Silly Dirty Talk (A tiny piece of Arlyn: Adjutant & Apostle)

“Do you need to be full, my sweet?” he asked.

“Please, Master,” she replied, eyes closed.

He left the bed a moment, returning with two smaller pieces of rope and something that landed with a thump when he dropped it onto the bed. First he wrapped a wrist with the rope, five times around, and tied it to the corner post. Repeated with her left wrist, her eyes showing him calm trust and quiet anticipation.

He spent long minutes feeling the shape of her thighs with slow, confident hands. Tugging and twisting her pubic hair between his fingers, pulling her labia wide, plucking her nipples, he generally played with her while she was vulnerable to him. When he was ready, he reached for the thing that had thumped onto the bed.

She opened her eyes to see a shaft of carved ivory. Rounded tip about an inch and a half wide, it grew thick and fat to a four-inch-wide base with gently swooping carved shapes. It was about eight inches long tip to base Her heart fluttered to pounding just to see it as he reached around his back to buckle a thick leather belt around his hips. The base of the ivory pressed into him just above the base of his own useless cock.

“Are you ready?”

A thousand things she wanted to say. Be gentle. Not too hard. She threw them all aside and nodded.

“Please, Master.”

“Say that again and say what you want me to do,” he said.

“Please give me a good fucking, Master.”

He grinned, lowered himself over her for a kiss to her cheek. “So polite. I like a filthy-mouthed cunt. Say it again but call me a fucking bastard instead of Master. Call me every profane word you’ve never been allowed to say. Be a foul-mouthed whore for me.”

“Shut up and ride me, you shit-fucking whoreson,” popped out of her in frustration.

He chuckled, reaching down to the swirled ivory shaft to guide it into her.

“Fuck that’s good,” she groaned. “Fill my cunt”

He did, pushing forward until half of it was inside her and she shuddered in orgasm from the fullness alone.

“Thank you, Master,” she said when the climax subsided.

“We’re not nearly done. Keep talking. Don’t worry that you’ll hurt my feelings. You won’t. You can say anything you want,” he told her. “Be insulting toward my lack of manhood. Tell me what you want me to do.”

“You want me to treat you like a mounting slave?” she asked.

“If that’s how you want to look at it. I have no cock to satisfy. Fucking you is for your satisfaction. I just like doing it.”

He started a rhythmic motion, mindful of how deep he was going.

“Open your cunt for me, slattern,” he said. “Let me get my fat rod all the way into you.”

She groaned, relaxing to let her body receive him. “Deeper, worthless eunuch. Fuck me like you mean it.”

“As you command, slut moll.”

He increased his speed, driving deeper and watching the ivory disappear into a hole that opened wider and wider.

“That’s my good whore. Take it all,” he said.

“You need a second fake cock to satisfy me, you’re such a sorry ass. You can’t fuck me hard enough.”

“You’re right, I can’t,” he admitted. “But I’ll hump your cock socket as long as you can take it, poonani.”

“Worthless sploogebag,” she said, one she’d heard from the First Mate she’d bedded with, when he’d cursed out one of the sailors.

She came hard, the rounded over swirling ridges of the ivory replacing the veins and texture of a penis. He worked her faster to keep her coming, and pulled out all at once. He watched as her liquid gushed out in a profuse flood.

“Sluthole likes to be treated like a dirty cunt,” he said. “Time to fuck your ass. Beg me to do it, goochslit.”

“Beg you? No. You fuck my ass right now, dickless shit muncher.”

He chuckled with delight and slid the ivory into her ass until he felt resistance. Out a little and driving in again, his skin prickling with the sounds of distress she made.

“I’m going to crack your ass wide open to take this whole thing whether you like it or not.”

“Then fucking do it already, big mouth piss guzzler.”

“You like your ass raped out harder, shithole?”

“Harder than you can manage, puny-cocked coward,” she said.

She took the tool almost to the base, screaming out “Master!” in a paingasm that squirted ejaculate out from her puss.

“Harder, cunt?”

“Yes, Master!”

The name-calling game was over. He’d broken her concentration with that powerful orgasm and she landed squarely on her original learned vocabulary, her default.

He slowed his pace, kept to an even motion until she was rising to another of those shattering climaxes. He did the same thing to her that he’d done in her puss. Let her build up to that teetering edge and then stripped the tool out of her. She came another jet of liquid that splashed over his pubic triangle and the ivory rod for a solid three seconds. Reaching to the rope at the top, he brought it and her knees down. Unwrapped swiftly and tossed aside, he reached for the quick release loops on her wrists.

He kissed her cheek. “You’re fun.”

“Thanks. So are you.”

About the Author

TylerRose. is known as Dame Tyler in the NYC public SM/Fetish scene. She is an award-winning author who has written two “lifestyle”, four cartoon, and twenty fiction books that you can find on Amazon. (USA site. For others, search your country’s site for B00HCPLSP2 )

Arlyn: Adjutant & Apostle can be found here: (USA site. For others, search your country’s Amazon site for B07646YM2Z )

You can find more of her work in Fetlife:

She enjoys crocheting and baking, and will no doubt die with a thesaurus open on her thigh.



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