Twisted Doll

Photographer: JJ MacCrimmon Model: Doll

Doll was always a shy girl. She never wandered far from home until one night while on a walk she met a stranger. A man. She was swept away, but to what? Little did she know that torture and pleasure could be one in the same.

DSC07370FC (Med Size - LoRes)

JJ MacCrimmon is a professional photographer and educator based out of Huntsville, AL. His model, show, and event photography has appeared in web/print ads, books and as cover art for recordings. For the past six years, JJ has has been a staff photographer and presenter at Frolicon in Atlanta, GA. His work can be found here.


  1. Donna Sash says:

    she is lovely in bondage like that

  2. I absolutely love and adore it!!!!! She looks good in that outfit!

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