Shadows Of The Night: Dimitrius

His fingertips pulled her chin toward him for a gentle kiss she didn’t hesitate to return. A nice kiss that expected nothing, wanted nothing, took nothing. A giving kiss. She’d not had one of those in a long time. Not since her one night with Jerome.

“You’re some kind of fantastic. You know that?” he said quietly.

She only smiled and kissed him again, a small box coming to her fingers and she lifted it for him to see. A box of three condoms.

“You don’t have anything and I don’t have anything,” she said. “I can’t get pregnant anyway. But you like putting one onto your fingers to slip up the back side and I very much like a good double penetration. I’ll do bareback vag to ass, but not ass to vag.”

His brain stopped. Staring at the box and then looking into her eyes again. “I’m not ready to love. It’s too soon.”

“Neither am I,” she replied. “It’s not about love and I’m not asking for a relationship. It’s about want and need and sharing things we both enjoy a great deal. I need to know it can be good again. I don’t even want foreplay right now. I need penetration and lots of it, so go as long as you can.”

That was good enough for him. He pulled her jeans off, taking the bikini underpants with them…and tried to ignore the bruises covering her from top to bottom. She pulled her shirt over her head while he undressed.

His warm, curly-fuzzed chest against her cool breasts, his chocolate caramel skin against her pale, soft lips on hers as he leaned on his hip between her thighs. Her small hand grasped his hardening shaft in the casual stroke of an experienced woman.

“You can tell me to stop. Right now,” he said.

“No, I can’t. I need it too much. Please.”

“Please it is,” he said, turning into position to drive his cock all the way in.

She flinched a wince with the pain she’d expected, and gave a relieved groan when the sensation passed. That fast, it was only good. Lifting her hips to take him as far as he could fit, she sighed away the world. 

Balls deep on the first undulation, he took to his slower rhythm for a good, long riding. Taking her through several hard cums, he was in no hurry to have anything finished.

“Are you ready for the other now?” he asked after he’d given her a few more.


Still inside her, he paused to open the box and rip open a package. Condom rolled onto his middle two fingers, he reached around her thigh and under to find the tight center of her anal opening. One fingertip at first, to start to open her, then the other, sliding that first half inch, then the full inch, driving deeper and deeper with each until he was fucking her ass the full length of his fingers. 

She started the humping on her own, needing more and taking his double penetration for another good, long time. He couldn’t hold off his ejaculation anymore.

“Don’t stop your hand,” she hurriedly gasped when she thought he would stop. “Please. Keep going.”

He did, taking her onto her side face to face for more kissing while she held him tight and sighed and groaned her bliss.

“You like a long ass fuck a lot more than most women I’ve known,” he commented when she was still able to cum half an hour later.

“I adore it. When you can get hard again, I want you to fuck it with your cock as hard as you can for as long as you can.”


“Very hard.”

“Like this?” he said, and rammed his fingers into her far harder.

“Fuck, yes!” she groaned, liquid cum gushing from her puss.

“I like how much you cum,” he said when she grunted out another one a moment later. “My cock is getting hard. You still want it?”

“Fuck yes!” she gritted out, shuddering against him.

“Then get on your knees and open your ass for me.”

But he didn’t stop his hand. She had to do it while his fingers were still working in and out of her. Turning onto her knees first, backing to the edge of the bed and parting her knees wide, cheek to the mattress and puss pulsing hard, all the while his hand giving her no respite.

Once she was in position, he pulled his fingers out and stripped the condom off inside out. Another on his cock, he was in her hard to the base, and bent over to kiss her flaming hot cheek.

“Jerome was a stupid fool not to take you back to your home that night. How hard you want me, baby?”

“Like you intend your cock to come out the top of my head.”

That’s what he gave, her loud screams into the mattress spurring him on. He reached around her hip to find the point of her clitoris. Wide open, exposed and vulnerable, a touch made her give an involuntary yelp of surprise. He took to tapping it twice in a row every twentieth (or so) thrust into her, keeping her on the edge of a clitty popper until she was pounding a fist into the mattress. Then he kept patting continuously until she went into the full body gripper orgasm. His body slamming into hers while she shuddered violently on her knees, she was as passionate as some she-beast.

“More, baby?”


He pulled out, pulled the condom off, flipped her over onto her back and rammed himself hard into her soaking wet puss. She was beyond insatiable, completely lost to her own lust and greedy need. Limbs drained of all strength yet she still managed to lift her hips to fuck him back. Her arms far overhead, he placed his hands over her bruise-covered breasts to grip and brace himself. She only came again. 

He finished off with a mighty groan, and came back to the physical place. The movie’s credits were rolling. They’d fucked through the entire two hour and fourteen minute movie.

“God damn, woman! You always fuck like that?” he asked, falling behind her on the bed while she turned onto her side to face the television.

“When I need to,” she said, flicking a finger out to start the tape rewinding.


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TylerRose. is known as Dame Tyler in the NYC public SM/Fetish scene. She is an award-winning author who has written two “lifestyle”, four cartoon, and twentysomething fiction books.

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