Working Late- Part 1

A smile was on the man’s face as he watched her prepare to leave the apartment, her sensible-looking heels clacking against the linoleum. Her ass wiggled invitingly under her black skirt, swaying with each step, without the faintest sign of visible panty-line. Her legs were sheathed in translucent black stockings, which he knew came to an end just past where they vanished under her skirt.

She carried a large black purse looped over her left arm, and a white blouse completed her outfit.  Wearing her glasses, with her strawberry blonde hair up in a high ponytail, and her work ID clipped just above her right breast she looked to all the world to be nothing more than a dedicated employee going into work early on a Saturday morning to get some overtime or to catch up on a project. But he know the real purpose of her trip into the office of the telecom company where she worked as a trainer this hot summer morning, just like he knew what was inside her purse, and knew that under her skirt there were no panties covering her bare pussy.

“Wait,” he said just before she crossed the threshold of the apartment, closing the distance between them with a few quick strides. She started to turn to face him, but his hand closed on her shoulder, keeping her facing forward. He gripped the edge of her skirt, pulling it up enough to expose the bare paleness of her ass. He gave it a quick swat, just hard enough to bring a touch of redness to the firm cheek, and then an appreciative squeeze before pushing his fingers between her thighs.

“You’re wet,” he whispered into her ear, as she leaned back against him, her body shuddering slightly with pleasure as his fingers danced their way between her nether lips.

“I always am when I’m following your orders,” she answered, her voice husky with lust. She brought one arm up to wrap around his head, trying to pull his face into her neck. “Do I really need to go?” she asked, pushing her ass against him. “You could take me back into the bedroom and fuck me senseless instead.”

“I could do that,” he said, his lips just touching her neck. He breathed deeply, inhaling the sweet mixture of her strawberry-scented shampoo, the slight scent of her sweat, and the headier, richer musk of her arousal. “But that is exactly the point.” The hand that had been on her shoulder slipped lower and around her, cupping her tit, fingers tweaking her thick nipple which responded readily to his touch. “I could take you to the bedroom and fuck you senseless. I could tie you up here in the living room, strapping your vibrator to you to tease you endlessly while I watch Star Trek on Netflix. I could rip your skirt off you and tell you to stand in the hallway, bare-assed, and not let you come back in until you make yourself cum.”

As he described the possibilities to her, his hands continued his ministrations on both her cunt and her tit, and from the way her breathing increased, he could sense how close she already was. Abruptly he stopped, and stepped back from her, pulling her skirt back down over her enflamed sex.

“I could do any of those things. And you’ll do as I tell you to, Slut. And what I am telling you to do is go to your office and complete the checklist I put in your purse. Be a good Slut, and you will be properly rewarded when you return home. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she answered meekly. She did her best to regain her composure, straightening her skirt and tucking her blouse back into the skirt. She took a deep breath, opened the door to the hallway and stepped outside.

She walked quickly and briskly down the halls of their apartment complex, taking the stairs outside as quickly as she felt comfortable doing so in her heels. The bus stop was less than a block from their apartment door, and it took her less than a minute to arrive. She glanced at her phone, noting that she had a good five minutes or so before the bus would arrive, so she decided to peek inside her purse to see what Sir had packed for her.

Looking in, she saw three small packages, none much larger than paperback, each wrapped in foiled paper – one gold, one silver, and one a shiny red. Additionally there was a large manila envelope, sealed tight, with writing on the front. Within it, she could feel that there were additional smaller envelopes, although she wasn’t sure how many. She pulled the envelope out and saw that it read “Step 1: Open this envelope when you are alone in your office, and no sooner. Find the envelope labeled ‘Step 2’ and open it.”

She gave a tight smile. Sir knew her so well. Whatever it was that he wanted her to do when she was in the office, not knowing what it was going to be until she arrived was only going to drive her crazy with anticipation. Her imagination worked overtime, trying to imagine what the contents of the envelope would instruct her to do. She could feel the slickness between her thighs as her body responded to the images racing through her brain.

By the time the bust let her off a few blocks away from her office, she was flushed with anticipation. The air was already hot and sticky as only an early morning in July can be. She was actually grateful for the time it took her to walk to the office, however. The heat gave her a reason to look flushed that disguised how much of it was from her arousal.

She swiped her ID card at the front door of the office complex, and opened the door. The icy cold blast of the air-conditioning hit her full in the face, cutting through the thin cotton of her blouse, and crinkling her nipples in an involuntary reaction. She stepped inside, letting the door click behind her.

“Good morning,” the security guard said from the desk just inside the reception area. “They have you working this early on a Saturday? Who did you piss off?”

“No one,” she said with a smile, even as she inwardly despaired that there was actually a guard at the desk. She had hoped to slip in and out without being noticed by anyone, even the older Pakistani man who only worked security on the weekends. “I just have an important assignment that needs to be completed, and it’s easier to do it when there’s no one else around.” Technically, all of which was true.

She waved absently as she turned the corner to walk to her office, walking as quickly as she could without looking suspicious. As soon as she stepped into the office, she turned and made sure that the door was locked behind her. She turned her computer on and quickly navigated over to Spotify, opening up her favorite playlist and setting it to play loud enough that anyone walking past her office door should only hear muffled music instead of whatever sounds she expected that she would be making as she followed Sir’s instructions.

Once the music was playing, she pulled the envelope out of her purse and ripped it open. Within the larger envelope there were ten other envelopes. Nine of them, labeled sequentially “Step 2” through “Step 10” were roughly the size of a Thank You card, but one was labeled “Dedication” and was a traditionally sized letter envelope. She set the envelopes down next to her computer keyboard, and using one finger, opened up “Step 2.”

