The Best Play For Newbies


  1. I’m kinda new to the scene. How do i go about finding dominant women who are interested in controlling and humiliating me?

    • Firstly, you are asking about an area that can get you into a LOT of trouble. DO NOT enter into a ‘scene’ without knowing the people. Join fetlife. Look for people in your area that might turn you on. Go to social events to meet and talk to them. Ask their ‘friends’ on fetlife about them. Get an ally, take them with you. Do very carefully discuss any scene that you might want to get into. Make sure your Dom understands the limits.
      Go slow, take it easy. do not let any ‘scene’ get out of hand. Thats what your ‘ally’ is for.If your Dom won’t go for your restrictions ……RUN

  2. That’s a rather complicated question

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