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I glanced in the full length mirror one last time. I looked OK. Not spectacular or anything, but I liked the way my black dress hugged the outline of my boobs. I swiped nude lipstick one last time over my mouth. I could hear people screaming in delight right outside the door.

The girls bathroom at parties is one of my least favorite places to be, but at this point it gave me a safe, secluded place to hide out, away from the chaos. Plus, usually at family parties most people don’t bother to retreat to the bathroom; they spend all their time out in the open talking or gossiping. At least five times tonight I heard people whispering about how low cut my dress was. It wasn’t even that low, to be fair, and it’s not like I had a huge rack, or even was a huge fan of showing off my body.

You might look at me and think that I was the type of girl judged on my looks alone (typically people put me into that category). With my long blond hair, and perky tits, people assumed a lot about me. However, most everything people assume is usually wrong.

The truth is, I am thirty five years old, married without children, in a job that forced me to deal with children all day.

My husband is like cold pasta-it’s ok, not great or anything, still a carb, and satisfying but, well, it’s still cold pasta. In a word, he is fucking boring. Always eats the same thing, watches the same TV programs, talks to the same people. He spends hours running on trails. So, while he is in good shape, he only eats healthy-so, maybe, he really isn’t pasta. Perhaps, more accurately wet lettuce.

So many times I wanted to tell him I wanted more, and that I wanted to experiment in bed. But, after the two years I put him through trying to get pregnant, things just weren’t the same. This birthday party was over the top, a display to our friends and family at how happy we were,how rich and successful.  I am sure by the end of the night my Facebook feed would be flooded with smiling couples and birthday wishes for Jim.

Afterall, forty years old was a big deal. Everyone joked about how old he was, and how he already lived his best years. That at least felt like the truth.

All around me people laughed and shouted over the music. I organized the entire party. I’m not sure why exactly I cared so much about what I looked like-no one gave a fuck about me, including Jim. I remember when we were young and first in love, Jim was such a sweet lover, always gentle and considerate. I came from a Catholic family. No sex till marriage was something I took seriously. I wanted to experience sex so badly, I may have pushed Jim to propose before he really wanted too. Sex as it turned out wasn’t all that great. It was nothing like the erotica I read, or the porn I watched. Sex was always depicted as fun and exciting.

He always wanted to make love and cuddle, and while that was nice sometimes, I have to admit vanilla sex became old and stale after a while. What I really wanted these days was for someone to take control. Jim was from a conservative family. Even now, I could see them sitting at the table, drinking their wine, and complaining about the noise. I already said nice things to them, and thanked them for coming. Jim’s mom had made a comment about my dress, and his dad went out of his way to only look at my face.

I stood in the doorway, trying not to make eye contact with anyone directly, wanting desperately to just retreat back to my hotel room, maybe take off all my clothes, and touch myself on the white sheets. If Jim ever caught me masturbating, he would be horrified. I laughed to myself at the mere thought, and slinked into the party behind two teenage girls wearing glittery, strapless dresses. Who the fuck invited kids to this party? I could see them sneaking drinks, and I decided that I just couldn’t care less. They must be cousins, or my nieces that I sent money to, but never met.

I grabbed a glass of wine from a passing tray and made my way towards the dessert table. It’s my experience that all the cool people hang out by the desserts.

Mainly cause people that say they hate sugar are fucking liars.

Lots of people smiled at me as I walked by, I gave them the same old line, “Hi, so happy you made it! So great to see you!” Flashing a smile so big it actually hurt my face.

People always pretended to know me when they saw me, asked the normal questions, gave side hugs, and asked about my job. I gave the same answer, every single time. “Great! How about you?” These exchanges are all bullshit. What I wanted to say was, my husband is turning forty, I am not sure I actually really like him, I am frustrated with my life and want to scream at the top of my lungs several times a day.

“Don’t you think you are sweet enough?” I quickly turned around to see Wess, my husband’s very tall, very dark, extremely handsome boss.

I didn’t know what to say, so I handed him a plate, and flashed him a smile. I knew he was just trying to be nice. Wess was known for being flirty-overly friendly was what Jim had said.

“Have you ever had frosting licked off your body?” He leaned in very close to my ear. His voice was deep and smooth.

I stood frozen, feeling the heat from his body. I wondered if I heard him right.

“What?” I laughed, looking up into his impossibly beautiful brown eyes.

“I would love to lick frosting off your thighs,” he winked at me, and held a finger with frosting in front of my mouth.

I don’t know why I did it, but I opened my mouth just enough for him to slip his finger into my mouth. I sucked the frosting off his finger and maintained eye contact. His eyes went wide with excitement.

