Thunder Storm

She pulled the blanket up around her a little tighter with the long roll of thunder.  She snuggled into the furry throw- it smelled like him. He was so affectionate, truthfully he was becoming a bit of an addiction. Her phone lit up.  Her book tumbled to the floor as she twitched in response to the vibration on her lap. Thump! She eyed the book, and it closed on its descent.  

It was only a text. “Damn”  seemed to echo through the empty house. It read, “I want you.” Her pussy twitched, she was all too aware she was sporting a goofy grin. He made her feel like a giddy school girl. His bear paw hand slid from her hip to cup her ass. He pulls her tight, pins her against the wall, takes her breath away when he kisses her. 

“What for? 😊

“I want all of you.”

“I’m yours.”

She loved being his. When they were together, she was his focus. Her mind wandered to the sound of his voice, commanding, but caring. Knowing he was near, the heat radiated from his body, the memory of his scent caught in her throat. 

“Wish you were here!”

“Of course you do, go put in your plug.”

She went to the bedroom, opened the box on her dressing table. The purple velvet tray held a selection of anal plugs. Grinning, she traced the edge of the stainless steel and silicone selection. The jeweled one, it is massive. Another roll of thunder kept reality at the edge of her thoughts. The stainless steel. She shimmied out of her panties, pumped some lube onto her fingers, covered the plug, she raised her knee and settled her foot on the dressing table. The plug slowly slid in. She flexed her sphincter muscles. An audible moan of pleasure as it slide in and her ass held it. She dragged her lubricated fingers across her labia towards her clit. She stopped. Rules, the rule was no playing without permission. She dried her fingers on the edge of her shirt.  

She texted him- “Done- can I keep going?”


She pouted.

“Set up the camera- I am sending you a present. Unlock the front door. I want you on all fours, eyes closed on the dining room table: layout the tape, blindfold, gag, and the blue ropes. Wear your blue tooth, answer when I call. “

“Yes, Sir”

The mix of anticipation and fear churned in her stomach. Hair braided and down in the center of her back, fuck that movie. Face scrubbed clean and naked, she flicked the lock, turned the light on over the front door and looked to see if there was a car in the driveway- there wasn’t. She sauntered towards the kitchen drank a glass of water and poured up two more. Hydrate as you play- one of his rules. She surveyed the area, and everything was tidy. Opening the sideboard drawer, her fingers across the selection of leather and took the blindfold and wrapped blue rope. Still no sound, still no word from Sir. Blue tooth in, cell phone on the corner of the table, ropes, blindfold and binding tape in the middle, she crawled up onto the table. She adjusted her knees and hands to prepare for the wait. The high polish table showed every movement. The evidence of fidgeting would be punished. 

How much time had passed, she was becoming stiff. She shimmed her hips to alleviate the stiffness. 

“Nice shimmy, slut.”

Her ears perked, She held her lips tight – she had not been given permission to speak. However, she did instinctively turned her head towards the voice. 

“Eyes down- answer it.”

Her phone rang. She tapped her ear. “Yes Sir”

“My obedient slut, I have sent you a trainer, a test if you will. You want to please me?”


“Good Girl! Do as you are told, I am watching. You are safe and in very talented hands.”

“Thank you, sir,” her voice tasted of hesitation.

The thunder rolled, 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi and there was a crack of lightning. The storm was drawing closer. His hand smacked her ass the thunderstorm descended on her. She pressed her lips together, this was a storm she could enjoy.

“that’s my girl” is whispered from the earpiece.

A substantial hand was inspecting her ass and thighs, rubbing over her. She automatically clenched her butt cheeks, but her clit twitched in anticipation of what was to come. She heard the voice in her ear and behind her.

“You were right. She’s luscious. As I like?”

“You know the rules and her hard no’s.”

” I do.”

“Enjoy this my slut, make me proud, I am here, what are your safety words?”

“Red, yellow and green, sir” was barely audible.


