Violet Goes For A Ride: Part 1

Brian Vox-

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, and we are in no way advocates of any kind of abuse, non-consensual behavior, crossing any hard limits, putting anyone in harm’s way (physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually), or violating one’s boundaries/what was pre-negotiated. This is a story concerning two consenting adults. It involves age play, and we are in no way advocating any kind of pedophilia.

With this being said, enjoy the story!

Violet laid in her bed with her stuffed animals. She was ready for Daddy to tell her a bedtime story before she drifted off into blissful sleep. She wore her cutest panties with little rainbows on them and no bra under her rainbow t-shirt.

Daddy peeked into the doorway and watched as little Violet’s ass moved side to side as she laid on her stomach. He loved her ass and how her cute little feet had different color nail polish on each toe to match her rainbow ensemble. “Ready for bed, baby girl,” he said as he entered the room with a big smile on his face.  “Yes, Daddy!” she exclaimed with excitement as she sat up on the bed.

“Tonight we are gonna do something a little different,” he explained. “Now make room for Daddy so I can lay next to you.” She moved over and Daddy got in the bed. She noticed Daddy’s erection in his boxers, but dared not touch it without permission. Her pussy began to get wet at the thought of it entering her. Daddy had other things in mind though.

He kissed Violet on the lips softly and a few moments later they began to french kiss deeply. “Daddy’s hungry,” he asserted  and began kissing down to her breasts, lifted up her shirt, and caressed each nipple with his mouth. He sucked each nipple tenderly while teasing the other nipple with his fingers.

He kissed down to her belly and licked, sucked, and bit her flesh passionately. The smell of her pussy juice became more prominent as he went lower. He kissed down to her pubic mound and through her panties began to bite her pussy lips softly and suck on her clit. “Is this okay, baby girl?” he asked. “Yes, Daddy. Keep going please,” she begged.

He pulled her panties to the side and put one finger into her tiny hole. He made a “come hither” movement inside of her, and she moaned at the pleasure it brought her. He then took his tongue and licked from hole to clit. He looked into Violet’s glacial eyes and whispered, “You are super tasty, baby girl.” “Thank you, Daddy. Please continue,” she implored.

His mouth moved up and down, his tongue buried deep inside her pussy lips as he continued to finger fuck her. Her young, tight pussy was so fresh he couldn’t get enough of it. Eventually, he took his finger out of her and licked it. “Mmm, you taste so good, baby girl.” She shivered at his words. “Now take off your panties for Daddy,” he ordered; Violet did as she was told.

“Daddy is going to lay down and you’re going to put your cute, little  pussy over his face,” he asserted.

She blushed and asked “Will you be able to breathe, Daddy”?

“Yes baby and if I can’t I’ll tap you on your ass three times.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said as her little body went over his face and she began to ride it.

“Mmm Daddy. It feels so good like this,” she moaned as her little pussy rubbed harder and harder against her Daddy’s mouth.

Daddy grabbed and smacked Violet’s ass lightly, and guided her to rub all the way up to his nose. His nose hit her clit just right and she made sure to move in such a way that he had time to breathe. The intensity of it was so strong that she moved her pussy faster and faster over Daddy’s mouth and nose until she climaxed hard and came all over Daddy’s chin.

“That was delicious,” he said to his little girl. He kissed her with his cum covered mouth. “I do taste good, Daddy,” she stated. Daddy was not done with her, but he needed to rest for a while. He fell asleep next to his little girl only to wake up to a surprise in the morning.

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About the Author

Mistress Rayvyn is a 37 year old native New Yorker who has been in the lifestyle for 20 years. Her hobbies include photography, singing, writing, reading, talking to people from around the world on various messengers, cooking, baking, and playing rpgs of all kinds.

She only started writing BDSM erotica a year ago, but has been writing poetry and fictional stories since she was 14 years old. While her BDSM stories are fictional, they are comprised of the fetishes she and her following have. Some stories are catered to specific people in her life, others are fantasies of her own. She hopes to continue to build her following and get some constructive feedback along the way.


  1. Mmmm, I love where this is going. I can never get enough of eating a woman out.

  2. ballsnchains says:

    Your work is so wonderfully erotic and sensual! Please keep writing for the site!

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