Cybil Troy – Private Rubber

Cybill Troy is a globally renowned Professional Dominatrix. She has a long standing interest in facilitating perverse and nefarious activities, and is highly skilled in all forms of BDSM that interest her. Originally from New York City, now residing in Southern California, she is the Proprietress of DTLA Dominas [hyperlink], with her studio in Downtown Los Angeles.

As a professional Mistress, Cybill Troy has a highly developed set of skillsnd a very diverse range of interests. For Cybill Troy, a career of kink, domination, and fetishism is not just a mundane 9-5 work interest; she also enjoys various elements of these things in her personal life.

As a Professional Mistress, Cybill Troy has been widely published in print, web, and also in a plethora of video productions. It should come as no surprise, that with such exposure on a professional level, Miss Troy places a very high value on her private, personal activities and interests.

However, she occasionally allows others to steal a glimpse into her personal, private world.

This shoot by Steven Sandler is an example of such privilege. As a trusted photographer within her social circle, Cybill Troy engaged in a nice relaxed, fun shoot, depicting her enjoyment of some rubber encased moments with her favorite rubber gimp.

Steven Sandler is a professional photographer, also from New York and now living in Los Angeles. His primary focus as an artist is on edgy erotic portraits both in and out of the studio with a pervasive fetish theme. Steven has shot for numerous Pro Domme websites and recently shot the cover of the DomCon New Orleans 2017 program.


  1. slave sindee says:

    well done great photos

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