Strike A Pose

“Yeah, right,” Liz snorted from the other side of the coffee shop, staring at the screen of her laptop.

The noise caught Rick’s attention and interest, but he wasn’t curious enough to get up from his own seat. He was in the groove on the game he was playing, and his mocha was at that perfect temperature between scalding and ice cold that made it drinkable. As much as he wanted to know what his red-headed friend was scoffing at, there were more pressing concerns at hand.

So, it wasn’t until after she had already left the café that he happened to navigate to her social media page and see the meme she had responded to.

Illustrated with little hand clapping emojis between the words, the meme read: “STOP. PRESSURING. GIRLS. TO. TRY. ANAL. IF. YOU’RE. NOT. GONNA. TRY. IT. TOO.” Which made him chuckle. He was a fan of anal, and being bisexual, that meant both giving and receiving. Furthermore, while he was happy to indulge (or even suggest it to a paramour) he’d never pressure a woman into it. But he was well aware of the common misconception that dudes were all pressuring girls into giving up their ass, while being terrified of anything happening to their own. But what made him really laugh about her post was her response, written above the meme. “Must be my own weird experiences, but I’ve never been with a dude who actually suggested giving it. A few who asked to receive it though.”

He shook his head in disbelief. Liz was gorgeous – a totally stacked, voluptuous red-head, with an hourglass figure cultivated from wearing corsets, a bosom which could only be described as buxom, and an ass the likes of which people wrote poetry, carved sculptures in marble, painted portraits in oil, and launched ships to conquer Troy. Beyond that, from their talks, he knew she was naturally submissive and a bit of a pain-slut. In other words, she would be the perfect woman for an ass-fucking. Just the thought of it was enough to make him hard, forcing him to adjust his jeans in the crowded café. He thought back to when Liz had left fifteen minutes prior. He noticed the way her hips swayed under the tight pinstripe skirt she had been wearing, and the shape of her cheeks bouncing with each step.

He sighed as he gathered up his computer to leave. Liz was a friend. Just a friend. Fantasizing about taking her from behind and shoving his cock into her ass might be a fun indulgence, but their friendship had to come first. Still, he had a feeling that visions of her would be in his head as he tried to go to sleep tonight.

-One Week Later-

“Do you still take pictures?” Liz asked Rick as they relaxed out on the patio. It was an unseasonably warm October night, and with the warmth of their drinks they were both enjoying the excuse to sit outside instead of in the crowded café.

“Some, yeah,” he responded. “Why do you ask?”

“Because…” Liz trailed off her response, unsure if she wanted to go ahead with her request. “Because I’ve got some new lingerie, and no one to show it off to, and kinda was hoping you’d be willing to take some photos for me. Like a boudoir shot sort of thing?”

He almost did a spit-take with his latte on hearing her request. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah?” she answered uncertainly. “I mean, sometimes a girl just wants to feel sexy and appreciated, and I don’t really feel good about looking for someone new right now. But having some pics I could post anonymously would be kind of awesome. And I trust you to take them.”

It had only been a few months since Liz had separated from her last boyfriend – a total alpha male Domly Dom who had always rubbed Rick the wrong way. He wasn’t sad to see her leave the guy, but since her happiness mattered to him, he was a little bummed that she still wasn’t confident about putting herself back out there. Still, if she was willing to trust him to take the pictures, he was more than happy to do so.

“Sure, I can do that for you. My rate is $100 per hour.” Her eyes widened in shock.

“Nevermind…” Liz said looking away, before Rick interrupted.

“Hey, I was kidding! No charge, I’m happy to do it. I mean, I guess I get to admire your mostly naked body for the length of the shoot. That’s payment enough.”

She turned back to him. “Yeah?” A mischievous smirk appeared on her face. “I had no idea you fancied me.”

“You’re my friend, first. But, well, yeah. You’re gorgeous and sexy.”

“Alright then, how about tomorrow night? My apartment? Say, seven-ish?”

“Do you have a space to shoot?”

“I’ll make sure the bedroom is set up for it. I’ve still got some of the theatre’s lighting gear stored in my laundry nook, so there’ll even be lighting options.”

“It’s a date.” Liz looked likes she was about to make a comment, so he added. “Or, well, not a date. But I’ll be there.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

-The Next Night-

Rick wasn’t sure what to expect when he knocked on the door to Liz’s apartment, but it wasn’t her appearing before him wearing a short black silk robe, and little else. The robe was short enough he could see the tops of her black seamed stockings, and the fasteners that disappeared up under the robe, with a few inches of pale flesh exposed. She was in heels, which made her almost the same height as him, but not quite. The robe was belted tightly, which made the top gap open, revealing a generous amount of her chest to him, and suggesting to him that there wasn’t much on under it. Her deep red hair was swept up in a messy updo that was just mussed enough to suggest that the person it belonged to had been in bed.

