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anniebear: Mistress porcelain, you have quite an interesting life! You live down in San Diego?

Yes I do! I have been a Professional Dominatrix for over Ten years. I session from a dungeon in San Diego. I am currently working on building my own dungeon.

Wonderful! Also to be located in San Diego?

Yes! I am very excited about it. My dungeon will include a large private play space for me and my deserving subs/slaves. It has a plexiglass coffin, St Andrew crosses that rotate, suspension area, cages, toys, and anything else you could dream of! It will be full of fun surprises!

When you first started out in the lifestyle, did you begin as a Domme?

I have been a Domme my whole life. I started at a very young age telling boys what to do. I loved it! My first experience was when I was about 7, I made the neighbored boy brush his teeth in the gutter water out front of his house. I loved every minute of it. I soon learned that I really enjoyed the thrill and the rush of getting submissive boys and girls to do what I want!

Is there anything specific that you prefer when you play?

I enjoy many aspects of the art of S/m. My specialty is corporal punishment. I also enjoy CBT, impact play, role play, and quite a few others. For a complete list of activities I provide you can check out my website. I also cater to fetishes such as latex, leather, sissy play, strap play and other forms of training. My sessions are tailored for each individual client! But I very much do enjoy being a cruel Mistress!

Oh, lovely! So you can be really mean?

I can be! It depends on the client, session and how much they can handle before they say their safe word!

But of course people like it.

Of course! It’s consensual. I only play in safe, sane, and consensual BDSM activities. My number one concern is the mental and physical heath of my client. I am always checking in with him or her to make sure they are in a safe head space and are ok with the activities I am administering during our session. People come to me for many different reasons. I am here to provide a safe place where one can live out their BDSM fantasy in a place on non judgment.

Great and are you pretty “out” in your life? Do most of your friends and family know or is it more of an on the side kind of thing?

Some of my friends and family know. I keep parts of my personal life separate from my lifestyle and profession as a Professional Dominatrix.

Is there ever a day when you just don’t want to be a Dominatrix?

We all at one point of the day are just ready to go home. I love my chosen profession. Some days are very long when I have back to back sessions, but I don’t ever go into the dungeon and say, I don’t want to be a Dominatrix. I love what I do. I have learned a lot about my self and others through my profession. Some days I would rather stay in bed with my pets then put on latex and heels, but I genuinely love what I do.

And when you say pets you mean actual animals I assume?

I actually have real fur children. I rescue cats. I have five rescues and I have a little sheltie. I like to call my home “misfit cat island”. I take all of the cats that nobody wants. I have a one eyed cat, a cat with OCD, a cat with a missing tail. I take the ones that are the ones no one wants. They deserve love and a good home too.

Oh, I just love that! And sort of on the same token you said you liked critter play?

I do! I run the San Diego chapter of the Supreme Feline Club of San Diego. I love dressing up in my latex cat outfits and playing with other people that enjoy cat play. I recently did a performance at the Bondage Ball where I dressed up as a cat and had milk poured on me and did a burlesque show as a cat. It was very fun and very sexy!

To each there own right!


It’s so interesting discussing the San Diego scene. I hear its pretty variable depending on what you’re looking for, that it can be kind of a difficult scene to navigate?

Every city has its own vibe and culture. I got introduced into the BDSM scene in San Diego through a couple of Mistresses. Mistress Ellen, she helped me navigate quite a bit through the BDSM/and Dominatrix scene in San Diego. With her being one of my mentors. I have Mistress Cyan in LA, Goddess Phoenix she’s in Atlanta, so I have not had any issues making it in San Diego. I love San Diego it’s a great place, great people. My philosophy is be nice to everybody. You don’t know who everybody knows. Everyone is so connected in so many ways, you don’t know who is connected and who is not. Generally it is my practice to be nice to everybody. We all need to be loved, we’re all humans, we all need to show and love and respect for one another.

And you’re pretty involved in the Los Angeles scene as well, right?

I am, very much so. I come up to Los Angeles when my schedule allows me too. I session from Sanctuary Studios in LAX. Mistress Cyan is the owner and she has built quite an amazing space in LA! I am alsoo one of the newest board members for DomCon also started by Mistress Cyan, so I’m really excited about that. Mistress Cyan really welcomed me into Sanctuary and DomCon so I could not be any more happier!

You have a full time slave with Vic?

Vic aka: Sharo is a little bit of everything to me. He’s my best friend, he’s a mentor, he’s a brother; he encompasses a lot of relationships all in one. He is very close to me, it’s a close relationship, but not a sexual relationship. We have a solid foundation built on trust and loyalty. We are very loyal and trust each other. And that’s one of the things I love about the BDSM community is being able to build relationships based on trust, communication, loyalty, and consent. Vic and I have done all of those things seamlessly and we have a great professional and friendship.

You can learn more about Mistress Porcelain below:
On Twitter: @DommePorcelain
Fetlife: DommePorcelain


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