Photographer: ReddDyver Models: anniebear


This was an amazingly fun shoot concept I did with Redd Dyver. It was boiling hot that day and cars were driving by with people gawking. It definitely fed my humiliation kink! We hope you enjoy!



  1. Beautiful images of a beautiful woman. Love the implication of exhibitionism in it. Reminds me of some actual events from the past that are a pleasure to relive. Thanks.

  2. Absolutely stunning. Surprised there were no accidents ๐Ÿ™‚ This may sound a bit odd. The trench coat in the darkened stairwell. Reminds me of the old days when I was in the Soviet Union. The tit for tat, cat and mouse games, the adrenaline rush. I would imagine you had an adrenaline rush with an added touch to it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Always been a fan of Redd’s work. Cheers to his muse as well.


  4. I love having my sub strip down in semi public places for quick photoshoots… ( I have the feeling she enjoys them even more, that delightful mix of humiliation, arousal , and public nudity just turns us both on. And being my slavegirl, she loves having limits pushed, (In every aspect) and I love pushing them . so every time we do a shoot now, they’re getting more and more risque including public bondage, masturbation, and other forms of humiliation, and exhibitionism, (ie. Tit caning and punishment while on her knees in a highly visible alley…) and everytime she ends up soaking wet, and wanting more… It’s become an enjoyable addition to our daily activities…

  5. Amazing how the weather at Burning Man cleared up just for these photos! j/k of course.

    Great pics!

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