Domina Mara and Her Exquisite Self Portraits

Model: Domina Mara
Taken by: Domina Mara

Born in the heart of California, Miss Mara’s ancestors hail from international waters with Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish blood.  Her career began in mid-2013 as a professional BDSM player at a local dungeon in Los Angeles, which created a solid foundation for her knowledge concerning bondage, discipline, Dominance, submission, and sado-masochism. As an independent + lifestyle Dominant, her greatest joy is transforming individuals around her into the most humble and genuine submissives.

When she is not in dim dungeon spaces or luxurious hotel rooms, she is either on Domme Dates with submissives or is on online via secure phone lines to converse about one’s deepest fantasies. She also has many tantalizing custom video clips and photo sessions to view.

A personal ongoing passion project of hers is photography.  Her experience in design from a previous profession translated fluidly into visualizing and actually becoming the art in her kinky concepts.  Power exchange, location, outfits, and featured submissives are all inspiring tools that allow her to convey endless combinations of what it means to be in control while deriving bliss from seduced subjects on-camera as well as captivating outside voyeurs.


Be sure to check out her photos in this week’s edition!


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