With that, a ball gag was placed in her mouth with great care. Her braid was line up with her spine as his hands inspected her hips and thighs, two leather-bound fingers spread her cheeks while a thumb pressed against her plug, he tugged it. “Nice” 

She was stiff now, it hurt to move, so when he tugged on the plug, her knees and shoulder protested. She fought to inhale against the discomfort.

Her ears pricked and the sound. What was that?

Smack, the sound was close, she could feel him at her side” she feels something move under her. 


She adjusts her shoulders and walks her hands forward, as her tits come to the table, she feels something. It’s familiar, a towel-dried on a clothesline, the smell of fresh air, the roughness of the loops against her flesh. His hand is at her throat- halting her descent. The ball gag prevents the intake of air as he catches her off guard. He slides her face forward her knees stay in place. She is now almost flat on the table, the rough fabric presses into her flesh.  There is a firm pillow under her hips. Her hands are at her shoulders, to an observer, she might look a little like a cricket, her neck outstretched, long body and arms crowding her shoulders. 

“Open” she spread her legs and opened her mouth further, struggling against the ball gag.

She heard the rope come uncurled as she had so many times before. The gag was released. She forgot herself and began to massage her check. 

“Did I say you could move?”

“No, Sir.”

“That’s 5 aside, count for me-  pop that ass for me slut and keep it up. “

The sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed “One,” she said without emotion or inflection.

Again, “Two,” this one was a little harder.

Three and four were fast and side to side.

“Good girl” was whispered in her ear. Sir was watching.

Five was said loud and clear, he caressed her ass and inspected the slight pinking of the flesh.

“What color?” he asked.


“We will continue.”

The full power of his hand came with six, seven, and eight. 

“nice,” he rubbed her ass again. Should I stop?”

 She heard Sir is her ear “No”

Nine and ten stung- he had dampened his hand

“That’s my little pain slut, lift your ass nice and high” Sir was in her head she smiled at the thought of him watching. Like a cat stretching after a nap, she raised her ass high, extending her body against her hands.

He was in the credenda drawer. The next spanking tool could be anything.

“Open” she opened her knees so he could see her pussy, it was wet. He slides his finger across it.

Smack right on her wet pussy- the crop. A succession for smacks caused the skin to reddened slightly and become warm to the touch. She moaned and fought the urge to squirm. The blows continued with intervals of ass smacks with his now bare hand. Her sex was throbbing in pleasure. She was wet and wanting, her ass was high and ready. He tugged at the plug. She moaned in pleasure. The caress was arousing, he had big hands, they seemed to cover an entire check. 

Crack, she felt something next to her thigh, it was hard, she knew better than to try and anticipate, she braced her self.  Fingers between her legs he was fingering her, instantly she was in her body again. 

“Ahhhh, oh, gawd” Glorious waves carried through her sex, she arched her back and pushed down on his fingers. “That’s right” was all he said. Her ass began to buck; the orgasm was sweet. Wave upon wave of pleasure, the sweet rolled off her and landed on the towel, he slowed only momentarily, she inhaled deeply like a runner after running a race trying to normalize their breathing. His warm mouth was on her shoulder, and hand ran the length of her body. He was still inside her, but not moving.  In her ear, Sir spoke, “red, yellow, green?” “Green,” a light and bright response. Almost immediately, he was fingering her again- varying the pace his thumb of her clit and pinky on the plug. It was hard to not get lost in the sensation. “Relax, you are safe, and you are desired” he was so good at getting into her head. The clitoral play intensified. And she dropped, her body ‘s response ran over any thoughts about the outside world. She rode the euphoria, emitting sounds of pleasure. The paddle impact on her ass intensified the desire. It was a paddle, She knew the one as the paddle made contact he began to remove his hand- she intuitively pressed back as if to chase his hand, inadvertently bring her ass closer to the paddle. An  “Ohh” of enraptured pleasure echoed in the silence. “Good Girl, cum for me” he hit her again, three quick, but relatively light blows. 

