Who’s Fantasy Is this Anyway?

He sat watching, wondering why they were moving around so much. They were shifting and bouncing around in their chairs like water hopping on a hot frying pan. They sounded like a flock of gulls squawking. He figured most were a bit old for the first day of school jitters. Three minutes to the hour, the instructor walked in. Her footfall was distinct, a high heel. “Please?” He prayed silently. He looked towards the door a black high heel holding a perfectly formed calf and a black and white pencil skirt, “Yes” a white, V-neck sweater, and a red ponytail. Calvin smiled to himself. This was the stuff fantasies were made of, a hot teacher who dressed like a woman.

She held up papers and was speaking. He sat up in his chair, and opened his notebook, copied what was written on the board. Oblivious to the others in the room. 

“Calvin Rogers, do you go by Cal or Calvin?” She smiled and waited.

“Either one Miss.” 

“Alright, Cal, welcome to my class.”

The sweater tucked and hugged every curve. Her cleavage was subtle. The satin and lace felt warm against his cheek. The roughness of his hands made him hesitant. He didn’t want to damage the satin against her milk-white skin. His hand held her waist, under the sweater. His lips traced the edge of the sweater along her exposed flesh. His cock crushed against his jeans; he adjusted himself in his seat.

“Cal, can you see ok back there? Where is your copy of the syllabus? When did she turn off the lights and turn on the Smartboard?

“I didn’t get one.” She passes a copy down the row and returns to the lesson.

As she writes on the very top of the board, a sliver of skin above her waistband is exposed. On his knees, face against her plump, firm ass. She steadies herself thrown off balance with his closeness. He caresses her with his face. His hand uses the skirt opening to explore her inner thigh, Jackpot! Stocking. She adjusts her legs and continues to write on the board. He looks up. She turns halfway to face the class but doesn’t break stride. Oh my god, she’s fantastic.

“The choice is yours if you do the term project in a group of two or three. Each person is responsible for a major section. The whole group is responsible for knitting it all together.” His cock was throbbing, and he was flush as he surveyed the darkened room. She was coming towards him. Her eyes were bright and purposeful. “Jake, does that answer your question? There is no getting around the project; it is 40% of your term. Choose your topic and talk to me.” Jake sat behind him. She wasn’t going back to the board she was sitting on the desk across from him. 

Her speak was purposeful; her voice was sexy. “And do the research, we will go through the entire process, step by step.” She bit her bottom lip and licked it as she finished speaking. He looked into her eyes. One shoe on the seat and the other leg anchored to the floor the skirt wrapped her legs pulled taut, just enough room for his hand to slide between her thighs, grazing his fingers over her panties wanting to hike her skirt up. His rough finger vibrating the satin that wrapped her pussy. Her breath hitched in her throat, and she slid to the edge to the desk, rotated she was facing him, both feet off the floor legs apart, she leans behind the look the boy just behind her. Her back is arched, and her nipples beg to escape. He sits up and edges closer, he leans over to adjust his shoe stands and draws her close and dips to kiss her stomach. He nips at the soft fullness. She squirms and giggles. He finds courage in her response. He holds the small of her back skimming her sweater up to her breast bone, his full mouth sucking in his warm skin, his tongue traces up her side. She smells like fresh air and orange. She is delicious, licking, and suckling her chest heaves. Under the sweater the underwire holds her tits high. She emanates heat and rolls to respond to his touch. Her ponytail has fallen out, her hair is wavy and skims the edge of the desk. He runs his fingers through it, draw her close consuming that rose-colored mouth. He wants her breath and body wrapped around him. 

“Ok, the nest thing I have is a checklist we will do together. Your answers should be your own. This is about you trying to figure out your strengths and weaknesses.” He took the sheet and skimmed the words. He grabbed a mechanical pencil from his knapsack. She explained how to complete the worksheet and what they could learn about their approach to completing tasks.

She sat on the desk swinging her feet and talking to the class unconsciously playing with her shoes. She wanted him to take them off and worship those perfect arches. I bet her toes are painted red. Letting it hang off her toe, the shoe swung precariously, tempting him to take it before it fell to the ground. He slides off his chair, gently lays her shoe on the ground. His thumb massages her arch, feeling brave he raises her foot and takes her toes into his mouth. He hears the moan. She is ignoring him to tease him. Continuing to caress and massage her calf and thigh, he finds the lace of her stocking. No garter- only stay up. He was disappointed. He loved the band of a garter stretched across a woman’s ass. Staying between the lines, the goal was her sweet honey pot and plump ass. Burying himself and spreading her thighs, her skirt up around her waist. Her panties are wet, she slides them to the side and suckles her clit, licking and lapping up her juices. She presses his head into her cunt and gasps. Fuck me, boy, she growls. As she slides off the desk, her skirt skims his bare arm. “I’m sorry Cal, I didn’t realize I was so close to you.” Rotating on her toes, she strides to the top of the room. 

“Ok. Who got introvert?” she giggled. Why was that funny he wondered? 

Cal looks at his paper and skims the information trying to cobble together a response for when it is his turn. Oh, introverts are the quiet ones who don’t like to participate in group activities. His response was audible a few students made eye contact. His mind races with inappropriate barbs but knows she would not be amused. He raises his hand. “Miss, can you be both?”

“Of course, but most people find they are most comfortable in one camp or the other. I am actually quite introverted.” Someone laughs and says, “but you talk for a living?” 

“Yes, I do, but we can talk about me another time. Excellent work today. Email me any questions or comments. See you Thursday. She turned on the lights and opened the classroom door. Students grabbed their belongings and filed out the door. 

Cal had his bag on the desk in front of him, he was hanging back he was waiting for his hard on to retreat a little more she slowly collected her things, erased the board and as she was logging off the system she tries to catch his attention, but he hasn’t looked up. He can feel her looking at him; she is moving in front of the desk. He rises and moves towards the front of the room he watches her ass wiggle as she stops short and reaches over the student desk to turn all the lights off. She speaks to him as the lights go out, “Are you ready to go?”

He is close. She can smell his sandalwood. “Cal, did you need something from me?” Personal space invaded he expects her to lean away. Instead, she is standing tall. He has to step back. Her hand comes forward, and she cradles his crotch, squeezing, and holding his stare. “Be careful. I wouldn’t want you to lose your balance.” She released him as she felt his hardon fill his jeans. She picked a piece of lint off his sweater smiled and whispered, “Seems you have everything well in hand.” She gathered her things and left the room.

About the Author

Lover of all things sensual, a weaver of words, knowledge is my kink. Snippets of experience wrapped in fantasy; dreams are the kernels of my inspiration. “What if…” is often the start of crafting a new story. I love to teach, cook, travel, collect art, read, and write. Life has taught me to wring every drop from it; I hope you do as well.


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