Her make-up was on point, thick enough to be deliberate, black lines tracing her green eyes with slight wings, her full lips painted red, and heavy blue-black eyeshadow which offset the brightness of her eyes even behind her glasses.

One hand was still on the door, but the other held her robe tight, showing off her fresh manicure, her nails long and a deep red that was almost black.

“Wow…” Rick said before he could think of anything more appropriate to say.

Liz giggled. “I take it you approve then?”

“Gods yes.”

“Well come inside then, and let’s get started.”

Liz led him through the apartment. He had been there before, but never seen anything other than the kitchen nook, the living room, and the bathroom. The door to her bedroom had always been closed when he visited. For the first time, it was opened to him, and he wasn’t terribly surprised by what he saw.

It was mostly pink and girly, with lots of stuffed animals currently on the floor (which he suspected normally resided on the bed). The bed was currently loaded down with extra pillows, and there were light stands strategically placed around the room, and he noted that there were different colored gels to allow him to play with the specific lighting some.

“Alright, how do we start?” she asked. “I’ve modeled lingerie for exes, but I’ve never done a shoot like this before.”

“Neither have I, really. I’ve done some fashion modeling, but nothing like this. How about you get up on the bed to start, and just start posing the way you would for a lover? I’ll move around with my camera, and then either one of us can make suggestions as they occur to us?”

Liz nodded and got onto the bed, kneeling and facing him, hands gently playing with the belt of her robe.

“Alright, start,” he said, authority creeping into his tone. Rick didn’t consciously realize he was doing it, but something about Liz’s posture just screamed out “Dominate me.” And something deep within him wanted to listen to that request.

Liz began by flirting with her eyes and mouth looking at him as he got his camera out and started to shoot. Winking, licking her lips, allowing her hands to play with the edges of the robe, pulling it slightly more open, or up her legs.

“That’s it,” Rick said. “Seduce me. Convince my camera that you’re worthy of being used. Make me, make everyone who ever sees this pictures want you. Want to use you.” He snapped away, thankful for digital cameras and increased memory sticks that meant he wasn’t going to have to stop to switch film anytime soon.

His words cut right through her, touching her deep within, and making her get wet. Without meaning to, Rick had managed to say exactly the right thing to set of her submissive desires. She got bolder, turning away from Rick and lowering herself to her hands and knees, one hand coming back to pull the silk away from her ass, revealing the black lace thong she wore. The lace went right between the perfect globes of her ass, the gusset just wide enough to conceal the lips of her labia from Rick’s camera.

Liz arched her back, presenting her ass to him. She was well aware that it was her best asset, and she wanted these pictures to feature it.

“God,” Rick muttered quietly. “I can’t believe no one has ever fucked that ass.” He adjusted himself with one hand while he continued to shoot. He spoke up, hoping Liz hadn’t heard his first statement as he began to give her instructions. “Push back towards me. Now, use your hands to spread your cheeks. Tease me. Make me want to rip those panties aside and shove my tongue up there.” Liz followed his instructions, and didn’t give any sign that she had heard the first statement.

The shoot continued, with Liz losing the robe shortly in. It turned out there was a garter belt and a skimpy half-cup bra that was nowhere near up to the task of actually containing her boobs under the black silk. As they continued, Liz found herself slipping more and more into a submissive state, moving her body entirely under his instructions, as Rick also found himself being more direct and forceful. He never told her to remove bra or panties, but as she moved her breasts continuously threatened to escape the confines of the skimpy bra, and her panties were slight enough that while her labia and inner folds remained hidden, little else did.

The room was heating up quickly from the intensity of the stage lights, and despite being mostly naked, Liz was soon covered in a sheen of sweat, which also hid how wet she was getting from the shoot – from the excitement of knowing others would see these photos, and from seeing Rick get into it. She knew he tended towards Dominance in bed, but she hadn’t ever been in the position to witness it firsthand.

Rick was getting hot himself, and quickly stripped off his sweatshirt so that he was wearing only a thin T-shirt with a superhero logo on it. Liz admired how his muscles moved under the thin shirt, and how the sweat quickly made it mostly transparent. She could tell that he was in decent shape, muscled without being bulky, and slim but not so focused on eating out that he didn’t have a tiny bit of a beer gut. The imperfection made him even more attractive to her.