He removes himself from her. The room comes back into focus, she can hear the mantel clock. The moment of realizing she was gone catchers her by surprise coming out of her orgasmic stupor. “Slut, you can lower your ass, put your arms behind you.”

She complied, her arms moved slowly, they were stiffened from being at her should unmoving for the duration of the session. In session, seconds could become minutes and moments could be hours, a good Dom could even bend time to his will. The beaded sweat along her back made her shiver, she was getting cold. Her teeth chattered a little. “Just a moment, my girl, a warm blanket was laid across her lower half while a velvety towel, the complete opposite of what she lid on wicked the moisture from her skin.

She rested her cheek on the table. Not ever thinking about it. “No rest for the wicked, open that slutty mouth of yours and stay that way.” The weigh of the blanket held undefined security. She had been blindfolded the entire time, the spanking and fingering had been lovely, but Sir was never so easy on her. He is caressing her legs up to her sex, close enough to tease. Then something sharp, not a knife but it was metal, she began to squirm away. A hand-held her ankle, ” settle down slut it won’t hurt much.”  She felt him put on the ankle cuffs. Sir had designed the table himself. To the ignorant, it was a dining table. But metal embellishments acted as anchors for restraints. The table had a set of legs that supported a timber straight down the middle. The edges were a rounded edge, perfect for fingers to grip. The deep colored wood was almost burgundy, not an ordinary orange oak finish that was the trend in furniture these days.

He secured her wrists and then proceed to do a series of lashings that created a ladder binding to her upper arm. She could feel the heat of his body near. Open wider she stretched her mouth and felt his cock on the tongue, he grabbed her head and forced himself to the back of her throat. She gagged in surprise. He held her head and waited a moment. She began to suck and suck hard, she moved with skill using her tongue. He was slightly larger than average and not cut. She stretched her neck and twisted her head to get to his balls. He took pleasure in watching her struggle. He removed the blindfold so she could see the impossibility of her task.  She wanted to please Sir. His approval meant so much. She let her eyes adjust her bangs were stuck to her forehead. 

“Don’t stop” he slapped her face with his cock. She chased it, he laughed, her frustration amused him. “I said, suck my dick bitch” he continued to tap her cheeks with it. She was getting tired, and he was getting soft. He hung his flaccid dick in front of her, “I lost my hard-on, slut! Now you are going to have to start again. Obviously, you need to be throat fucked. Turn over. She struggled to turn, but her legs were spread eagle and anchored to the table. She arched her back and tried to conquer the impossibility of the task. He slapped her face and tweaked her nipples and tits, slapping them as well. “Work for it.” Her hips were almost rotated her ankles strained against the leather restraints. Talking to the air, he said, “Do you see how dumb this bitch is, she can’t even figure out how to turn over.” A crop appeared out of nowhere, and he began to whip her pussy, at the first indication that she was going to roll back he struck harder, and the cane of the crop left a strip. ” Oh that’s pretty, I think you need a star on that pussy, 8 smacks should do it, Count.”

He moved to the other side of the table rubbing her pubic area, deciding where the second arm of the star should be. He leaned down and gently kissed the flesh. Then the crop hit, she yelped and wiggled. “One,” she whimpered. He fondled and stroked the mark, giving it a swat with his hand. He moved again and repeated the process until her pussy was hot, red, and had a starburst pattern. Tears pooled, she blinked them away, sobbing gently. She could feel her heartbeat in her sex. Her breath had been more ragged than she realized. “Breath sweet one. Show me how good you can be.” She worked to control her breath and looked at her tormentor for the first time.  He was tall, broad shoulders, square through the chest. She wondered, who was he, anyway? Right on cue in her ear. “You are mine to use, you can be such a good girl, and I want to show you off to my friend. Do me proud. I’m am letting him use you as he wants, but I am here.”

