Subculture Allure: Chapter 6 The Hunt, part 1

We pulled up to a cabin, a nice size, that I will come to find out had five bedrooms. Master parked the car, walked over to the passenger side of the car and open the doors for cupcake and I. She sat up front, which I didn’t mind, as the large backset allowed me to rest on our two hour drive up. Master kissed each one of us on the forehead.

The cabin was set back from the road far enough where you couldn’t even see the cabin through the woods in front of it. Cupcake showed me a map she had made of the property that will be given to each of us later before the hunt was to begin, so we know what bounds to stay within and so we didn’t get lost. The property backed up to a nature preserve so there was plenty of room to roam without seeing a single sobering sight of the outside world.

“Strip, put your clothes in your bags and leave your shoes on.” Master barked.

“Yes, Master.” Was our only reply. 

We stripped down to only our shoes, put our clothes in the bag and heeled Master to the front door.

As we approached the front door to the cabin, Master said “Tower.”

Each one of us immediately got into tower position, each one heeling Master on either side. He knocked on the heavy wooden door forcefully. We were greeting by a tender looking, naked (aside from her collar), young slave with pretty dirty blonde long hair with big doe eyes. 

Master looked upon her as if she was a piece of slave meat, and that she was. She had nice firm small breasts, a nice slender young figure. Her collar was steel with a ring and the bottom. 

“Welcome Master” She greets him shyly. “I will send slave Samira for your things Master.”   

“Please Master, please follow Cindy to the living room, where your friends await you.” Cindy said. Slaves will often speak of themselves in the third person, some Master’s prefer it, some don’t, everything is left to his discretion.   

“Come.” Master looked back and barked at us. We heeled him appropriately.

As slave Cindy turned to walk down the hallway, we saw her backside covered with week old whip marks. Cupcake and I looked at each-other in shock that a slave punished so recently would even be permitted to join her Master on such an important gathering. 

She proceeded us down the hall to a stately living room, which was more a library, crossed with a smoking room, crossed with a comfy living room. It was interesting to see the mounted animals on the wall, a nice bar in one corner, a large TV just underneath an Elk’s head and bookshelves flanking each side of it. 

We saw everyone and my eyes locked on Master Steve, to whom I had been given once. Then Cupcake and I immediately threw our glances to the ground to not offend the Masters by not being submissive slaves. 

“Ah, our final free man has arrived with two of his delicious girls in tow. Perfect.” Said Master Robert. 

“May I take command of your girls?” Said Master Robert to my Master. 

“Certainly.” My Master smiled.

“Go out into the yard and fetch wood for our fire tonight, Cindy, help them.” Master Brian barked.

“Yes Master.” We all said in unison.

Another slave, who had been kneeling in the corner until now, prepared a drink for my Master and presented it to him on her knees, in tower slave fashion. She was very graceful. I am very glad I got to sneak in a glance before we were outside gathering wood.

Now I know why we were made to wear shoes, we were put to work immediately. 

After a second bundle of sticks and wood were gathered to the pile, a Master, who I had met, stood there, near the pile and began to watch us. Then he began to approach. He then began to follow me. I stopped and kneeled in tower. 

“No, nadu.” He said while smiling. I moved to nadu. He walked around me, inspecting me. Then he began to run his fingers across my arms. He grabbed my hair in a tight fist. I winced. Then he released and smelled my hair. 

Then he began to run his fingers across my breasts and my hard nipples. He slightly pinched my left one and then caressed my entire breast. I was no nervous and scared. It was hot and turning me on. Even though I had never met him before, I knew that he would possess me, like owning any other belonging and do with me what he pleased, should he win me in the hunt tomorrow. I was getting wetter.

“Mmmmm, you would make a fantastic catch tomorrow. I want to own you for the night, or perhaps more.” He smiled. 

He kneeled down and ran his finger on my inner thighs and began to move upward. I began to breathe heavier. 

“You’re a hot little slut. I really want you. You will be fun.” He smirked.

“Oh, let them get back to work Master Tom, they gotta make dinner for us next, and I don’t want to be waiting because you delayed a slave.” Barked my Master.

“Fine, salve rise and complete your task” Master Tom said.

“Yes Master.” I rose and finished picking up sticks from the ground with my wetness running down my leg.



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