Meanwhile, Liz’s body and her submission was getting to Rick. He had never seen her this undressed before, and everything about her body was exciting for him, including her stretch marks, her belly, even the unshaven hair under her arms.

“Lose the bra,” he told her. “Cover your tits with your arms. Tease me. Don’t show me everything. But I want your chest bare.”

Liz didn’t even think twice before reaching back and unhooking the bra, one arm quickly coming across her tits to cover her nipples and to push her breasts up. They were heavy and had a great deal of natural sag to them, which only made them more enticing to Rick.

“You’re fucking perfect, you know that? You’re such a natural slut. You’re getting excited by this, aren’t you?” Rick asked rhetorically. He knew the answer, and so did she. “Go, stand by the mirror. Push your ass against it. Thrust your tits out at me.” Liz quickly followed his instructions, and Rick snapped away, knowing that once her head was cropped out of the shot, that this was the one that would be the highlight of the shoot.

“Now, get on the bed. Like you were at the beginning. Hands and knees, facing away from me. Tits and face in the bed, presenting that ass.”

“Yes sir,” she said, not even realizing she had used the title.

Rick closed in on her, the lens of his camera focusing on the crevice between her ass cheeks. He was nearly overcome with lust as he snapped away.

With one hand he reached out, crossing lines between photographer and model as he put his hand firmly on one cheek of her bottom. He gently squeezed, loving the give of her flesh. Her ass was fleshy and full and perfect. He knew it was outside the boundaries that should have been set, but now that he was this close he could smell her arousal, and knew that she was as excited as he was.

“I’m going to spank that perfect bum of yours now,” he said, his voice thick with desire.

“Please,” she moaned into her beadspread.

His hand moved back, he lined himself up, and then he swatted her bum, the smack loud in the room. Her ass jiggled from the impact, and he saw a red handprint where he had made contact. Liz groaned, low and deep, and it almost sounded like a word.

“What did you say?”

“More,” she said, turning her head. “Spank me again. Please.”

That was all Rick needed to hear, and he began raining blows down on her ass, alternating from one cheek to another. Before long, Liz was moaning into her pillow, and to Rick it seemed like she was on the verge of cumming, just from the stimulation of being spanked.

After several minutes, he was soaked in sweat, from exertion and from now being under the lights. He peeled off his shirt, throwing it to the side as he looked at her ass, red from the attention. It looked amazing. Except for one thing.

He reached between her legs, grabbing the lace of her panties. “Dirty girls like you need to be spanked bare bottomed,” he said as he pulled. Liz spread her legs, easily allowing him to remove the panties. He saw her pussy for the first time then, lips engorged with arousal, moisture glistening between her legs, and the small patch of pubic hair matted from sweat and her natural lubrication. Her thong had done nothing to keep him from swatting her ass, and they both knew it, but the excuse to remove them was perfect.

He began to spank her again, this time making sure that his swats hit between her cheeks, smacking her asshole. He saw the hole dilate from excitement each time his finger hit her there, and Rick desperately wanted to shove his face between Liz’s ass cheeks and eat her. But he refrained. He spanked again, this time coming solidly between her thighs, his hand landing directly on her bare pussy, his fingers smacking into her clit.

Liz didn’t realize how close she had been, but that action on the most sensitive part of her anatomy was enough to push her over the edge and she shrieked into her pillow as she shuddered, the orgasm washing over her.

“Oh god,” she cried. “Take me. Right now. I can’t take any more of this.”

Rick smiled and moved behind her as he undid his jeans. He shimmied them down as he lined himself up with Liz’s pussy. He was harder than he had ever been before, and the head of his shaft was dripping with his precum. The fluids from each of them, along with the sweat coating their bodies, made their skin slipper to the touch, and as he gently poked between her nether lips with his tool, he slid between them, not penetrating her, but instead teasing her.

Rick looked down, admiring the perfect view of Liz beneath him, her pale skin glistening. His cock stood proudly between them and he used one hand to adjust it, so it lay between the generous globes of her ass. He stroked up and down between her legs, the head of his cock moving from her clit up to her asshole with each stroke.

“Please, sir, please. Stop teasing me. Just fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

“As you wish,” he said as he pushed forward sinking an inch of his shaft into her.

“Ughhhhh,” she groaned as she squeezed internally. “More. Don’t be gentle. Just fuck me hard.”

