Caught Like A Bird

Photographer: Vice Erotica Model: Natalie

girl in hood

She believed she had the upper hand. She was always flitting about, flitting her mouth off. Provoking. Cajoling. This wild bird was simply begging to be tamed. The night came where he had had enough. Wings must be clipped and beaks must be nipped. She was caught like a bird in a cage.


  1. why would anyone find pleasure in the idea of someone torturing them? Why encourage such a thing?

    • kinkweekly says:

      Hi Matt,

      People often ask this question about kink and BDSM. I agree, it can be very puzzling from an outside perspective. A lot of people find it enjoyable and pleasurable. It is a consensual act between two people,so everyone involved wants what os happening to occur. Speaking to the “why” part of your question-are many reasons and it’s an extremely broad subject to try and cover in just this post. It all comes down to a personal preference. Some folks are just hard wired this way-to seek pleasure through BDSM acts. Others enjoy the structure such a relationship can bring.There are many other benefits that I personally derive from “torture” acts but the short answer is I enjoy it, it feels good to me, but I also recognize it’s not for everyone.


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