Subculture Allure: Chapter 4: Silence is Golden

“Where do you think you’re going little girl?” A man said while I walked past.

I ignored him. I looked straight ahead walking past him in the dimly lit hallway. He began to follow. I hurried my steps. I was wearing a thong, purple pasties, and purple patent leather heels to match. My hair was loosely curled. I wore Master’s favorite lipstick shade; red.

“I haven’t seen you at one of these parties before.” He continued while walking behind me.

At that instant, Master turned the corner in front of me and approached. “Nadu!” He barked. I instantly obeyed. Master stood over me while he stared at the man who was following me, who was still walking towards us. The man raised his hands palms forward in gesture and said “Sorry man, I didn’t know she was yours.” 

“Not only is she mine, but she is a lady. Did she speak to you?” Master said

“No.” said the man who was still processing what was happening.

“She didn’t, wouldn’t that tell you to fuck off? I should hope so. Catcalling women or following down the hallway is not appropriate behavior. You may leave this even and not return until you have learned some manners.” Master lectured. 

The man walked away and left the party. “Good girl” Master said while patting my head. I looked up. He extended his hand to me. “You may rise, my dear.” I rose with his guidance. “You know, I wouldn’t be upset if you knocked him out, I know you wanted to.” Master smirked. “Yes Master, I am aware, however I didn’t want to destroy my new manicure.” I smiled while showing Master my new set of nails. 

“Yes, that would be shame.” He kissed my nails and began kissing my lower arm working his way up. He began to kiss my neck and kiss my lips. I giggled. 

“Yes, I don’t care if you get your lipstick all over my lips. I want those lips. I own those lips.” He continued. “Your gorgeous tits, your gorgeous face, your gorgeous mind, your gorgeous soul.” I love you and own every bit.” I giggled again and blushed. He grabbed my hair. “Is that funny little one? Do I make you roar with laughter?” He said while gazing into my eyes. I giggled again and he grabbed my hair even more firmly. “Be careful how you answer you little slut. Be careful.” I began to open my mouth to say something and found his tongue deep inside my mouth. Tongue wrestling with mine. Feeling me with his. 

“Drop to your knees, say thank you to your Master’s cock for saving you from that asshole and release me from this aggressive energy with that gorgeous mouth of yours.” He said while unzipping his pants, right there, in the hallway of a mix event party.

I didn’t hesitate. I cannot hesitate. If I hesitated for even a second, I would be punished. Master is creative with punishments, therefore leaving me with one more reason to dare not disobey. I love Master, I love pleasing him. 

I unzipped his pants, maneuvered my way through to his boxers (this wasn’t hard) and pulled forth his semi hard cock. I began to caress the head with my tongue feeling it throb and begin to get harder. I began to take his cock into my mouth deeper. I reached for his balls, still trapped in its cotton confinement. I gently began to squeeze his balls with my hand while working my mouth and bobbing my head on his cock. He was getting so hard. So large and rock hard. 

Then someone walked past us, I knew not to change movement or look in their direction. He grabbed the back of my head, grabbed a handful of hair and began to face fuck me. I love being face fucked. I love every hole in me being used for his pleasure. I started to tear up from him hitting the back of my throat with his huge rock hard cock. I could feel my mascara start to run from my tears. 

He could hear me gagging. I could hear him moaning occasionally. He knew I was getting so wet. I knew I was dripping beyond my thong. I could feel my inner thighs moisten with my juices. Master finally gave me some relief and backed off from face fucking me and I began to lap up all my saliva mixed with his pre-cum. It tasted so good. He tastes so good. He began fondling my breasts while I was fondling his balls. He slapped my breast and I winced. He laughed.

He grabbed my hair firmly and began to face fuck me, I knew he was close. I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth. I wanted his cum. I was desperate to taste and swallow every last drop. Please Master, I thought, oh, please Master cum in my mouth. 

I started to tear up again when I felt his explosion of cum in my mouth. The warmth, the creaminess. I swallowed and sucked up every last drop. Master grunted as he came and that grunt turned into a last moan of satisfaction and I knew I had pleased him. I pleased my Master, my heart was throbbing with anticipated approval. 

“Good girl, there is a room down the other hallway, lets go.” He reached for my hand and once again guided me up and took me beneath his arm. He wiped up the mascara that had ran from my face and kissed my cheek. 

When we reached the room it had no door, a table in the corner and a sex swing in the middle. There was a tarp just below the swing. The walls were painted a crimson red, typical. The lights were dim, matching the rest of the dungeon. He guided me through the door. I looked at him as he adjusted the swing to a more appropriate height. He took off my thong, slowly, feeling my wet inner thighs while on the way down. I stepped out of the thong and he held them up smiling. 

“You wet little slut.” He smirked. I smiled. I was still under direction not to speak. “Get up there. This will be a good experience for you. Relax and enjoy my little slut.”

I did as he instructed. I lay in the webbing of the swing feeling its firm nylon against my skin. He forced my legs open and pulled me towards him. All of me was now exposed to any viewers at the door. Master patted my pussy and felt how firm and swollen my clitoris had become. He began to stroke my clit as be lapped up my wetness from my pussy lips and thighs. As soon as I began to moan, he reminded me I was to remain silent by pinching my clit. I jerked with the sharpness of the movement. I remained silent but breathed heavily. I was so ready for Master to slide his hard cock inside of my soft wet pussy, but he wasn’t. He stood up and undressed. He got fully undressed and stood over me while rubbing his cock in his hand. I smiled and gazed into his eyes. He walked around me slowly, never taking his eye off of my body or his hand off of his cock. 

He positioned himself in between my legs and rammed his cock into my pussy deep and hard. I let out a breathy whisper of a moan. I knew better than to disobey his direction of remaining silent. I also knew that that was borderline for him but he let it pass. I was so wet and finally getting the relief I had been hoping for. He began to pound his cunt and grabbed my legs for better grip. I could see my little patent leather purple heels glisten and bounce with every stroke of his hard cock moving in and almost out of my pussy. I could hear my wetness, the slap of his balls on my ass and the people gathering just outside the door watching us. 

He began pumping harder and harder. I knew he knew that we were being watched but he wanted it that way. He grabbed at my large firm breasts and pumped even harder. I knew that he wasn’t far from coming. The excitement of being watched brought me closer to cumming as well. I began to arch my back as much as the swing would allow, hoping he would continue to pound me deeper and deeper. Then I realized something. I couldn’t beg to be allowed to cum! He must have realized my shock as he gave me his notorious evil little grin. I stopped arching my back. He knew I could only cum with his permission beforehand. He began to slow his rhythm but extend as deep as he could into me. He pulled out of me and stood up. “You may cum now, little slut.” He said

I moved my had to my pussy and began to pub my clit. I was so close, it didn’t take but a minute before I squirted my relief towards Master who was standing just out of range. I lay back and Master re-entered me and fucked me harder than before. He began to cum inside of me, inside of his cunt, inside of his slave. It felt so good to take his cum into me. My pussy was throbbing with intensity. Master was panting and bent over onto me as much as he could. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed the top of his head. 

He looked up at me and said “Next week, you’re going with me for the hunt.”



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