And he did. Rick gripped her by her hips, and thrust hard, burying the rest of his cock into her, pulling a shriek from her lips as he did so. He immediately withdrew, and then began to hammer back into her. His gaze remained locked down between them where their bodies met, but he couldn’t resist staring at her asshole, the brown eye winking at him as he fucked her, slightly opening and closing with each thrust.

He had to have more, her ass was just irresistible, and he slipped one finger into the folds of her pussy alongside his cock, coating it in their combined fluids for lubrication. Gently he pushed the tip of his finger against her anal passage, and after the slightest resistance he felt her open up to his finger and then he had it sunk into her ass. He gently fingered and probed, his gentleness there in direct contrast to the hard fucking he was giving her.

“Did you really meant what you wrote? No guy has ever asked to fuck your ass?”

“Ughhhh… Ah….” Liz moaned. “No… no one ever….”

“How does it feel?” Rick asked as he fingered her slightly more vigorously. Feeling her start to loosen up he added a second finger.

“More. Please,” Liz groaned as she felt another orgasm building.

Rick obliged, and intensified his thrusts into her, loving the way each thrust made her ass jiggle as he wormed his second finger fully into her rear passage, finger fucking her ass in counterpoint to the thrusts from his cock.

Just as he felt her nearing her second climax, he stopped, holding himself completely still. Liz whinnied in frustration.

“No… please… I was so close….”

“You know what I want to do, don’t you?”

Liz hesitated for a moment before answering, which made Rick withdraw his fingers from her ass before pushing back in fiercely. “Don’t you?”

“Yes… Yes, I do,” Liz moaned.

“Then beg for it. Beg for it like the anal slut I know you want to be.”

“Please, sir. Please fuck my ass. Take my anal virginity. Shove that cock of yours deep inside me. Tear me open.”

Rick grinned. He withdrew his cock from Liz’s cunt, seeing how she gaped open as he pulled out, and he put the head of it against her pucker. He knew from fingering her that she was reasonably lubricated and loosened up, and his cock was slick with lubrication, so he decided not to tease either of them any longer.

“Since you asked so nicely,” he said and he began to push against her.

“Push back, that’ll make you loosen up,” he said as he felt her body struggle to accept him. His fingers slipped below them, and began to stroke her clit. The additional stimulation and his instructions were enough, and with a shudder he felt her open up and he sank several inches into her.

“Ohmygod,” she moaned, a sound that was filled with both pleasure and pain.

“I’m not going to pull out, but do you need me to stop for a moment while you adjust?”

“No,” she said. “Give me more.”

Rick pulled back slightly, and then thrust forward again, managing to get another inch of his shaft into her. Hearing no objections, he continued this process of withdrawal and thrusting until finally he was completely embedded in the finest ass he had ever beheld, her red cheeks firm against his hips.

“How are you feeling now?” he asked as his continued to gently play with her clit.

“Full. So full. So…” she wiggled her hips. “Fuck me. Now. Just fuck me.”

And he did. Slowly at first, doing his best not to hurt her, but as her groans shifted from ones of discomfort and pain into pleasure, he sped up, fingertips a blur as they moved across her clit.

At this point though, after fucking her pussy for some time, being teased by her for over an hour, and having just experienced the thrill of taking her anal virginity, he was already on a hair trigger, and so after only a few minutes he felt his balls tighten.

“I’m going to cum,” he warned her as he thrust in and out. “Where… where do you want it?”

“My ass. Please. You’ve taken it. Claim it. Make it yours. Own it.”

That was all he needed to hear. Several more thrusts, harder and faster than any that had come before, and he was nearly there. And then she said it. “Cum in me. Cum in my ass. Please.”

And he did. With a roar, with a scream, with a moment of blackout that made him think that perhaps he was dying. But he came back, still fully embedded in her.

He pulled out then, and fell down to lie next to her on the bed. Liz immediately curled into him.

“Why the hell did we wait so long to do that?” she asked with a smile. She leaned in to kiss him them, and their lips came together for the first time.

“I have no idea,” he said when they broke apart. “But let’s not wait years to do it again, ok?”

“What are you doing in… oh, say the next fifteen minutes?”

Rick smiled. “Fucking you again, I think.”

“What luck! I have an opening in my schedule.”

About the Author

Broken Unicorn has been a writer since he was a child, starting off writing decidedly non-erotic stories about superheroes. As he got older, he started writing erotica about superheroes, before eventually discovering his kinky side and writing about people who could live in the real world. He lives in the midwest, and is happy to live in a very full house that includes four humans and two dogs. He can be found under the profile Broken_Unicorn


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