Trespasser: Part 1

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, and we are in no way advocates of any kind of abuse, non-consensual behavior, crossing any hard limits, putting anyone in harm’s way (physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually), or violating one’s boundaries/what was pre-negotiated.

With this being said, enjoy the story!

I watched them through my hiding place. I took refuge behind a pine tree. I tried hard to save my energy for when they would be on top of me. I could outrun them in short spurts. Long spurts…not so much

One of them was a woman with wild, blonde hair. She had brown eyes that could pierce one’s soul. She was tall and had an athletic build. She reminded me of the Amazon warrior women from Xena:Warrior Princess.

The other was a man. He had short, dark hair with stumble on his chin and glacial blue eyes. If you stared into his eyes, it would feel like falling into a vast, deep, light-blue ocean- like the ones you see in the Caribbean. His shirt was off and he was heavily muscled. Sweat glistened off his chest. He wore tight, jean shorts.

They both were barefoot. It made my feet hurt just by looking at them. However, if they lived like this often, the bottoms of their feet were heavily calloused and probably didn’t feel much.

They wanted me. They saw me as a piece of meat…and not the kind you eat. The kind they wanted to ravage. The kind they wanted to control. I could tell by the gleaming look in their eyes when I first encountered them.

It was my fault. I had stumbled onto their land out in the forest. I had been hitch hiking. I was running away from the life I had for the last ten years, which was filled with emotional and verbal abuse, and my ex-husband cheating on the side. It didn’t matter if I was homeless, carless, and penniless. I was free now.

Accidentally, I had come across an apple tree that was part of this couple’s property. I thought it just grew naturally on the border of the forest.

Once they saw me on their premises, I thought they were going to shoot me. A hunting rifle was pointed right at me. I begged them not to kill me.

“What makes you think we’re going to kill you, girl?” The man asked me in a southern drawl.

“Um…the gun pointing at me?”

“This doesn’t have bullets. It has pellets. They hurt like the Devil, but they don’t kill ya.”

“Oh,” I said in relief.

“However, you’re trespassing on our property,” the woman said.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know this tree belonged to you both. Please don’t call the cops”

They both chuckled. “We aren’t going to call the feds, girl.”
“We prefer to play with trespassers,” the woman cockily mentioned.

“In what way?” I asked nervously.

“We’ll play something that I can only describe as the adult version of hide and seek,” the man replied.

“Hide and seek? So, we just play that and everything is fine?”

They both busted out in laughter again. “No, gírl! You run as far as you can from us. Then, my wife and I will hunt you. If you can avoid capture inside our property, you’re free to go. If not, you will be ours.”

I felt my heart climb into my throat. “What would that entail?”

“Trust me, it’ll be fun. At least for us,” the wife said gleefully.  

“So, girl, you up for a hunt?” growled the man.

“What if I don’t want to do this hunt?”

“How cute,” the wife mused to her husband. “She thinks she has a choice in this.”

I could feel my heart beating in my throat. “Okay…I guess I am.”

“Good!” The husband said happily. “Better get running!”

The couple gave me a ten second head start and I took off running as fast as my little legs could carry me. I imagined myself being as fast as a cheetah to help give me speed and agility. My heart raced as I imagined what they had in store for me once they caught me.

They were good hunters. They stayed on my trail the whole way. I was probably thirty minutes away from where I had been originally. They were determined to have me. While they probably felt exhilarated by the hunt, I felt exhilarated trying to outrun and outsmart them.

I was getting tired now. Lungs, knees, and stamina were giving up on me. So, now, it was time to outsmart them. I would let them walk past me. Then, when they were a few feet ahead, I would run in the opposite direction or in another direction that they weren’t in. They would see me, and this would begin another chase.

I ran behind a boulder. I sank beside it as I become even more exhausted. I sat there for…who knows how long. I know it was long enough because I could feel my skin becoming sunburned. I was getting thirsty. I rested my eyes. I think I rested my eyes. One moment I was laying against the warm boulder, and the next, I was gazing up at the couple standing right in front of me with looks of triumph on their tanned faces.

“Taking a cat nap?” The man asked curiously. I didn’t have a response. I didn’t feel like I dozed off. Maybe passed out because of heat exhaustion?

“Get her!” The woman exclaimed.

I rolled quickly away from the boulder using pure agility. I swept my leg and caused the man to fall.

“You stupid bitch!” He cried out.“You’ll pay for that!”

I began to sprint. I saw a small brook and crossed over it.

They weren’t too far behind. This time I hid behind a bush. This would’ve been a great spot if it weren’t for the damn mosquitoes turning me into a buffet. I squealed as I slapped my skin as those little assholes fed on me. This got the attention of the two hunters. I ran once more. I didn’t get far though.

I cried out when the man wrapped his grizzly arms around my waist and tackled me to the ground.

He tried to pin me down with his body. He was much bigger and stronger than I was. He was about six feet tall. Yours truly was only four foot eleven. However, what I lacked in muscle and height, I made up for in flexibility.

My legs were already in spread eagle. I raised them and wrapped them around his broad chest. Using every thigh muscle I could muster, I threw him off of me.