She blinked away the tears and composed herself. He looked at the mascara running down her face and was immediately turned on. He unclipped the restraints and pulled her back over the edge of the table. Her toes just touched the floor with her ass on the edge of the table. “Inspect” She stood up and spread her legs. He was on his knees, he bent her forward. He spread her cheeks and played with the plug, pulling it to the point of release and letting it go. His fingers fondled her. He grabbed her clit and squeezed it. “Nope, not ripe yet. He began to rub vigorously, she moaned and bucked as he varied his intensity and speed. Her arms ached and kept pulling her back to reality. The sensations were volts passing through her. Just as she was going to cum, his hand came across her ass. This went on forever. She was sweating and dripping, she was becoming exhausted. He began to untie her arms. They released and fell to her sides, they were so heavy to move them was a concerted effort. As he was rubbing his ass and preparing to fuck her, she heard, “Red, Yellow, Green?” She giggled a little, “Green, Christmas tree green.” Just the tip, she could feel the heat press the butt plug, he went slow and deep, testing her with the plug is she was so tight. His rhythm was gentle and speeding up, and another crack on the ass. She moaned. His pace increased, and almost instantly, she was ready to climax. “Can I cum?” 

“Yes” as she came, he held himself deep in her and slowly removed the plug. He dropped it in a bowl on the dining room chair. He removed himself and began to lick her from ass to clit, his tongue burrowing deep in her cunt. She rocked and grinded against his gruff unshaven face. She gushed, and he took every drop. Only when she was too exhausted to rock did he stop. He stood and lifted her hips, flipping her over like she weighed nothing. He put on another condom, “Don’t cum until I say so.” He placed her leg on his chest. She brought her hand up and grasped his wrists, closing her eyes and enjoying the pounding, verbalizing her pleasure despite the hours she had just endured. Her hips raised. “Don’t you fucking dare!” He stopped and pulled out. He leaned down to kiss her sex, which he had marked with a star of bruises. He undid the ankle restraints, lifted her in his arms, and walked up the stairs. She was baffled and completely forgot the rules. “What the hell? You are going to leave me hanging?”

He said nothing, he kicked the bedroom door open and tossed her on the bed.  She kneeled up and looked him straight in the eye. Her physical exhaustion was secondary to her ire. “Hold on, only Sir is allowed in here, this is my sanctuary!” He said nothing, bowed, and walked backward out of the room. She sat back, confused, and rubbed her arms, they were stiff. She began to remove the cuffs, and her door opened, it was him, again. She was suddenly aware of her nakedness, she pulled a pillow in front of herself. “Hey, fucking boundaries!” He raised an eyebrow and smirked, “It’s for you,” he laughed and walked away. When he closed the door, he roared with laughter. She grumbled, “asshole,” and she brought the phone to her mouth, “What?”  

“Oh my, obviously we will need to discuss your manners.”

She was tired, sweaty, and hungry, she didn’t want to be nice. “I’m sorry, I’ll take my punishment!” she stated with a defiant undertone.

“I rather enjoy your passion, my girl. Drink the water on the bedside table, grab a shower, and we will chat. I do so enjoy the afters.” This was the first time he had let someone else use her. She hadn’t even processed the evening event.

“Ok, Can…”

“ I know, we will talk it all out. Just go take a shower and give your brain a chance to catch up.” 

“Yes, sir,” she murmured. Walking into the bathroom, she didn’t notice the steam. She proceeded to sit on the toilet ” I do love to watch you pee” Sir was in a bath full of bubbles. She jumped up, and pee went everywhere, she sat down and covered her face in embarrassment, he just smiled.

She composed herself and got down on all fours to begin cleaning. “You are such a good girl, finish that, and join me.”

She undid her braid and joined him in the tub, she fell back into his chest, he kissed the top of her head. So what did you get up to this evening?”

She smiled and started to retell the evening like he was never there.

About the Author

Lover of all things sensual, a weaver of words, knowledge is my kink. Snippets of experience wrapped in fantasy; dreams are the kernels of my inspiration. “What if…” is often the start of crafting a new story. I love to teach, cook, travel, collect art, read, and write. Life has taught me to wring every drop from it; I hope you do as well.



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