He gently moved my hair behind my ear. “God, damn, woman you are good at sucking, I hope Jim knows what he has.”

“He doesn’t,” I winked, loving my new found confidence. But also half looking around to see if anyone saw what I had done.

His touch sent an electric shock like a bullseye right between my legs. I looked up, horrified at my body’s reaction to Wess’s obvious attention.

“No, I haven’t,” was all I could think to say. I caught Jim looking at me from across the room. I felt my knees go weak with fear that he would storm across the room, and flip out on me in front of his whole family.

He didn’t seem angry, however. Hiis expression seemed intrigued. That fact alone set my body on fire. Jim was watching me flirt with his boss in front of an entire room full of people.

“I want to dance with the hottest woman at this party,” Wess whispered into my ear, letting his tongue slip lightly along my ear lobe, causing me to gush, making my panties soaking wet.

“OK,” I managed to whisper.

Jim looked confused as Wess led me to the dance floor. A slow song was vibrating through the room, and Wess pulled me close to him. His hands ran down my back, sliding over my ass. He was so tall; I could feel his thick erection pressing into me.

“I want to taste you,” he whispered again into my ear, letting his hands grab a handful of my breast.

All around me people were glancing at us, trying not to stare. But, the more Wess groped at me and kissed in between my tits, the more people could not look away.

Finally, Wess lifted my chin to meet his full lips, slid his tongue into my mouth, swirled it, and gently bit my lower lip. He kissed like no one had ever kissed me before, including my husband, who stood at the edge of the dance floor, watching us with a half smile.

I wanted to care that everyone was horrified around me, but all I could concentrate on was the wet spot on Wess’s pants. I wanted to taste his pre cum; I wanted him to push me against the wall, lift my dress, and fuck me as hard as he could.

Jim and my sex life was anything but exciting. He never got me off with his mouth or his cock. I faked almost every orgasam, and usually had to rub my pussy in the shower later to give me any type of pleasure.

I could tell just by the way he was running his hands over my body, with my clothes on, that he would send me over the edge, and I wanted it, and I wanted Jim to watch him fill up my tight little pussy with his thick, black cock. I reached towards his bulge, felt it, and pressed against it. He moaned into my ear. I pressed harder and rubbed it with both hands. He pressed his hips into my hands as if almost pleading with me.

“I want to fill your mouth with my cum.”

I couldn’t help it; I moaned into his mouth, kissing him passionately.

Wess spun me around dancing behind me. Jim was close enough that I could tell his pants were uncomfortably tight. People kept coming up to him, but he remained steadfast in watching Wess and I play.

By this time, Wess had his hand on the front of my thighs, lifting my dress slightly. I thought I would be embarrassed by exposing so much of myself on the dance floor, but I wasn’t, I was horny as fuck, and wanted to feel his fingers run over my panties. He kept hesitating, so I guided his hand, and he cupped my pussy through my wet panties. He let his thumb rub over the wettest spot, and I gripped his wrists, trying to not let my knees buckle. I reached backwards, and stroked his cock through his pants, loving the feel of his large, hard bulge.

I never felt another dick in my life. Jim was my only experience, and just by touching Wess through his pants, I could tell that he was very well endowed. His cock probably was as big as the black men’s in all the porn I watched. I never thought I would have an opportunity to be fucked by one. Wess was able to slip one finger into my panties. I gasped as he ran his finger along my slit. I could tell that my pussy was wetter than it ever had been in my life-it practically felt like I was peeing. Wess responded to my moaning by licking off all my cream in front of everyone. By this point, every single person in the room was looking at us, and I didn’t care. I would have fucked Wess right there on the dance floor if he had started to take off my clothes. My body was in heat.

I wanted him.

Judging by Jim’s face, I could tell that Jim knew I wanted him. Jim didn’t look mad; his entire family, however, looked mortified. Jim’s mother, in particular, was turning purple. I laughed to myself remembering how much she disliked my low cut dress.

Somehow their anger made me even more excited.

Wess kept kissing my neck, and rubbing my tits, going so far as pulling the front of my dress down. My breath caught. I couldn’t believe how much I liked being watched and exposed in public.

“I want your husband to watch a real man fuck his wife.”

I nodded, my pussy throbbed so violently. I could hardly see straight.

I decided right then and there that I was going to fuck Wess, even if Jim didn’t want to watch. I had a feeling though that Jim was going to be into it. Just thinking about Jim watching me get pounded by his boss made my clit throb with anticipation.

“Go tell Jim to bring you up to our hotel room. He has the key, and I can promise you he won’t object.”

