Subculture Allure: Chapter 6, The Hunt; Part 2

Dinner was served and went well. The various Masters in the room examined all of us while we served them. While pouring their wine, a Master occasionally would touch a slave intimately to test her resolve to keep performing her task. 

After dinner, the Masters moved to the den where they began smoking, drinking coffee and various alcoholic drinks. I oversaw the coffee service to the Masters that didn’t drink. While serving them, I selfishly thought to myself, how boring. I can’t show off the skills my own Master has instilled into offer a cigar or cigarette service to them, or even show off my bartending skills. I snapped out of this thought when I felt Master Tom touching and smelling my hair. I finished pouring his coffee and offered him cream while kneeling. 

He ignored me and began to brush the hair from my shoulders and examined my clavicle with his fingers and then lightly ran his fingers around and then down my shoulder. I shuttered with the softness of his touch. He let out a smile on one side of his lips, as if highly pleased at my involuntary reaction. He lightly grabbed my hair from the back of my head and leaned into me, he pressed his lips to my ear. “I will very much enjoy hunting you, capturing you, and hurting you, little slave” he said firmly while growling it into my ear. 

I shivered and swallowed my saliva. I could feel my cunt moisten. I slowly began to speak, “would Master like cream with his coffee?”. “No, little slave.” He said while waiving me off. I looked around the room and met with Master’s eyes. He witnessed everything and gave me a reassuring smile. I smiled in return.

Slave Cindy added more sticks and a small log to the fire, putting to use our collection from earlier, when Master Tom had caressed me once before. 

Our head slave Cindy instructed us to our shared rooms down the hall that were away from our Masters. They had separate quarters as it was discussed that the slaves should be fresh and ready for the hunt the next morning. You can’t keep a slave up all night fucking her when she is expected to perform to your specifications the next morning. 

In the morning, we made and served our Masters breakfast, ate breakfast ourselves and prepped our Master’s hunting gear. This gear included rope for tying captures, gags, hoods, safety items, hiking boots, bows, and specially modified “arrows” that would mark a slave as a capture of a specific Master. These arrows designed by cupcake were like slow, damage free equivalent of a paint ball. We then prepped ourselves, we were nude save for our collars, knee and elbow pads, hiking boots, and safety glasses. 

As we were assembling on the outside patio, Master Steve stopped me and said “Good to see you again. I hope to make you a capture of mine so I can enjoy you one more.” He kissed me on the forehead. “Good luck girl” He said and walked off, joining the other Masters. 

Master Robert, leader of the hunt, called us to attention, “slaves Inspection!” All eight of us moved instantly into position. “Masters, your final assessments may be made now, then we will give the girls a 10 minute head start” The property we were on backed up to a nature preserve so there was plenty of room to roam without seeing a single sobering sight of the outside world.

The Masters began to walk around us, touching, grabbing, opening our mouths, as if we were for sale. When my Master walked to Cupcake, his other slave, I saw her perk right up and he kissed her passionately on the lips. He then came to me and did the same. “Good luck my girl” he whispered to me. I saw the other four Masters do the same to their girls and asses the others. 

“Alright, slaves, you have a 10-minute head start. GO!” Master Robert yelled. I heard laughing from the Masters as we ran into the preserve. I knew then that the hunt wasn’t going to last long. Our Masters were avid hunters and experienced in this type of human game. 

I saw Cindy hide behind a bush, Amelie climb a tree and Samira hid behind a tree. I looked at Samira’s long beautiful legs and saw how wet men’s touch along with the thrill of being hunted made her. I smiled thinking my Master may capture this hot little slave. I saw cupcake running towards a hill, near the end of our given perimeter. I followed her for a bit. I was growing tired of running and slowed to a jog, then a walk. I knew better than to speak as that may attract a Master’s arrow at my back. I kneeled watching Cupcake. I knew she had been involved in another hunt and knew she would have the best advantage. 

I heard a scream break the silence in the distance and a Master yell, “Got one!”. I heard her moaning and grunting. I was too close to them, I thought. I began to move staying close to the ground moving toward Cupcake. Cupcake was now out of view. 

I could hear screams of girls and roars of laughter from Masters. I giggled while thinking of Master’s smile as he captures perhaps another girl. Then I saw him. It was Master Tom. He was close on my trail and it was my task to avoid capture. I hid behind a bush. I tried to slow my breathing so as not to be heard. Then I saw him raise his bow and release his arrow. It’s paint struck and splattered the back of a girl, but it wasn’t cupcake. I saw Master Steve heading in her direction and then I saw him tying her, gagging her, and walking her back to the cabin. I saw tom walking back his capture as well. I knew that that my Master and Master Robert were still out and that there were only a couple of us slaves left for capture. 

Then I felt the wetness of paint and thud of the arrow at my back. It was Master Roberts color. I dropped into Nadu immediately. I felt his boot against my back as he pushed me to the ground. 

“Good girl. You’re a hard one to capture. You’ve got fight in you; I like that” He said while grabbing my hair to raise my head to meet my gaze. He roughly kissed and tongued my ear and he mounted behind me to gather my hands behind my back and tie them. He lifted me to my knees. I looked in the direction of the cabin.

“Oh, no, were not going there yet.” He unzipped his pants and withdrew his large hard cock and pressed it to my lips. I opened my lips and began to take his length into my mouth as much as I could. It was big, and I began to gag. 

“Good girl, gag on your Master’s cock” he said while grabbing the back of my head forcing more of him into me. He then released and I gasped for air while I could, then he forced himself into my mouth again. I licked all of my saliva off of his cock and began to caress the head of his cock with my tongue. I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and bounced my lips back and forth on the edge of the head, while licking the very tip. He then forced his cock down my throat. He face fucked me while slapping my face. I relaxed into the face fucking. I began to moan, and my cunt dripped. He grabbed my throat and forced himself down my throat more while holding me at the base of his shaft. 

“Look at me slut, look at me slave.” He growled. I met his eyes and began to gag. He released me and I sucked harder and faster. I wanted his cum to soothe my throat as it was getting sore now. He started moaning louder. I would feel his cock grow stiffer in my mouth. I ran my tongue over every vein and became cock drunk. Then, I could feel his cock pulsate and throb, releasing his cum in my mouth. I began to slow my rhythm. I swallowed all his cum. I licked and sucked every incl of his still hard shaft to ensure I got every drop. I cannot waste a Master’s cum. He released his grip of me. “Good girl, lets go join the others.” He said. He helped me up. 

After about 20 minutes, we arrived back at the cabin patio. I surveyed the scene. A couple girls had gags, some had hoods and the others were merely the other girls were kneeling, where I then joined them. I saw Master Robert captured two, me included, Master Tom captured one, Master Steve had captured three and my Master captured two. I was pleased to see that Steve did so well, I knew he would enjoy Cupcake. 

“Took your time, didn’t you Rob?” said Master Steve. I blushed. 

“I stalked my prey a little. She has a bit of fight in her. I will enjoy her very much. Alright, lets have the girls get cleaned up and fix lunch. I know what Ill be having later for dinner.” Said Master Robert. The Masters laughed.


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