Brian Vox’s Artwork

Brian Vox-

Brian Vox’s amazing work is back by popular demand! Be sure to check out his art in this week’s edition and click here to check out more!

In case you missed him in one of our previous editions click here

About Brian Vox

Brian Vox has been creating art for more than 40 years. His work ranges from acrylic to digital paintings and thematically tend to revolve around pinup, surreal, and fetish. Several works include mixed media design with his trademark steel cage-frames or beautiful Shibari rope. His work is darkly sensual. Evoking a beauty that is exciting to the senses. It contains a hint of something unreachable and unnerving, yet the overtone is sleek and erotic. He has always felt that the female forms portrayed have a power and strength. These are not damsels in distress. They are powerful creatures fully exuding their sexual confidence. Sometimes abstract, sometimes photorealistic. His work is intended to please the eye and excite the senses while allowing the viewer to initially question the topic and pull the beholder around and through the subject into a worId of the libidinous imagination.



  1. Mistress Rayvyn says:

    I love your artwork!

  2. Stunning work!

  3. Jane jones says:

    Your work is truly stunning and a pleasure to look through it.

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