The hunter was surprised. He quickly recovered and was on me once again. “Get to her feet first!” He exclaimed to the woman. “She’s feisty.”

“You better believe it,” I quipped.

He slammed a hand over my mouth. “Shut the fuck up, bitch”

“Don’t give us any trouble,” he growled. Something in his eyes stopped me from continuing to be difficult. There was something feral there… something dangerous.

The huntress caught up to us, and started to start tie a leather strap around my ankles while the man tied my hands together. When the man finished tying up my wrists, the woman layed a flannel blanket on the ground between two trees. He picked me up and carried me to the blanket. He sat down on it and put me on his lap face down.

He forcefully pulled my pants down to the middle of my thighs. “What a lovely ass,” he remarked as he began to rub it.  

“What are you two going to do to me?” I asked nervously.

“Punish you,” the woman said as she sat next to her husband on the blanket. She brushed a finger down my spine. “Pleasure you,” she whispered as her hand covered my mound.

The man arched me and grasped my chin. “You, sweet girl, are our little play thing now.” He brought his stubbly face inches from mine and gave me a short kiss on the lips.

“You can’t do this to me!” I vehemently protested.

“We can since we caught you fair and square,” the woman countered as she put her hand on my throat. She didn’t squeeze though.

“If I told the cops what happened, they would call this kidnapping and rape!”

The woman now applied some pressure. Not enough to strangle me, but enough to give me a warning to shut up. “We haven’t raped you,” she growled. “And we don’t plan to. By the time we’re done with you, you’re going to beg us to fuck you. And trust me, baby doll…you WILL beg us to fuck you.” Her other hand covered my vagina once more. “We never had anyone NOT beg us to fuck them.”

“First, let’s give you a spanking for being the naughty, little girl you are,” the hunter barked.

“How many should we give her?”  

“I like ten,” said the man cheerfully. To me, he said “We’re going to spank you ten times. You will help us count. Failure to do so will result in further punishment. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I whimpered.

“Yes, what?”

“I don’t know what to call you,” I snapped.

The hunter fisted his hand in my hair and pulled my head back. “How about Master?”

“And you will call me Mistress,” expressed the woman as she planted a sensual kiss on my lips. It was the first time I ever kissed a woman.

“Do you understand, girl?”

“Yes, Master and Mistress.”

“Good girl,” he uttered before landing a big smack on my ass. I yelped in pain. “Forgetting something?”

“One!” I quickly amended.

His hand circled my ass before he landed another hard spanking on me.

“Two,” I cried.

Three to eight came very quickly in rapid succession. He stopped to caress my red behind a bit before giving me spanking number nine and ten.

After a few moments, the hunter and huntress pulled me off his lap, and turned me onto my back. They tied my wrists to one tree trunk while they tied my feet to the other. I felt like I was going to be sacrificed.

They undressed very quickly. Their bodies looked amazing. The woman’s breasts were firm and about B cups. Her nipples looking like red gumdrops. It made my mouth water as I imagined sucking on them. Her vagina was shaved. Her clit smiled at me.

The man was already hard as a rock. The chase and my punishment must’ve aroused him. It was about nine inches long and had the girth of three fingers.

They pulled off my clothes are far as they would go given that I was tied up. It didn’t matter if they weren’t completely off. What mattered was their access to my goods. My breasts were much bigger than the woman’s. I was about a D. My breasts looked like marange tops with cherries. My pussy wasn’t completely shaven, but it was trimmed. I felt wet already, which intrigued me because I barely knew these people. Yet, something primal in me wanted this. Something told me I deserved this.

The woman went straight for my pussy. Her mouth clamped over my clit while her tongue lapped at it as she put two fingers deep into my moist, feminine core. The guy was kissing me hard. His tongue plundered my mouth.  The man eventually sat on my chest; he wanted me to suck him off.
I felt myself becoming rebellious again. I averted my face from him. He grabbed me by the chin and forced me to look at him. Then, he put his cockhead to my lips, and ran it across them as if his throbbing head was lipstick. Eventually, my mouth opened on its own will and in popped his cock. I sucked it like a fucking blow pop; I imagined it being cherry flavored. He moaned, and his head fell back as my mouth pleasured him.

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About the Author:

She is an avid swimmer and a stay at home mother by day. She is a published author that specializes in erotica and the supernatural by night. She is a kink submissive. However, don’t let her innocent look fool you. She has a naughty imagination and a defiant attitude. She writes erotica on Fetlife under Lynn82md and her novels under another name.
Fetlife: Lynn82md
Her novel on Amazon: Immortal Love


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    Love this! Can’t wait to read Part 2!

  2. dreamerdom90 says:

    Your work is amazing! So sexy!

  3. blueyedbabe says:

    The way you develop characters while still driving the plot is exceptional

    • I think why it’s exceptional is that I’m not a typical writer. I was originally a theater major wanting to act. That opportunity is harder in Sweden than in the U.S, so I resorted to writing because I always like to write stories for fun. I have found since I published my novel and other things that I tend to write from the standpoint of how the story would be seen if it was on TV or in a movie due to my background as an actress. That could explain why I’m developing characters as the story unfolds because it’s how you would see it in TV shows or movies.

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