Within the envelope there was a single card, with the following written out in Sir’s neat, precise handwriting. “Step 2: Lock your office door if you have not done so already. Lay out all of the envelopes and packages on your desk. Take a photograph of them and send it to me as proof. Open the envelope labeled ‘Dedication.’ Read the letter within and follow the instructions provided.”

She smiled as she read the instructions. He was going to start things simple, building up her anticipation. That was so like him.

Quickly she laid out all of the envelopes in order across the desk, just under her keyboard. She took the three packages out of her purse as well. The red foil box was the smallest, maybe only 4 inches square, and only about 2 inches thick. It rattled slightly as she moved it, making her suspect that there was some sort of jewelry within – perhaps a new collar? They had spoken about him collaring her, now that they had been together for close to a year. The silver box was long and thin, perhaps 7 inches by 3 by 3. It felt solid, but was still fairly light. She expected that it was a sex toy of some sort – a new dildo most likely, but the gold box was the one that she was puzzled by. It was the heaviest of the three, and roughly the size of a thick paperback novel.

Quickly she grabbed her phone to take a photo, which she sent to Sir with the caption “Step 2. Reading the letter now.” Before waiting for a response, she opened the dedication.


You may not realize it, since we didn’t actually start dating until August, but today marks one year since you first obeyed one of my instructions – sending me a headless photo of yourself in black lace bra and panties. So, as far as I’m concerned, this is our anniversary date. That’s why I’ve prepared this surprise for you, and there are additional surprises waiting for you later tonight.

You make me very happy. You are a kind and considerate Slut. On top of that, you’re brilliant and intelligent. And the best fuck I’ve ever had.

Continue following the instructions I have laid out for you. Don’t do anything that you haven’t been told to do.

I love you. Now, open up the envelope labeled ‘Step 3.’


A wave of warmth washed over her. He often told her what a good Slut she was, but he rarely actually said that he loved her. Being his submissive was the best relationship she had ever been in, and it was nice to have the occasional reminder that what went between them went deeper than just the bedroom.

“Or the living room, bathroom, kitchen, front seat of his car, the alley behind their favorite club…” she mused as she reached for Step 3.

As she opened the next envelope her eyes went wide. He may have started off with building her anticipation, but he clearly had a lot planned based on how quickly his instructions escalated.

“Remove your blouse and skirt. Stand in front of your desk, legs spread. Take a selfie, holding the camera back far enough to show your naked body, while fingering yourself. After sending the photo, open the envelope labeled ‘Step 4.’” the note read.

She gulped, taking a quick glance at the door. There was no reason to think that the security guard would come to her office, right? And the door was locked. The guard would have a key, but wouldn’t have any reason to come in.

She took a deep breath and then stood up from her desk, fingers deftly moving to undo her buttons. The cotton garment fell to her feet, and her breasts strained against the sensible white bra she wore. She unsnapped and unzipped her skirt, shimmying slightly so that it too fell to the ground. Her stockings clung to her legs up to mid-thigh, and just above the juncture of her thighs her strawberry blonde pubic hair framed her engorged pussy. She used to shave and wax, but Sir preferred her natural, so she now just kept it trimmed. She reached behind herself to undo her bra, freeing her breasts to the air. Her nipples were hard as rocks, pencil-eraser sized nubs eager to be touched, and she knew better than to pretend that it was because of the cold air.

She slipped her left hand between her legs, fingertips sliding across the hard pebble of her clit as they moved between her slippery lips. She plunged her middle finger in deep, in no mood to tease herself as her right hand grabbed her phone and took the required selfie. She didn’t even hesitate before sending it to Sir.

She finger-fucked herself for a few minutes, indulging herself before remembering that the letter told her not to do anything other than what she was instructed to do. Reluctantly she withdrew her fingers, and then reached for Step 4.

This note was shorter, but in some ways more ominous, telling her “Open the red foil box. Put what you find in there on. Open the envelope labeled ‘Step 5.’”

As she expected, as she tore the paper away, the box was a jewelry box. But when she opened it, it didn’t contain a collar, or earrings, or a necklace, or a ring. Instead what she saw was a pair of elaborate wire contraptions that seemed designed to wrap around… something? They were too small to be a ring, and there was a heavy ruby bead that hung off the end, which would be awkward if she did manage to get it onto her finger. And that was when she realized where it was actually intended to be worn.

She looked down at her bare breasts with their engorged nipples. They had always been incredibly sensitive. His fingers or tongue gliding across them could make her knees weak. If he pinched, or bit, it was enough to make her wilt and whimper – so he did both frequently. The nipple jewelry looked like it would pinch quite a lot once she had it in place. But to refuse… was she willing to pay that price?

With nimble fingers, she took the wire and threaded it around her breast. Her boobs weren’t large, barely big enough to fill Sir’s hands, but her nipples were large and prominent. As she hooked the gold wire in place, she fastened it, feeling a pinch on the nipple. It wasn’t a lot of pressure, but it was enough to be a constant presence in her mind, and the ruby bead that hung off it drew attention with every bit of movement from her torso. She did her best to push the sensation out of her mind as she put the other piece of jewelry in place.

Once it was in place, she looked at the collection of envelopes still spread across her desk. She was only one-third of the way through. What else did he have planned for her?

To be continued…

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Broken Unicorn has been a writer since he was a child, starting off writing decidedly non-erotic stories about superheroes. As he got older, he started writing erotica about superheroes, before eventually discovering his kinky side and writing about people who could live in the real world. He lives in the midwest, and is happy to live in a very full house that includes four humans and two dogs. He can be found under the profile Broken_Unicorn


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