Subculture Allure: A Guest Arrives

He walked into the room. Master greeted him while Cupcake took his coat and Sherry offered him a Bourbon on a silver tray. We were made to kneel in nadu, the common slave position. We were naked with the exception of Master’s collar, bells on our left ankle and slender leather cuffs we are always made to wear. Kneeling with our head down, palms face up on our thighs, our brands exposed, our sex exposed. Master believed in the Gorean ideals of the life and submission of women. He always made us feel his mastery over us and desire to serve him.

There were three of us kneeling. We weren’t acknowledged by Master’s guest. This was typical.
Master and Steve (Master’s guest) went to the den and were talking business, you know, “mergers and acquisitions” type bullshit.

Sherry had us rise and walked us to the kitchen to prepare dinner for Master and his guest. We were silent in our movements, save for the bells at our ankles of course. I looked at my Slave sisters and we were giddy with excitement that we had a guest but never spoke a word. We glanced smiles at each other and held hands excitedly as we made our way to the kitchen. Dinner preparation was a silent ballet from preparation to plating. Everyone knew their task and everyone knew their place.

Master wanted a formal presentation for his guest. Therefore we weren’t allowed to eat with Master this evening. We served Master and Sir Steve well at dinner. We were permitted to eat dinner in the kitchen. 

While serving Master his main course, I hear him say to Sir Steve “How have your slaves been getting along in your house?” 

“Haha, they know that their place is firmly under my boot.” Sir Steve responded. 

“Good, I suspected, that after my last visit that you would decide on a stiff correction for that sexy little blonde of yours.” said Master. 

I felt the back of Sir Steve’s fingers quickly run from my hip to down the back of my leg while I filled their glasses with more wine.

“Oh yes, she spent three days in the kennel for not being pleasing to you, my friend. As I suspect I will not be displeased by the selection in your house” Sir Steve grinned. 

“No, that you won’t.” Master said while winking at me. I smiled back. I didn’t quite understand the meaning of this conversation. I backed away from the table, and returned to the kitchen. I handed the carafe to Cupcake who was kneeling in the corner and left the dining room. 

After dinner we served Master and Sir Steve drinks in the living room as they continued to converse. This time, all of us were permitted to be in the presence of Master and his guest. We were kneeling in nadu at the end of the living room. Master said “Girls, in front, now.” We got into position. Master gave the command display. We did so. Standing, our legs open, hand up to the back of our head and ready for inspection. Master guided Sir Steve to each and every one of us. They touched caressed and commented on the beauty of our features. While I was being inspected, Sir Steve ran his fingers gently on my inner thighs, guiding my legs more open. He then began to caress my labia. He looked at me in the eyes, felt my moisture and brought the fingers to his lips, tasting my sweetness. He looked back at Master and grinned. Master smiled. Sir Steve suddenly grabbed my hair and put me into heel and then dragged me to the guest bedroom and threw me to the floor. I began to cry as I looked up at him in fear. He approached with a devious smile on his face.

“Your Master allowed me to pick any one of you sexy slaves. I chose you. I have read the contract you have with your Master and I agree with all of it. For the evening, your contract will be transferred to me.” He said while looming over me. “Do you consent to this?”
“Yes.” I murmured.
“Speak up little slave.”
“Yes, Master.” I said while arising from the floor.
“Good girl” he said while caressing my cheek. “Submit!” He growled. I raised and crossed my wrists, put my head down.”
“Good girl” he repeated.

He began wrapping his hand in my hair tightly.
He abruptly forced my head onto his crotch which made me feel his already hard cock against my cheek through his pants.

He then pulled my hair, forcing my head back and looked up to meet his gaze. With his other hand unzipped his pants and exposed his cock and again forced my head to it.
I took his large cock into my mouth and began to suck it. I could hear him exhale with pleasure as he maintained the firm grip on my hair. Suddenly, he forced my head down to the base of his large member, forcing me to gag and choke. Just as suddenly, he released me and wiped the tears from my face. I coughed and gasped for breath.
“Good girl, you didn’t pull away while I held you down on my cock.” He smiled.
“No, I didn’t Master.”

He raised me to my feet by my hair, as his hand had not left my hair. He kissed me, brutally. I tasted the blood from him biting my lip. He then began to fondle my breasts while still maintaining a firm grip of my hair. I felt his every touch on my body and how marvelous his touch was. He checked my moistness and licked my moisture from his finger as I was made to watch him. His kissed me again. This time he wasn’t as rough.

