Subculture Allure: Chapter 3: Cupcake’s Pleasure

“Master, your bow, leathers, and equipment are ready, all that is left to procure are the ‘arrows’ you would like to use.” Cupcake said while entering Master’s room completely naked aside from collar and a small string bells on her left ankle.  She kneeled at the foot of his bed and put her head down. 

Master looked up from his book. “Come to me my love.” Master said while extending his arms to her from his laying position on the bed. Cupcake smiled and lay with him, in his loving embrace. He kissed her on the forehead.

“Do you remember what you need and how to make our special arrows?” He said while caressing her lovely naturally red long hair. 

Master pushed his slave into the plush bed on her back. She smiled and let out a soft moan. He reached for her wrists and raised them above her head. 

“Leave them there.” He said.

“Yes Master.” She moaned.

He caressed her left nipple with his tongue, making it peak with hardness. He bit at it a little roughly making her wince. He then stood up and undressed.

“Don’t you fucking move.” He said. 

Master went to the bedroom ‘toy chest’, as we call it. Each of Master’s girls have a set of special toys that are fluid-bonded to her and her alone. Master has a total of three girls and has one under consideration, they are in the preliminary dating phase. Master has a process for these things and keeps his girls informed of every step. 

Master retrieved Cupcake’s favorite toy from the toy chest; her Magic Wand. Master went to the side of the bed next to her. Cupcake was still laying there, with her hands above her head, no binding was necessary. 

“Kiss your wand baby.” He said. She kissed the head of the wand and looked up at Master and smiled. He kissed her passionately. He went to between her legs on the bed and spread them wide open. He wanted access. She had better give him enough access to herself, all of her. He began to kiss her mound and licked her pussy lips. He kissed her clitoris and tongued it vigorously. She began to moan softly. 

He could feel her clit begin to swell. Master could hear her breathing match his tongue. He then turned on the magic wand. She moaned with anticipation. He began to rub it by her opening first and ease his way to her clit. No sooner did it reach her clit, when she began to squirm trying to stave off her orgasm. 

“Stop moving and squirt for me, squirt for me little slut.” Master growled at her. 

“Thank you Master.” She continued to moan while smiling at him in between her luscious legs. 

He held the want on her sweet spot. Cupcake couldn’t control herself anymore and began to cum. She started moaning loudly and squirted. She made a mess of Master’s sheets. 

“Good girl, turn over and ass up.” He said with a smirk. Cupcake did as she was told. Master went to the toy chest and grabbed her favorite cock-gag, her thickest dildo. He inserted the dildo into her pussy roughly. Cupcake winced and let out a loud moan as he did this. Then Master taped it to her so it wouldn’t slip out. Mind you, Master isn’t irresponsible, he keeps the right kind of medical grade tape on hand that would suit her, not damage her skin, or be an irritant. Master keeps his girls hairless, so hair isn’t an issue.

Cupcake is a good girl, she never breaks the positions Master orders her into. So, she was still ass up on the bed. Master spat on her cute little asshole and gently slid his cock in. He could feel his cock being wrapped by her ass. The tightness of her ass made him harder. The thought of loosening it up made his cock throb with pleasure. He began to move back and forth slowly. Cupcake began to moan with her fullness. 

“Mmm, Master, thank you Master. I feel so, so full. Oh my God, I’m so full.” She continued. He grabbed her thick fiery red hair by the fist and began to push into her, deeper and deeper as she loosened to accommodate his large throbbing cock into her little ass.  

After she came another two times, he released his load into her ass. He removed the tape gently and the dildo gently. She collapsed, very pleased, into the comfort of Master’s bed. Master then soon joined her, holding her to his content. 

The next morning, Cupcake gathered Sherry and me in the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Master and ourselves. 

“So,” Cupcake said, “Girls, we have a few chores today. We will be making the arrows for Master’s hunt.” Sherry and I looked at each other puzzled and then looked to Cupcake. 

“Yes! We are making arrows! I know it sounds silly, but it will be fun. Personally, I don’t want to get hit my anyone else’s arrows except Master’s.” She said with a smirk.

I responded, “What on earth are you fucking talking about?”

“Remember, Master asked me to get things ready for his hunt. He’s not hunting Elk or Deer or something like that, he, along with other Masters are going to be hunting us! He has a friend who is another Master with a cabin. We are going to be their prey! I am so excited!” Cupcake explained.

Master and his other Master buddies are getting together at one of their cabins. There we will be separated from Master and put in a pen with the other Masters’ girls. Then, each Master will get the same count of these special arrows. These special arrows are the essentially the archery equivalent of a paint balling. This way the girls aren’t hurt, save for maybe a small discoloration and the girl is thus “caught and tagged”. The point of this game aka hunt is to tag as many slaves as they can. They may do what they wish with those slaves (within contract) for a pre-determined amount of time. If a girl was not tagged then she would serve him with his catch of the day and get alone time at a later time. 

After Cupcake went on to explain all of this, Sherry, Cupcake and I made these arrows in several different colors, one to denote each master. 

Master walked into the living room where we had set up a production line of sorts to create and assemble these arrows. “Great job girls. I am very proud of your contribution. I will hold conversations with each of you, privately, to discuss the purpose of these ‘arrows’ and to determine which two of you will be going with me this trip. The girl that doesn’t get to go is not a loser, however, she will spend private time with me. I have booked our own little cabin where we will spend a weekend together, alone.”

The girls and I looked at each other in wonderment. Either way it sounded like a win. I knew Master would choose what he thought was appropriate, but I couldn’t help but think about spending alone time with him. So, if he chose me to go, I was determined to run and avoid being tagged and captured. If he didn’t choose me, I know I would feel left out but that I would get Master all to myself after the trip. 

“I am so excited Master,” Cupcake said, “I can’t wait to out run those other girls so I can spend some quality time with you Master.” 

“I think this would be fun, but what if the other Masters or their girls don’t like me? Sherry said insecurely. 

“You will be fine my beautiful Sherry.” He said kissing her on the forehead. I looked at Master, he looked back and smiled to me. He kissed my forehead too. 

That evening, I laid in bed trying to imagine how everything would turn out, how the other Masters and their girls would be and how much I wanted to please Master show him what I could do. Although, what would Master decide? Would Master permit me to be apart of the hunt? Or, would he perhaps choose a weekend alone with me?




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