Wess didn’t say another word, and made his way over to Jim. They both looked at me. I saw Jim nod, and turn away from his father who approached him. I didn’t stay any longer; I adjusted my tits and made my way through the party towards the elevator.

Every single person I passed looked at me with a horrified expression. I ignored them, hell bent on being bent over something and fucked by that beautiful, black man.

While planning the party, I had made the brilliant decision to book the Penthouse. It was a surprise birthday present that really allowed me to drink as much as I wanted and not have to drive home

At this point I was mentally high fiving myself for having a place to go to fuck my husband’s boss. Even as I rode the elevator to the top floor, my stomach fluttered with nerves over what Jim might do or say. Sure, he had watched me get finger fucked on the dance floor, and out right make out with his boss, but he could always chalk that up to me drinking too much. Blatantly fucking Wess in front of him was an entirely different animal. I pushed my feelings down, and decided once and for all to listen to my pussy, who was screaming for attention.

Not long after I got into the room, Jim and Wess came through the door. Jim looked a little scared, but remained silent. I liked him better this way. He poured himself a drink from the bar and slowly sipped it, waiting for what I would do next.

I didn’t say a word to Jim, but instead wrapped my arms around Wess’s hard, muscular body, pulling him towards me, kissing him, and letting him pull off my dress. He grabbed handfuls of my little breasts, and sucked on my nipples making them hard and erect.

“You have the most perfect tits,” he said as he gently pushed me towards the bed, kissed my neck, and took off his pants all at the same time. The man had major talent. I could tell by the way he kissed me that he knew what he was doing.

“I want you,” I whispered.

“What was that? Say it a little louder.” He gently bit my neck.

“Fuck me, Wess, I want a real man to fuck me.”

I fell backwards onto the bed, and let  him roughly spread my legs.

Jim walked slowly across the room and sat down on a chair next to the bed. I could feel him staring at me.

Wess’s hot breath ran down between my legs.; he pulled down my panties, and dove full force into my wet pussy.

“My God, you are sopping wet. I bet no man has ever made you this wet.”

“No, they haven’t.” I gasped as his tongue ran over the most sensitive parts. My clit swelled and pulsated, begging him to suck on it. Wess obliged and brought me so quickly to orgasm I screamed and pressed my hips into his face.

“Oh, my, God,” I moaned. I could still feel the waves of heat rushing over my body.

“Such a good, little slut you have here, Jim. She tastes amazing.”

He flipped me over effortlessly, exposing my ass, which he eagerly licked while fingering me. The sensations were so extreme; I couldn’t believe how quickly I came again. Jim maintained eye contact with me as Wess slipped his massive, black cock into my tight, little pussy.

‘Oh my God. Too far. Too far,” I yelped, trying to get away.

“Shh.” He pulled my waste backwards, making my pussy wrap tightly around him.

“You’ve never had a black cock before have you, slut?”

“No,” I whimpered, getting into it and riding him.

“I love watching you fuck yourself on my cock. Make sure your husband sees how much you like it when other men fuck you.”

I bucked my hips backwards harder and faster. I noticed the large wet spot in front of Jim’s pants. Fuck. It looked like he came in his pants from watching me get railed by his boss.

“Fuck me, Wess. Make me cum. Mmmm. No one has ever made me cum like you.”

I could tell that my dirty talk was making it hard for him to last. He pulled out, and roughly turned me on my back.

“I want to fuck your mouth while I eat your pussy again.”

I nodded and spread my legs, eager to feel his mouth on my pussy again.  His dick was so large it hardly fit in my mouth, let alone down my throat. Everytime I gagged on his cock, Jim would flinch.

“You are so creamy. I can’t wait to see my cum running out of you.”

“You want to fill me with your cum, Wess?” I started grinding my hips over his face. He pressed his dick further down my throat, choking me, causing my eyes to water.

“Get right in front of your husband while I fuck you from behind and fill you.”

I did as instructed, watching Jim, seeing the passion and desire all over his face.

Wess didn’t go easy or gentle. He wrapped my hair around his wrist and pulled me backwards.

“OH God!” I yelped with pain as he tore into my pussy. Finally, he collapsed, and I felt his throbbing cock shoot a huge load of cum deep inside me.

He stayed inside me, massaged my breasts, and kissed my back while Jim rubbed the front of his pants.

I had never been fucked like that before in my entire life. My legs felt numb, and my pussy was on fire with desire.

“I’m not done with you yet. You deserve at least two more orgasm.” He sat back on the bed with his dick still impossibly hard. “Ride me.”

