Subculture Allure; Chapter 7 The Spoils to the Hunter and to the Prey; Ravishment

“I have been waiting to make you mine all night. Watching your pretty lips wrapped around my cock earlier was electrifying. Take off your gear, I have run a bath for you.” My capturer stated.

“Yes, Master.” I solemnly replied and did as was instructed. I took off my socks and shoes, protective gear we were made to wear on the hunt and followed him to his private bathroom. The light was dim and sweet-smelling relaxing candles burned. I saw a bath perfectly drawn, bubbles and all. He pointed to the tub. I glanced and smiled at him, got in and sat in the bath. 

The water was warm and soothing. It was also quite relaxing after such an interesting day’s events. He grabbed a soft puffy luffa and let it saturate in my bath water where he grazed my arm with his. Our eyes met and I gave him a shy mile. He began at my shoulders, then lightly caressing my neck, then working his way down my back. 

I began to relax even more.

My Master felt my tensions ease. Then he grabbed a fist full of my hair forcing my head up to look at him. He smiled and kissed me. It was a deep and passionate kiss. He held me there for quite some time kissing my neck while rubbing my back, arms and chest with the luffa. I relaxed into him and let his luffa travel all over my body while he still maintained a firm grip of my hair, effectively holding me in place, which was to his will.

He released my hair.

Then began kissing me softly and sweetly. The luffa still making its rounds throughout my body. He spent time around my thighs, my navel, and even gracefully around each finger and toe. He knows how to bath a woman very seductively. 

He was still in his hunting shit and pants, though barefoot. 

“Stand.” He commanded. I did so without reservation. He pulled the sprayer from the facet and turned it on. He then rinsed my body and sweetly kissed and tongued my breasts. He finished rinsing my body and took care to ensure that my pussy was well rinsed. It was already lubricated. 

“Step out.” He guided me out of the tub and wrapped me in a soft plush robe. He made sure to tie the front. 

“Undress me.” He ordered. I did so, taking care to promptly remove each button from his shirt with quickness and ease. I removed the shirt from his body and noticed how well toned his arms were. I removed his undershirt. He had a nice amount of chest hair. I wanted to run my fingers over his chest. I folded each garment and set them on the vanity. Now, all I had left were his pants and boxers. I kneeled and unbuttoned his pants as he watched my every move. I helped him out of them. Then I slowly slid down his boxers revealing a large semihard cock. 

He went over to the shower, that was near the tub, turned on the water and hoped in. 

“Nadu!” He barked. I immediately went into position in front of him, in front of the shower. 

He stepped out, quickly toweled down (he hadn’t released me from nadu) and looked at me. He put the towel away and walked around me. He pet my head then grabbed me by my rob and drug me to the bedroom floor. I laid there looking at him.

He laughed.

With one smooth motion, he untied the robe and pulled it off me. I gasped. He walked over pulled me up by my hair and shoved my face into the bed. I could feel the coolness of the room against my bare ass. He slapped it and while still holding my head to the bed, he began to kiss and bite my back. Then suddenly I felt his hard cock against my ass. He began to force his way into my cunt. His spit on his cock helped that venture as I was left a little stunned. It felt so good to be ravished. I haven’t been forcibly taken in a while by my own Master, as it is reserved as a treat, and I knew it would please him to know he was ravishing me. 

With one more thrust he was fully inside of me and I let out a loud moan. He grabbed my throat, holding me effectively in position. He thrust in me harder and I moaned again with pleasure louder. He began his rhythmic motion of fucking my now dripping wet cunt.

“Wet little bitch aren’t you?” He moaned.

“Yes Master, Master knows what a girl likes”. I replied mid moan. 

He continued to fuck my cunt hard. Grunting with most thrusts. I could feel his cock stretch my hole well. I could feel myself getting closer to cumming. “Please Master, may I cum?” I pleaded

“Not yet” He replied. He released his grip on me and motioned for me to get on the bed. I did so, and no sooner had I done so that he was already on top of me forcing me down the way he wanted me. He had entered me with such force that I began to let out a loud moan when his lips met mine and he bit my lip. He thrust into me harder and I reached for his chest. I began to run my fingers through his chest hair. Then I began to scratch. This fueled him more. He pinned my wrists down with his hands.

“Master, please? Master may I cum please?” I pleaded again.

“Yes, I want to feel you cum on my cock.” He smiled. I began to cum and moaned as I did so. I could feel the involuntary contractions of my cunt wrap around his cock as he kept thrusting into me, over and over. 

He let out a grunt and began to cum in me, drenching my swollen cunt with his sperm. I could feel every pulsation from his cock. He filled every inch of my hole with his semen. He slowed his rhythm and released my wrists. I then wrapped my arms around his neck he lifted me onto him while he leaned back. I moved my hips to match his rhythm. I kissed and bit at him. He returned the favor. He then released me fall into beg next to him and he was exhausted and I well fucked yet this was only our first encounter of the evening. 


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