, thighs crushing together and hips moving faster for half a minute every time he struck her breasts. He paused between each to let her ride the wave and come down. After about ten minutes, he increased the frequency to every ten seconds to keep her going at a steadier pace and not let her rest. 

Smacking left and then right, back and forth, one per second, had her bouncing off his chest and trying to turn away from his hand. His knees would not let her loose. A quick adjustment of his feet trapped hers to the mattress. She wasn’t fighting him so much as struggling to take the increasing intensity.

Her reactions, her raw passion, brought his climax through his body to spurt upward and splatter onto her from midthigh to lower belly. Hand gripping a tit tight had her shuddering with orgasm while his cock throbbed incessantly against her clit. He pumped his hips slow, prolonging his orgasm and milking out several more small blobs of semen.

“How about that,” he said. “I just used you to masturbate myself with.”

“I admit. That is a new one,” she huffed.

She tried to move away, to reach for the towel. He stopped her, holding her wrists in both hands to keep her in place.

“I’m not done with you. Turn over on my lap.”


“But what? My cum is on you? Yours is all over me. So what. Lie across my lap, ass in the middle.”

She complied, squishing drops and splotches of his slimy jism between them.

“Bring me a box of gloves and the lube,” he said as she dragged a pillow to stuff under her shoulders and head so she wouldn’t be nearly upside down.

The requested items appeared beside him. Head resting comfortably, eyes closed, she heard him pull two gloves out, heard the plastic cap snap open, a sputter of air coming out of the tube with the clear gel. Two slicked up fingers slipped into her anus, unhurried but not stopping with her gasp. He drove in to the base of his fingers, making her take their length without allowing adjustment.

“Remember when we used to do this for an hour?” he asked.

“Mmmhmm,” she sighed, relaxing over him.

Two fingers of his other hand went into her vagina, driving in as the other fingers slid partway out. Alternating, she was fingerfucked through several rounds of gut-wrenching orgasms. Her cum splashed and dripped, soaking them both down to the mattress before he decided it was enough.


TylerRose. is known as Dame Tyler in the NYC public SM/Fetish scene. She is an award-winning author who has written two “lifestyle”, four cartoon, and twentysomething fiction books.

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  1. Dame TylerRose. says:

    I forgot to add to the bottom that this was from my novel Ties That Bind, volume 8 of my Kingdom Key series.

  2. nightmaregal says:

    Lovely lovely lovely 🙂

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