I slowly lowered myself onto him, forgetting about Jim behind me.

“That’s it, sweetheart. Fuck me how you like it.” He gently grabbed my waist and forced me to bounce. The friction caused my clit to swell as it rubbed against him.

“Play with my ass.” I gasped feeling like I was right on the edge. “Yes, like that!” His fingers dance lightly over my ass, and I couldn’t contain myself any longer. My hands found the headboard, and I leveraged myself riding him as hard as I could while I came.

“Lay back, lay back.” Wess pushed me down and hovered over me. Growling and grunting, he shot three long ropes of cum all over my face.

“ I bet no one ever has given you a proper facial, have they?”

I smiled, loving every second of the cum dripping down my chin. “No, never.”

Jim didn’t say a word, but instead handed me a towel that I used to wipe off my face.

Wess got up, and put his clothes back on. I rolled over watching him with excitement.

“Well, that was a lot of fun, but I must get get back to my wife.”

My mouth dropped in shock, “You are married?” I suddenly felt overwhelmed with regret for my public display of affection with Wess in front of everyone at the party.

“That I do, and she is going to enjoy me recalling every single detail of this tonight.” He stuck out his hand to shake Jim’s hand. “Thank you for letting me fuck your wife. Happy birthday. I will see you at work on Monday.”

Jim smiled, nodded, and leaned far over trying to cover the obvious wet spot on the front of his pants.

“Have fun you two!” Wess uttered as he left swifty through the doors. As soon as I heard them click, Jim jumped on the bed pulling me on top of him. “My God. You are so fucking beautiful.” He kissed me the way he watched me kiss Wess. Something inside me ignited in a new way. I felt the heat rising again realizing how turned on Jim was after watching me fuck his boss.

“What was your favorite part?” I snuggled next to him, opening my legs slightly.

He reached between my legs and gently parted my pussy-a rush of white cum oozed out and ran down my leg. “Knowing that another man filled my wife with his cum, and I get to have sloppy seconds.”

“Does that really turn you on?” I noticed his hard on again.

“I’ve cum three times already in my pants, twice without touching myself.” He unzipped his pants, letting his dick spring forward. I honestly had never seen it that hard before. We have been married a long time, and this was the first time I was really looking at my husband’s dick. It certainly was not as big as Wess’s, but it was veiny and think with a perfect mushroom head. I never noticed how thick it was before.

“How mad do you think your family is at me?” I gently slid my hand up and down his shaft.

“Ask me how much I care?” He moaned a little and tilted his head back. “Watching you act that way in public and take his cock so effortlessly was the best thing I have ever seen. I had no idea that I wanted to share you, or would get so much out of watching you scream in pleasure with another guys tongue on your pussy.”

“Did you ever think about licking me down there?” I felt a little shy, wishing he would try to make me cum the way Wess did.

“Only all the time. I just didn’t know you wanted me to.”

I slid down on my back and opened my legs. “How do you feel about eating my pussy with another’s man’s cum running out of it?”

Jim gestured to his dick that was oozing pre cum, “What do you think?”

“I think you like it,” I said as I smiled. “Do you think you will want to do this again? Find a guy and have him fuck me while you watch.”

“Absolutely.” Jim  didn’t even pause to think about it. He leaned in gently, kissed my clit, ran his tongue along each fold, and eagerly lapped up my pussy juice and Wess’s leftover cum.

“Fuck, that feels good.” I arched my back, letting him go slow, but wished he would be rough.

“Jim.” He looked up at me with puppy dog eyes. “I want you to do whatever you want to me.”

That was all he needed to hear.He got on top of me, spread my legs wide, and thrust into me.

“You are so wet!” He pumped fast and hard and deep.

“Only because of all the cum.” I grabbed his ass and made him press in further and harder.

“Fuck, Fuck, I’m going to…” Right before he was about to explode, I pulled away from him, abruptly and roughly, watching a look of horror wash over his face.

His dick exploded streams of cum, one after another, but without the orgasam attached to it. He looked frustrated and pathetic.

I couldn’t help, but laugh. “Oh, I’m sorry.” I couldn’t stop laughing. I have always loved watching ruined orgasms. I never thought it would be so awesome in person.

“I can’t believe you did that!” He looked down realizing he was still hard. “ I could probably fuck you again. That was so hot!”

I still couldn’t stop laughing. “This is going to be so much fun!”

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Katie is a 34 year old writer and adult performer. As far as kink goes she considers herself a Domme  She likes to write about pegging and CEI since these are both her fetishes. << This is where you can find her erotica << This is where you can find her adult videos


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