He turned me around and bent me over his bed, grabbing me by my arms and placing them behind me. He then grabbed his belt and wrapped my arms tightly with it.
He then fully undressed. I said nothing. I didn’t move. I knew that if I did say anything or moved, I would be punished.

He returned to standing behind me. He caressed my arms, ran his finger across my back and ass.  He felt the softness of my skin by caressing my legs. He knew how to touch a woman.

He started feeling my ass with his cock. He came closer against me. He was at my neck and began kissing and biting. Hard. I winced with pain and moaned quietly.

He poised his cock right in front of my pussy lips and brutally rammed his cock in. I winced at the shock of it and almost pain of it. I let out a loud moan. He began pumping his cock hard into me. 

Master let Sir Steve pick any one of us, he trusted this man with me, one of his most prized possessions. I felt safe in Sir Steve’s arms and new Master was just a room away. Yes, my Master’s room was right next door. He could hear everything, I thought to myself. He could hear my moans of pleasure and pain. I want Master to know that I am pleasing his guest and I want Master to be maybe just a little jealous that his dear friend has his large cock in me, thrusting harder and harder. 

Sir Steve began grunting as he pumped his large cock. “I love your tight little pussy, slave. Are you being a good slut for your Masters?” He said deviously. “Yes Master, I am a good slut for my Masters.” I moaned. “Good Girl.” 

While fucking my pussy he grabbed and began slapping my ass. I knew my Master could hear all of this. The walls weren’t thick by any means. “Please Master! Slave begs for more ass slaps!” He obliged. My ass was glowing red, my pussy was dripping wet. My hands were still bound behind me. 

I could feel his cock so deep inside me and I was getting close to climax. Sir Steve knew it, he could feel it. “Don’t cum yet, my little whore, I will let you know when you can cum.” He moaned. “Yes, Master.”

He moved his arms over me, one to across my chest grabbing my large breasts and pinching my nipples, while the other arm moved to around my neck. He didn’t choke me, but rather held me firmly in place. He kissed my neck. He was getting close to cumming. 

“Now little whore, beg for my cum. Be a good little slave and beg for your Master’s cum.” He smiled “Yes Master, please cum inside me. Please mark me with your scent Master. Please, please Master, please cum inside this poor slaves cunt. Master please cum in me!” I begged. He began to cum, I couldn’t hold on much longer. Thank goodness that he said “You may cum on Master’s cock now, slave.” And that I did. I came hard. Very hard. He began to pump his cum into me while I was cumming. His throbbing cock made my orgasm even more intense. I could feel my inner thighs moisten with our cum.

He released me back to a bent over position on the bed and unbound my hands. He brought me to my knees in front of him. While I was kneeling, he then proceeded to wrap the belt around my neck pulling me to his cock. 

“Now clean our mess little slave. Clean my cock with your mouth.” He said.

“Yes, Master.” I replied. What else could I say…

About the Author

Hi! My name is Butch T. Unicorn. I was born in a far off magical place called Phoenix, Arizona (It’s a dry heat, so bring plenty of lube)! Phoenix is home to a great many kinky people, many of whom I am happy to call friends. Stuffies and humans alike. My best buddy/side kick Jason is among them. He’s a sparkly psychotic bastard who travels with me and gets me into all sorts of troubles. You may even find some of the trouble he gets me into on my Instagram or fetlife. Anyway, you will frequently catch me out on the town exploring new restaurants (yes, I am a foodie), holes, or out quenching my thirst at a local brewery (I guess that makes me a drinkie?) I have also been known to run around naked at pool parties, helping my community brats be bratty, or assisting in their Master/Dominant’s punishment of them. I love power exchange in all its many, glorious and consensual ways. I am a Unicorn after all, and live up to my breed so don’t be surprised if you see me being shared with my favorite couple. Since frolicking is actually IN my blood, I do love TOYS. Whips, floggers, plugs, vibrators, cuffs, electrical ones and of course anything leather.  If you are out and about and you see me, please stop by and say hello!  Oh, and watch out for Jason, he likes knife play.


  1. i really enjoyed reading your writing.
    thank you so much for sharing with me.

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    Your work is so damn sexy

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